County won't reconsider JFS firings

The Huron County Commissioners' attorney has turned down a request to reconsider the firing of three county employees. On Aug. 10, the Huron County Department of Job and Family Services (HCDJFS) informed three employees their jobs would be eliminated, effective Aug. 24. Those three workers were: Assistant program administrator Marla White, eligibility/referral supervisor Jon Kelley and public information officer Stacia Badovick. Since then, Kelley has taken another agency job as an eligibility specialist.
Cary Ashby
Jul 25, 2010


The Huron County Commissioners' attorney has turned down a request to reconsider the firing of three county employees.

On Aug. 10, the Huron County Department of Job and Family Services (HCDJFS) informed three employees their jobs would be eliminated, effective Aug. 24. Those three workers were: Assistant program administrator Marla White, eligibility/referral supervisor Jon Kelley and public information officer Stacia Badovick. Since then, Kelley has taken another agency job as an eligibility specialist.

HCDJFS officials have said the staff cuts would save the agency about $173,000.

Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper, who serves as the commissioners' legal counsel, wrote a letter Aug. 24 supporting the agency's decision.

"The board supports the department's efforts to improve efficiency and service to its clients and therefore, the board declines your request to reconsider the job abolishments," she wrote. Kasper went on to say the commissioners understand that "job abolishments require careful consideration" and its impact on employees, so the commissioners will request HCDJFS "review its determination of bumping rights."

Toledo attorney Marilyn Widman, whose law firm represents the three fired workers, wrote a letter Aug. 21 about the staff cuts.

The attorney wrote that abolishing the positions held by White and Kelley was inappropriate because the program overseeing those jobs, "workforce development," is not the program area in which the complained-of funding deficit exists." Widman also said White, Kelley and Badovick weren't "offered their appropriate bumping rights," saying all three were eligible to "bump" other HCDJFS workers.

"We cannot believe HCDJFS or this board (the commissioners) would intentionally deny our clients the continued employment to which they are entitled under state law," Widman wrote.


No entitlements...

Welfare reform was supposed to change the entitlement mindset. In the same way these three need to recognize that no one is "entitled" to have continued employment if they don't do their jobs to the satisfaction of their employer. It seems ironic that the group that preached that cash assistance or handouts were bad because this is not an entitlement agency are now saying they are entitled to keep their jobs. And the winner is....karma

Wise UP (Anonymous)

Caseworkers were constantly being told not to authorize cash assistance under both Fegen and Dumbeck who were ordered by the commissioners.PRC was used in place of the ADC cash.This will be changing now.I think it is important for those who apply to understand it is not because Mrs.White is no longer with the agnecy. The commissioners and the new director are going to make it look like they are the heros when cash is now being authorized.

As for entitlement-the jobs unit was making money and keeping the family support unit alive. Obtain the financial reports from the County Auditor's office as it is public information. Mrs.White and Mrs.Kelley were doing their jobs and ran a good unit. If someone is doing their job and doing it well, then should they not be entitled to continued employment?

If you do not work at a business then you really do not have the proper information to judge the people who work there. If you believe all of the information the Reflector prints then obviously you are new to the area.

If you think the people who work there are nasty and mean then you probably have applied and did not follow through with the verifications requested of you and thus were denied assistance. Welfare and Medicaid regs are in the Ohio Revised Code which you all can access on the internet.
Read the regs people so you understand these people are only following the rules they have to follow. When you curse at a caseworker long enough she probably will not be too pleasant with you.

If a police officer pulls you over for speeding and gives you a ticket he or she is not just being mean. They are doing their job. The same goes for the caseworkers. While talking about the police, they have the authority to pull a child from a home which they deem unfit. A Children Services Worker does not have that authority. If a child is or is not taken is blamed though on the Children Services Worker.

I know I am getting off the subject here, but what the heck does the personal life of any of the people who work at the agency now or in the past has to do with anything?

If you do not care for anyone at the agency then get a job and you will not have to have any contact with them.

smalltowner (An...


newshound (Anon...

