READERS FORUM - School board hopeful responds to online criticism

I agree 100 percent with Susan Wiles, from Willard (8/23/07), regarding anonymous e-mail comments. I have never been afraid to voice my opinion at a public school board meeting or sign my name to a letter in this forum. I would like to address a few items I have recently read about myself in the e-mail forum.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


I agree 100 percent with Susan Wiles, from Willard (8/23/07), regarding anonymous e-mail comments. I have never been afraid to voice my opinion at a public school board meeting or sign my name to a letter in this forum.

I would like to address a few items I have recently read about myself in the e-mail forum.

1. I want to be fully educated and informed in the workings of a city school board. Therefore, I have paid $60 to attend an Ohio School Board Association Candidate Workshop.

2. There were comments about me having a "hidden agenda" against Bob Duncan. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have stated at every school board meeting since April as well as others in the past four years, including letters to this editor, about being dissatisfied with Duncan as principal.

3. If given the opportunity, would I vote to renew Duncan's contract? After what I have witnessed in the last four years, the answer is no. Does that mean he is not a good husband and father; or that I want to take away his livelihood? Definitely not. I personally feel his talents would be better served in the classroom.

Duncan would not be the first person to go from an administrative position back to the classroom. Athletic/Activities Directors Mike Grose and Ken Broz, plus former principal Dr. Harry Boguszewski all went back to teaching. Is this a bad thing? No. My son will tell you that Grose and Boguszewski were two of his favorite teachers.

Of course, this would never happen without a majority vote from the board.

4. I am interested in the students and staff of Norwalk City Schools in addition to spending my fellow taxpayers' money wisely. I am eager to bring openness, integrity, truthful communication and accountability to the Norwalk school system. If the voters of Norwalk agree that there is a change needed on the school board, then vote for me. If not, then don't. This is the great privilege of living in a democratic society.

Steve Linder

Norwalk school board candidate



MarkR. (Anonymous)

So Mr. Linder admits he has an agenda regarding Mr. Duncan?
Is that supposed to be a good thing?
Tell us Mr. Linder, if you want him out as principal, but you think he'd be a good teacher, which teacher are you going to let go to make room for him in the classroom? It certainly won't be your good friend Mr. Broz, will it?
Also Mr. Linder, how much say will your wife have, if you're elected? The same wife already employed by the Norwalk City Schools? The same one that's so unhappy, yet she keeps coming to work everday? Isn't she the one pulling the strings here?
OPENNESS? How open are you to other people's point of view? I know you, and the answer is not very open.
INTEGRITY? An axe to grind, and a spouse who unhappy, yet employed by the school sytem. Give me a break.
TRUTHFUL COMMUNICATION? You've done nothing but twist the truth with this shameful tantrum involving your daughter and this transcript situation. When do we get to hear the entire story?

re Mark R. (Ano...

sounds to me like YOU are the one grinding an axe!

I'll vote for S...

Well written Steve. It's too bad that people who dare to speak out are treated so poorly in this town. That's why so many of us are afraid to do it. You'll certainly have my vote. Most of the silent majority have indicated that you will quietly have their votes too.

Re: MarkR, I'll...

I sure do have an axe to grind with someone who runs for public office hoping to settle a personal vendetta.
As far as people being afraid to talk, have you ever approached any member of the school board? Can you even name the members of the school board?

someday (Anonymous)

I credit Mr. Linder for speaking up. How many times do you sit at school events and listen to everyone complain, but that's all they do? They don't try to affect change. It's very difficult to stand up and speak out. I think he has what we are looking for in a school board member; we don't need another "yes man". We need someone who will stand up for what he thinks is right. I will vote for him. I have attended meetings and I do know what goes on. It's time for a change....

re: someday (An...

someday says: "We need someone who will stand up for what he thinks is right."

That's the problem. He's only going into the process with the idea that HE's going to do what HE thinks is right. He admitted as much in his letter to the editor. He doesn't like Bob Duncan for personal reasons, has expressed those reasons in the paper and at board meetings, and now wants all of us to vote for him so he can get revenge on his wife's former boss (who probably had something to do with getting her moved out of high school guidance). Oh yeah, that makes sense to me.

