Prosecutors get domestic violence case involving cop

Norwalk police sergeant being investigated after girlfriend gets black eye.
Cary Ashby
May 10, 2013


The case of a Huron County corrections officer having a black eye in connection with suspected domestic violence is now in the hands of prosecutors.

“I filed that case (Friday) with the Mansfield city law director’s office,” Richland County Sheriff’s Capt. Eric Bosko said.

Bosko opened his investigation April 26 because the possible domestic violence incident involving one of the woman’s black eyes happened in his jurisdiction.

“So I’ve concluded the investigation, submitted my findings and met with the assistant law director, Mike Kimmer. It’s been turned over to them for a charge request and I’m just waiting for them to review it — and either approve or deny my case,” Bosko said.

The suspect, a sergeant with the Norwalk Police Department, is accused of hitting his girlfriend, a corrections officer, in the right eye with a “full 20-ounce bottle of Diet Coke during a domestic dispute” when they were returning from an unspecified trip, according to a report with the Huron County Sheriff’s Office.

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What's sad about this is... There are REAL victims of domestic violence... and she isnt one of them.


What do you mean? There are plenty of poor, defenseless, delicate flowers beat with plastic soda bottles every day...How DARE you!!!

Kottage Kat

Don't tell people that here, you will get the badge haters knickers in a knot

Kottage Kat

Go 2 SR blogs page 2
Look at that picture, this compassion in it's purest form
Thank you

yogi bear


Kottage Kat

Anyone who sees this and is not touched has to be really cold.
It made me cry, and I am a tuff cookie
Ask CliFF
I doo not cry easily


cliFF agrEE 100%. Children today have it tough. Dad & mom. Obsolete terms aren't they?

Cliff Cannon

@kURTje : " Dad & Mom " or " Mom & Dad " However, one phrases it. It has a ring to it. Here's hoping, those names do not become totally "obsolete". For if they do......

P.S. I am very thankful, I am an old geezer, with old time family values.For I shudder, when I think of what todays kids deal with. Particularly when the simple disciplines it would take to make them stronger & better able to meet the challenges of the day are frowned upon by so many


Since this story first broke I have been following it. Several things that I have noticed and question. 1)allegedly five different interviews 2) knowing a little background to this I wonder how Sheriff of the year came to have Lt Stanfield investigate this since Lt Stanfield has a vested interest in the alleged victim? I would think that would make it a conflict of interest. If anyone should be investigated it probably should be one of Sheriff Howards good ole boys for have a relationship with a subordinate.
Now with all this said I agree with everyone on here who does not believe that anyone should be hit or struck.

yogi bear

yes, it is well know Lt. Stanfield has intimate knowledge of the victim.

yogi bear

Wonder why Capt. Teddy Patrick told the chief to get the recorded statement from the Richaland County investigator when they are done with it?? It is public record at this point. We should request a copy and give it to the chief of Norwalk.


I have no real opinion of guilt or innocence of this officer. I am sure that if there is merit in this allegation, he will be charged...My bigger issue is the comments of Officer Light. I used to have a great respect for the man, but lately his comments during interviews both with this matter and the "debtors jail" article are rather disappointing, arrogant and seem ignorant. I hope if his age is causing all the arrogant, judgmental and sometimes out right ignorant comments maybe he will see it time to retire.


I completely agree....I think it was incredibly unprofessional for him to make the comments he made in this case. A simple, "This matter is being investigated and until the results of that investigation are complete, I cannot comment." Period.


Maybe she should have listened the first time... Pfftt