Let's try to get the real story. For quite a while there were a few folks in the agency that were patting themselves on the back because Huron County had no one that was on welfare (a.k.a. cash assistance). There was even a TV station that came around a few yeas back to cover this marvelous effort. Now it's been discovered that this marvelous effort was nothing more than a fabrication. A fabrication because there were some people that needed some help (a.k.a. cash assistance). And I mean some good people that due to some tough circumstances were having a rough time and needed some real help, not just a handout. But they were told by those who could have helped that they weren't entitled to that kind of assistance. All in the name of the marvelous effort to keep the fabrication going. No one was giving orders not to help people in real need. Seems the current director simply found out how this fabrication of "no one on welfare" was being carried out. No one is trying to be a hero, looks like they're just trying clean things up and really serve those that need real help.

AlterEgo (Anonymous)

How does a government agency MAKE money? Even if there were soem services they were charging for there is no way they were MAKING money, maybe, possibly, they were not spending all of their budgetted money, but that is not MAKING money that is only not costing taxpayers as much.

CPA (Anonymous)

You're correct, AlterEgo. Government agencies do NOT make money. They're not permitted to make money. They can save tax money, as you indicated, by not spending all that is appropriated in the budget, or by cutting back or reorganizing and being more efficient with personel and services. Certain fees are permitted, but they hardly cover the costs and most go off to the state.

Peter (Anonymous)

I just want to wish Marla White and Randy Summers the best of luck in their new marriage, and not comment about how Randy wrote an article of support for her two weeks before this. I'm sure those things weren't related. Congrats!

re: Wise UP (An...

Your comments are unbelievable. And I mean unbelievable. I voluteer for a charitable organization and went with a young woman with a two-week-old child to the agency to seek some assistance. She had been in a bad situation (thankfully we got her out of it) and wanted only something so as to obtain basic neccessities for her child. She was denied any, heaven forbid, cash assistance and was told she needed to get a job. What?? A single mom with a two-week-old who's trying to turn things in her life around, and she was told in so many words that "we don't give handouts.. get yourself a job." Told that by women that, if they had just had a baby, probably would be on maternity leave and would be getting paid until they returned to work in their own sweet time. You, Wise UP, say it had nothing to do with a now former employee of the agency. I say it had a lot to do with her! I'm so glad situations like this are being addressed and that changes are being made.

re wise up (Ano...

I agree, it is time they rid the county of dead weight. I think more people there should start looking for new jobs. They have had it to easy for so very long. Three down and how many to go?

re newhound (An...

Jon Kelly and Marla White were just as guilty as Judy and Erich about not giving out cash assistance when needed. They celebrate when they can get someone to sign off on collecting cash assistance. The face they show the public is not the face they have in the office, the love of the community is not their attitude in the office. If you could only see how they made fun of people coming in for help. Ask them what they call the dance they do when they force people to sign on the dotted line so they can not get cash assistance. Just ask them. Sandy does the dance the most.

Wise Up (Anonymous)