As for someday's attending meetings and the comment "I do know what goes on. It's time for a change" -- what exactly is that supposed to mean? Board members typically have to listen to irrational people spout off about how they've been wronged by some administrator or district official and then move on. What's Linder's role here? To come in and give more credibility to the disgruntled (along with one board member spouse of a teacher who already does this)?

Keep the publicity coming Stevie- interesting how your letter comes right after the comments on your other story ends so it can all start up again. With your platform and lack of knowledge on what it takes for the schools to be successful, you'll want to keep informing the public on your views so they remember your name. The problem for you though is that every time you speak or write, your true motivation and agenda comes across loud and clear to the intelligent and informed voter.

I just don't see you winning. I don't think you have enough friends or relatives living in the district.

Steve Linder (A...

Dear Mark R,
Regarding my openness, integrity and truthful communication - Consider yourself invited to my home to discuss any issues you may have and we can talk one on one.
You state that you know me and my wife. Apparently you don't know us very well. I don't know where you are getting your information, but my wife throughly enjoys her job with the Norwalk School system.
No one is pulling my strings. I have gotten where I am by hard work and treating my co-workers with dignity and respect.
I wrote a letter to the editor explaining the transcript situation. I will be glad to give you a copy of it and when we get together, I will show you everything that I have documented.
Call me to set up a time that is convenient for you to visit. I'm looking forward to getting together with you.
Steve Linder

swiss family .....

,, i am already completely happy with the job that the school board is doing !!!and i think that Mr. Bob Duncan , is doing a great job !! he certainly lays down the law , and i believe that's what kids need , especially now , when their own parents are trying to defend their kids inappropriate behavior .... right on Mr. Duncan !!!

MarkR (Anonymous)

Steve, Thanks but no thanks. You've made your position very clear. You'd be surprised how many people know what's really going on. Should I spell out the whole transcript situation here? I understand you've left out some key points. Should we revisit you and your wife's petition to oust the boys basketball coach several years ago, after your son's senior season, when things didn't go like you thought they should?
To refresh us, how many signatures were from people (relatives) who didn't live in our school district?
I hope some of these issues are addressed by the media as election time gets closer.
It's nice that you've decided to run for a public office. I'll give you that. I and many others just think you're doing it for the wrong reasons.
We'll see what the voters say in November. If you win, we'll know your true motives pretty quickly.

wanting the bes...

Many of us have questions not just of Mr. Linder but of anyone that runs for a position on the board. It is a job I would personally would not want. I hope that whoever fills the positions do so because they want to make Norwalk Schools better for every student attending. Do we know the motives of every person currently on the board or that will be running for a position? I think that Mr. Linder told us where he stands, no hidden agendas, nothing hiding in the dark. Is every member or canidate able to say the same? The fact is that no candidate will win over every voter, it is a very personal matter. I can say the I like both Mr. and Mrs. Linder, I don't know if I am convienced on voting for him but I am looking at everyone with an open mind. There are many issues our schools face, I want to hear from everyone on where they stand with other issues (including Mr. Linder)
PS - Mark R - you must not have any interaction with Sharon in her job, she is always very upbeat and positive while in that environment, at least around the parents. I am sure she is not always happy about events that have taken place but the students and community would not know that from her actions while on the job.

Re: Steve Linde...

Ken Broz must be running your campaign. The comment to MarkR: "Consider yourself invited to my home to discuss any issues you may have and we can talk one on one" comes right out of the old coach's playbook. That family has operated that way for years-- find someone that disagrees and seek to personally meet with them to "clear the air." Who knows, maybe you do have a chance if he's in charge. It worked for his wife.

re: swiss famil...

