Prosecutors get domestic violence case involving cop

Norwalk police sergeant being investigated after girlfriend gets black eye.
Cary Ashby
May 10, 2013


The case of a Huron County corrections officer having a black eye in connection with suspected domestic violence is now in the hands of prosecutors.

“I filed that case (Friday) with the Mansfield city law director’s office,” Richland County Sheriff’s Capt. Eric Bosko said.

Bosko opened his investigation April 26 because the possible domestic violence incident involving one of the woman’s black eyes happened in his jurisdiction.

“So I’ve concluded the investigation, submitted my findings and met with the assistant law director, Mike Kimmer. It’s been turned over to them for a charge request and I’m just waiting for them to review it — and either approve or deny my case,” Bosko said.

The suspect, a sergeant with the Norwalk Police Department, is accused of hitting his girlfriend, a corrections officer, in the right eye with a “full 20-ounce bottle of Diet Coke during a domestic dispute” when they were returning from an unspecified trip, according to a report with the Huron County Sheriff’s Office.

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How ironic... If this case , was about a regular working guy, that was not a cop, he would have been charged as soon as a complaint was made. And his name would be plastered all over the paper. But being he is a cop, he gets special treatment. Domestic Violence, is Domestic Violence no matter who commits the crime.


@Morningbreezes1.........AMEN... well said!!

Kottage Kat

Based on the testimony of a woman who gave 5 versions of what happened and an injury that is a week old.
It boils down to he said she said
Not defending being realistic
Something just does not add up here.


Oh it adds up..A woman who is obviously a liar..One out of control teen..And a cop who probably made the biggest mistake of his life associating with ANY of them!!

Kottage Kat

If they can prosecute on this flimsey evidence, there is a job for them in sandusky county.


I'm not surprised there were 5 different versions...if you are, then you obviously have not been around many domestic violence victims. I can totally understand the victim not wanting all this to come out and trying to cover it up...especially since he is a cop.


Kottage Kat,what a disrespectful comment.Don't victims of abuse often cover for the abuser? Hope the truth is found,even if it involves a cop.Nobody should live in fear.I hope she heals mentally and physically.That does add up.


Kat is RIGHT..and the term "victim" is being used pretty loosely in this case. Sounds like the only one giving her the "right hook" is her own kid. So yeah..maybe she is covering up for the abuser. maybe.

Kottage Kat

No disrespect just IMHO. I am fully cognizant of abuse and their victems. Continued to say there is more to this than we are being informed of via the press.
Please do not let a dislike for law enforcement blind u to realism.
I know neither party, just waiting to see how this plays out.
Have a recipe for crow and will use it if necessary.


Kottage Kat

Being in LE, she should have known to report this and express her fear. They have restraining orders, although not worth much , perhaps her fellow officers would have gone the extra mile to insure her safety in this instance


Exactly!! But..a restraining order might possible keep him away from her. Cant have that!


Hes the one who should have had the restraining order... AGAINST HER!


one black eye? he only had to tell her once..


I certainly do not have a dislike for law enforcement. What I do know is that just because originally the woman told different versions of what happened, does not mean it didn't happen at all. I am very glad that there is an investigation into this matter before the accused person's name is being released. My point was...just don't totally dismiss this woman's story because she originally tried to cover it up.

Kottage Kat

Please re-read I DID NOT dismiss
I gave an opinion, that being mine.

Thank you for sharing yours

jack langhals

Always three sides to every story.His hers and the truth !


enough said Jack... that is exactly right they both have reasons to twist the truth

Cliff Cannon

@ Mr. Langhals : Extremely well put.

P.S. Sadly, there is a 4th. story here. A heartbroken child who want's more than anything for Mommy & Daddy to be together. Please pray for her.


Its not sad, its disturbing. She punched her mom in the damn face.


Heartbroken child? Right. Unfortunately no one stays married anymore. And that's no excuse for bad behavior in a child. Kids learn what they live.


This unruly juvenile should be glad her sibling all have the same biological father... most kids don't even have that... but if her mother would've given birth to all her pregnancies she wouldn't even have that...

Cliff Cannon

@ nikki6279 : " Kids learn what they live " Well put. Also, I do not excuse that child's bad behavior, I just find it very hard to publically criticize a child. Personally, though since I can do no more for her than pray. That is what I do.

Cliff Cannon

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal information.

Cliff Cannon

Bunch of bull dung !
Got an interesting e-mail from Reflector reporter Cary Ashby Sunday night. Said, he took down my prior comment because I mentioned the oFFicers name in it and one can not do that.

Which leads to this question for Mr. Ashby; " Have you been following your own story ? " and if not " Why not ? " After all you started the public ball rolling 2 Sundays ago, didn't you ? The story was so " hot " you couldn't even wait for Chief Light to back in town so as to comment, remember ?

Which obviously, led to some very serious slandering of this cop, from people who-----Thanks to you----- didn't have the Chief's account of the story. Didn't it ?

But that's O.K. because you got a ton of 'hits' on this website and you know what they say 'business is business'. You also,got more people than just me mentioning the cops name in the comment sections ( My prior comment mentioning his name is still up ) as well as on the Reflector 'facebook' page, didn't you ?

So 2 weeks after you broke the story that has led to some 300 comments and literally everyone in town knowing the oFFicers name. You take my comment down for mentioning the cops name in an extremely positive light. Makes one wonder " Why "

Ralph Wiggum

Nothing will happen in the courts since the head man's opinion of guilt was already published in the paper even before the investigation was complete. If the bottle thrower is charged, the head man will look like a doddering fool. Enough people will make sure this doesn't go anywhere and sweep it under the rug.

On the positive side, we now know we can take away stun guns from at least one Norwalk cop and replace it with a 20 oz. Diet Coke bottle. It'll stop a suspect in their tracks and quench your thirst on a hot summer day at the same time.

Kottage Kat

The charges are coming out of Richland Co.
Perhaps knowing this might alter you perspective
Did someone witness the alleged violence?
Just wondered.


i'm willing to bet my whole pay check this cop won't be charged ! they'll find a loop hole that way he can jump back and forth.. ( AKA )good cop - evil cop ! keep up with the good scams NPD


If they investigate this at all and look into both parties past historys... maybe no charges will come... maybe charges will result for both parties...


That's my thought...

Kottage Kat

People want to bash and trash, as I said, want wait and see how this plays out.
Not to sure about a woman whose child inflicted an injury
Who is the victem here????