Charitable helper-by bad situation due to mean domestic? If so, did you call Victim's Assistance of Huron County, or call the CAC to ask if there was room in the local shelter, or did you ask about the shelter in Mansfield? Catholic Charities of NOrwalk will also help with a place to stay.--
Ohio does have ADC now called OWF assistance. A mother is mandatory to participate with the work program when the baby is 6 weeks old unless she has a doctors statement stating she is needed at home to care for a sick baby or cannot look for employment due to her own medical condition. Yes, I do believe that is quite fair. FMLA provides all mothers the opportunity to take time off work with a newborn and have her job held. Some mothers are not paid while off while those who EARNED sick/vaction time do get paid. However, before a caseworker can authorize cash in Huron County she must get the approval of a supervisor. In the instance you wrote about, the worker still would have to see a supervisor but the cash would be authorized.
If the mother fails to participate with the work programs after the baby is 6 weeks old, her cash ends unless there is documents giving a good reason why she does not participate.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------There are 4 units at the agency plus administration. You are talking about Family Support. Caseworkers determine eligibility for cash, medicaid and foodstamp programs. While many workers will also make outside referrals to help a client obtain housing, make doctor appointments, etc., it is not their job to do so. Caseworkers have been given both vergal and written reprimands for giving out cash.---But even knowing this it will not stop angry people from screaming at workers for not giving them the help they think they are entitled to. It would be like demanding that your M.D. pull your tooth. It is not his job. I agree it has been a shame many people were diverted from receiving cash. However there are far too many people who raised their families on ADC. No one is entitled to anything. Welfare Reform has made that quite clear. I agree with Wefare Reform. I agree with time limits on cash assistance and foodstamp assistance for childless clients. There is a small catch in the last statement. Huron County has been given the opportunity to provide foodstamps without time limitations to childless clients due to the high unemployment rate in the county. The diversion process did provide an opportunity to clients to receive help with rent, utilities and other assistance. So actually a client was not left with no help at all. Many people choose not to participate with the jobs programs and had to withdraw from a cash application. The first visit to a jobs worker a client has to find their own way to. After that, they are given tokens for the county transportation system. So don't tell me there is a problem with transportation. People just don't want to come to the agency every day and try to find employment.------------------There will be more cash now authorized. It has nothing to do with reorganization either. The reason cannot be stated at this time.------Now concerning the Jobs Unit making money--yes CPA it did. Very little county money is spent at the agency on day to day operations. Federal and State monies support the programs and permit such things as Spread the Warmth, PRC, The Jobs Store equiptment, etc. The higher the participation rate of jobs mandatory clients the more monies that come into the agency. Let's say 500 clients are mandatory to come participate with the jobs programs in the month of August. If all 500 participate then the statistics will permit more money for such programs as the 2 listed above. It does not go to salaries either. So yes, the Jobs Unit does make money. There are many such happenings in any government agency/office. Pull up the Ohio Revised Code and do a little research. Check out funding and the regulations the agency must abide by. Family Support and Job Unit caseworkers follow the regulations in the Ohio Revised Code.------So you think you know what goes on at the agency. If you do not work there then you do not. If you believe what is written by the Reflector then you must be quite new to the area. If you are a client and don't like the place, then move out of county and see what type of service the next county will give you. Please do a little less typing and more reading. I hope CPA is not your occupation. The finances or any government agency/office are complicated and obviously way out of what your mind can understand.

re wiseup (Anon...

You are a worker of HCDJFS, most of those who work for the organization feel they are above everyone else. Remember you are a pay check away from the people you are suppose to serve. Three people have lost their jobs, do not feel smug you may be next.

The Diversion D...

Okay Sandy, Rhonda, Marcy, Beth and Sara lets all get ready to do the Diversion Dance. You pride yourself on denying people cash assistance. You are sick and you should be out of a job.

swiss family (A...

I like to dance, too! why can't I dance? AREN'T I GONNA DANCE TOO??? COM'ON, LET ME LEAD!!!!!!!

re swiss family...

It is not funny, it affects peoples lives. You must work there to have that attitude. I pray that you never need assistance. If Jon and Marla really promoted this, then it is a good thing they are gone.

AlterEGo (Anonymous)

Wise up, you are still wrong. The agency does not make money. The agency may recieve more tax dollars from the state or federal government, but that is still not making money. Making money in it's most simple form is gettng more money for a product or service than it costs you to produce or provide that product or service. The services of this agency are not sold to a willing consumer they are given to those who are the exact opposite of a willing consumer. You are obviously a government employee and thus incapable of logical thought when it comes to economics or an open market where providing a product or service that is in demand returns income, and when income becomes more than costs, then you make a profit and making a profit is making money. If you don't make a profit then you are losing money, in the non-government world, when you lose money you can no longrer provide your goods or services and you go out of business. Now with that understanding I am sure you will change your post to say something linke "the HCDJFS was acquiring more tax payer funds from the state and federal government to provide more services to the unemployed of Huron County"

CPA (Anonymous)

I'm with again on this one, AlterEgo. The agency can not and does not make money. The appropriations might be increased for its budget, but that's not making money. Of course, as I've read, the agency is receiving some pretty healthy cuts and thus are making some changes/reorganization. Nothing wrong with that from a taxpayer standpoint, is there?

With AE and CPA...

Only a government worker could see an increase in funds from tax payers as "making money".

Gov't employee ...

I wish you people would get off your high horse about us dedicated civil employees. You have no idea of the pressure of trying to cram 4 hours of work into an 8 hour day.

swiss family......

first of all , i did not make the comment about dancing .. there is a swiss family... wanna be who makes no sense at all .. and as far as the topic goes .. i don't know Marla , or Jon ... i know Jon's husband though .. and he never talked too highly of her , if that tells you anything ?? but i do wish that they would remove the cancer at HCDJFS"s and that cancer is Sally , and Connie .. please , director .. please remove this cancer before they kill the entire system

frustrated taxp...