Why why why do you continue to post the strange and stupid comments?? NOBODY LIKES YOU OR RESPECTS YOUR OPINION! By the way, Steve, you've got my vote, Dude! ( you do remember us calling you that in school, don't you? lol)

swiss family......

to " re swiss family" you don't seem to get it , i really don't care that you like me or respect me .. i have an opinion , and i am going to say it .. just because i don't agree with you doesn't mean that i am not entitled to say my opinion ... i think that Bob Duncan has done an incredible job !! has he made some mistakes , of course he has !! but overall he has done a great job .. his job is a very difficult one , trying to control and discipline other people's kids .. there is a fine line there between what is appropriate and what is not , and i believe that Mr. Duncan has done a terrific job far as you calling Steve "dude " in high school, man you really were a clever bunch of guy's , weren't you?

Re swisssssssss...

you are just an idiot. Yes, we called Steve that in should have gone to school and graduated instead of getting your ged. You really should have taken a typing class, too. And a class that taught manners, since your momma didn't learn you any. By the way, just for your info, I am a girl, not a guy. And I'm voting for STEVE! DUDE!!!

swiss family .....

to "re swissssssssssssss" you are not telling me anything that i don't already know Sharon , i know that you are a girl , but you sure are NOT a lady , by any stretch of the imagination .. not with the hatred and nastiness you expell !!! i have watched your comments for a long time Sharon. and i know exactly who you are .. isn't that right .. "little ole me" ????

Sharon???? (Ano...

wrong agian, missy! you are a hoot! ROTFLMAO! You just slammed another totally innocent person! you ought to be locked up, in an institution. GOOD DAY!

Will the real S...

...please stand up and defend yourself against this maniac! I think it's hilarious that she thinks I'm Sharon, whoever Sharon is, please comment on this! You have a right to defend yourself!

swiss family......

ok , Sharo, no one know's that it's you , or who you are ... wink , wink

Re: Tard (Anonymous)

" ok , Sharo, no one know's that it's you , or who you are ... wink , wink " Sharo?? LOL! there you go again!

Scott Ford Vide...

Watch the video from the Tuesday school board meeting.
What does Mike Gordon do to deserve a salary of $98,800.00?
What are the salaries of the rest of the administration?
Compare them to what a teacher makes. That is why I'm voting for Linder for school board.

swiss family......

ok Sharon ... i was trying to hide your true identity from everyone on here to protect you .. but you want me to write your entire name , well , i am willing to do that , do you want me to write your last name as well ??

vote (Anonymous)

if you want change, you have to vote! PERIOD! I for one want change, and will vote AGAINST all incumbents!

supporter (Anon...

If you think it's bad to compare Mr.Gordons wage to a teacher,take a look at support staff salaries.

Yeah Baby!! (An...


re: vote (Anonymous)

Do you know how many incumbents are running?

Tammy R. (Anonymous)

I like his ideas, and I believe he is real. That's what our kids need!

Knowsthetruth (...

Come on people...Don't be fooled by Steve Linder, and his wife Sharon.
Their goals, if elected:
1) Fire Bob Duncan
2) Fire Bob Duncan
3) Fire Bob Duncan.
Oh, they'll probably try to get rid of the boys basketball coach as well.
Steve and Sharon: Informed people know what's going on. After all, you've told enough people.


Apparently you don't know too much. Did you read Linder's letter above? It clearly states, "If given the opportunity, he would not renew Duncan's contract." It also mentions that "this couldn't happen without a majority vote from the board." I think it is obvious that he knows he can't "fire Bob Duncan". But if Linder is elected it should send a message loud and clear to the other board members that the public feels that Duncan hasn't been doing his job as well as he should. Did you watch the Scott Ford video? Scott Ford has got to be one of the most respected men in this community and he holds the current board responsible for Gordon. Maybe it is time for a change.

re: re:knowsthe...

I can't wait to hear the rest of his plan. Steve, I know you read this? What's your grand plan?
Do you have even the slightest idea what a school board can and can't do?

sharon here (An...

Guess what, I'm the one one of you r accusing of some crap. First time I even looked on here and as I scroll down I keep seeing my name?? Didn't read the article and don't care to and only glanced at the comments, all I can tell u people is I'm the real Sharon so would the fake one please stand up!! Lol.