Three arrested in Ohio 99 break-in

Deputy arrives as theft was in progress and holds trio at gunpoint.
Scott Seitz
May 11, 2013


Three suspects were arrested at gunpoint recently by local law enforcement after they reportedly attempted to steal copper piping from a vacant home on Ohio 99.

The incident took place in the 5000 block of Ohio 99 just before 1 p.m. Tuesday.

“Three males entered an abandoned home and we were alerted because no one is supposed to be in that home,” Huron County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said.

“Deputy Rich Larson arrived when the theft was in progress and he held the three individuals at gunpoint,” Patrick said.

Monroeville Police Sgt. Frank Gleason and a second deputy arrived and assisted in arresting the three suspects.

“There were two adults and one juvenile,” Patrick said.

Arrested and charged with breaking and entering, a fifth-degree felony, were Monroeville residents Brian T. Hamer, 18, of 78 Sandusky St., and Victor G. Schaffer, 18, of Ohio 99.

Both Schaffer and Hamer were transported to the Huron County Jail and held on $5,000 bond.

“Schaffer is still here, but Hamer bonded out,” Patrick said Friday afternoon.

“The 16-year-old juvenile boy, who is a Marshall Street resident in Norwalk, was released to his parents,” Patrick said.

Deputies forwarded the report about the juvenile’s involvement to the county prosecutor’s office for the consideration of charges.

“They (reportedly) were taking the copper to scrap and sell for money,” Patrick said.

Was the theft drug-related?

“This is still under investigation,” Patrick said. “That is unknown.”



@everyone...Good grief. Have you ever heard of punctuation?


Onendonly if he's in prison blondie will run his mouth. Trash is trash.

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I have known Blondie since he was 4. yes he has medical problems.iv known the family too. they are... well i just know.. him and his brother think they are gods gift to women ha ha ha


It never ceases to amaze me, the people who call CRIMINALS "good people". Thief, druggie, dealer, or abuser. I KNOW "good people" and they are NONE of those things. I try and BE a good person, and I have never done those things. Those things I speak of are CHOICES. You can CHOOSE to do it or not. You CHOOSE to be a "good person" or not. You CHOOSE to be criminal. So he has a medical problem, that was a bad card he was given. CHOOSING TO STEAL is a choice! This is yet another example of everyone allowing him to NOT take responsibility for his CHOICES. "It isn't his fault, he has a medical condition".


oneandonly must be his mom or some family member?...This kid is bad news! not doubt about it! Trash, Trash, Trash! They always have an excuse when something wrong or bad happens and its never their fault! I hope they all go to jail for this!

Rod Farva

It's funny how everyone that is defending these turds, has the grammar of a 5 year old.


Blondie thinks he is a pretty boy , Mommy must baby him, If she loves him help him to man up.


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What the he** are you saying? Try to use some punctuation if you want some respect. You sound like an idiot and the way your defending them with such a stupid alibi I'm sure you are an idiot. Stop showing how stupid you are. Lord have mercy on all of us if you actually get in any type of position that needs brains...Just shut up already.


Chill, WASP. It was sarcasm and making fun of those who posted before. Have you ever witnessed me make such a post in the past? If so, I want you to point it out.


I got it. I thought it was pretty funny.


My apologies! I just read the statement and not the name, and it was so closely written to the other moronic statement I took it to be from the fault completely and after you called me out I realized it was a very good laugh! Especially on me for being a little to high strung! Just annoys the sht how some of these people write and then want to get a repectful response from the crowd. My apologies again.


Apology accepted, WASP. No harm, no foul. :)


OMG! Perfect! It took me a minute to decipher it but bravo! It's first thing Mon. Morning and I am LMAO-thank you one and all!


Okay swiss cheese kat they are not on heroin and I'm sure not one of you are perfect cause the only one that I know is perfect is God. Yes he did mess up but he has never been in trouble with the law before so why don't all of you shut your mouth. The law and God will take care of this you are not the law or God.

yea right

Blondie has been in trouble before.. at school for one. Info. Whole family is a bunch of liars.


Ok I need an answer to a question? All of us pretty much post on here on a regular basis and we pretty much see the same pattern of behavior-all the time and pretty much EVERY time. Now in my world, my parents taught me a few lessons 1) actions speak louder than words! and 2) thou protest too much Oh wait that was Shakespeare. Anyway, what I need someone to explain to me is why do all the friends and family of these miscreants always insist that WE are destroying their reputations, the POLICE are picking on them and last but not least- they have medical issues, they were mistreated, they have issues that they can't deal with and as a result have every excuse under the sky! Why are they so concerned about what people think of them? YOUR FACE IS PLASTERED ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE LOCAL PAPER! YOU PUT YOURSELF THERE! I have had my own legal problems in the past as well as feeding an addiction, etc(been clean 17 1/2 years), never stole to support my habit and I NEVER WENT ON A BOO-HOO TRIP TO EXCUSE MY BEHAVIOR! I've had a life that had it's ups and downs but I got my head out of my arse at the age of 41,went back to school and did what I had to do. So to anyone and everyone who continues to makes excuses and try to pardon these childrens' behavior- grow a pair, STFU and just STOP!


Amen, happyfeet.


I believe that the "next generation" has been coddled and have been tought to be politically correct. They have been told that you can have what you want, when you want it. They do not have discipline. They recieve a trophy for last place. They have been told they need this medicine or that medicine instead of just "sit your a** down". They have had everything handed to them without working for it. They were not disciplined when they took instead of shared. They were told not to say this or that because it will hurt your feelings. They still do not get any discipline from the courts when they do their 19th B&E or robbery or whatever. They are handed money everyweek as an allowence for doing nothing. They are given everything on a silver platter without having to work for anything. They have no respect for their elders. They believe the world rotates around them. I can go on and on. They need to have the consequenses handed down to them and shown what happens early, whether it's Mommy and Daddy busting their a** or Grandma..doesn't matter. It starts early and they are not getting it at home. And for all those wanna wine that mommy or daddy not around, etc., get over it. All had a hard life? Tough- get over it. Became a addict? Tough- quit and get over it. Grow up. Thicken your skin, stop being a pssy and deal with life. Have fun while you're doing it. You aren't going to get out alive anyways so why screw yours up and then do stuff to me to try and screw mine up? My opinion. If you did the crime, you get whatever you get. Whether it is plastered on the paper or the death penalty. Either way- I will tell you what I think of you. And when you tell me what you think of me-fine. I have thick skin. And you don't have to be politically correct either. Sorry. You asked.


Im sure God and the law wont accept Blondes lame excuses as easily as you do. Try helping the community out by making him [act] like a real man , get him out from under your apron , and become a man not a mammas baby, hes too old for diapers .

Yall Make Me Sick

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Yall Make Me Sick

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Case Breaker

I am almost positive that this was drug related. I have seen blondie smoke weed right in front of me. I know I have messed up a few times but I have changed for the better. They deserve everything that's coming to them.

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always righ