I just read everyone's comments listed below, there are some really bitter people out there. The whole firing issues is not about saving money to be able to give out cash assistance. It's totally unrelated. The county is saying that the 'County' wants to save money by ridding itself of these employees, that's fine, but it's not to put more money into the cash and food stamps handed out. That comes from an entirely different pot of money in a different location, so those of you who think that the supposed $173,000 that is going to be saved by the firings is going to go to the so called 'needy' you're fooling yourselves. It will go right back into the organization, to an administrator's salary, to new computers, ect... not to the community. So it's really not about any other employee there, or the people who say they've been slighted. It's about why did three people really loose thier jobs? If it's because they were no longer needed, then fine, and I'm sorry that happened to these individuals, but there was nothing in any letter or any notification that the individuals were doing anything less than the job asked of them. If your boss tells you to jump you say how high? As far as I'm concerned I feel sorry for the people who work at HCDJFS they are all scared of losing their jobs as they have families to support as well. It's a high stress job regardless of having to worry about your own job. Besides the obvious horrors of children's services, there are the eligibility specialists who are responsible for carrying out rediculous rules the state puts forth as to whom is eligible or not for which programs and are often yelled at cursed at, called rude names, lied to, and much much more, Yes they do help a few people who really need the assistance but in the long run it's a HIGH stress job for crappy crappy pay, and EXPENSIVE medical benefits which don't even include dental or vision. It's got to build some resentment for those people who sign individuals up for Medicaid (free health insureance) when the person giving it away pays over $200 dollars a month for less coverage, tell me that doesn't sting. Regardless of my personal feelings, as it is a county/state/government office there are different pots of money that the administration may dip into for different purposes. The money, saved by the loss of employees will absolutly not go to the community it will stay within the agency.

AlterEgo (Anonymous)

Frustrated, if you think $200 per month is bad then you should find out the amount the employer has to pay. I have been involed in Human Resources at several large companies, and while the employees were made to pay as much as $75 every 2 weeks, the actual cost of the insurances were well over $1000 per month for a family plan.

whatever (Anonymous)

It's easy for all of you to bash the government programs and the workers but anyone that has a legitimate need for assistance receives it. Maybe some of the past methods to get people off of cash assistance weren't what everyone would have liked, but they absolutely reduced the number of people that were dependent on the system. People are not supposed to receive assistance for extended periods of time and there are services to help people to get off of assistance if they work with the agency.

swiss family......

I do 'work' there,(HCDJFS) but I use the term 'loosely' I don't like to help people, if they would just remove the cancer as I like to call it because I am EVIL- then maybe I'LL get promoted!!! DEE DEE DEE!!!! I LOVE CATS!

seems to me (An...

The bashing seems to be coming from within, I think they are in need to little more house cleaning starting with swiss family. I to know Dick Kelly and you are right he has nothing good to say about his loving wife. To bad, if she treats him like that then she must treat clients the same way.

Funny (Anonymous)

People lose their jobs everyday, factory closes, downsizing and outsourcing. Yet I have seen more comments about only 3 people In HCDJFS then anywhere else. They are one of the highest paying employers with benefits in Norwalk. This is the first lay off they have had, and we seem to be making more out of 4 lost jobs then hundreds. We all know the economy is bad and it effects everyone. The rest at HCDJFS should thank their lucky stars they were not one of the three and get back to work, they might have more cut backs they have to do.

it's a game (An...

Funny, I agree. But these few, and some of their misguided friends, feel they have an entitlement to these positions and so now it's game time. Time to play the legal game. Time to get the attorneys and press for lawsuits with the attitude that "I'll show them that they can't do this to me."

swiss family......

first of all , for the record , I DO NOT WORK FOR HCDJFS .. there is someone on here who is also using my name who keeps saying that i do work there , but i assure you that i do NOT !!! it sounds to me like the writing of the cancer , at HCDJFS'S that i keep speaking of . just maybe the comment that you are reading from the imposter , the "swiss family"wanna be maybe it is coming from the hateful keyboard of Connie Hemenway , or Sally !!!those two bitter , evil , bitty's

k-swiss (Anonymous)

Another pupil riots beside the stuffed whistle.

swiss cheese (A...

The nonsense freezes the piano crown throughout a skill.