Levy results announced

(UPDATED with list) Edison, Monroeville and Willard school districts among those with issues on Tuesday's ballot.
Joe Centers
May 7, 2013


The Norwalk City .7-mill renewal for recreation purposed passed 491-227 Tuesday night.
In other Huron County issues:
The Willard City Schools 1.5-mill additional lost 797-518.
The Willard city 1/8 income tax additional passed 372-295.
The Bellevue library bond issue passed 149-99 in Huron County and 556-429 overall.
The Monroeville Local Schools 1.8-mill renewal passed 214-197 in Huron County and 223-214 overall.
The Edison Local School District won 127-112 in Huron County and 1,130-1,043 overall.
The Vermilion River Ambulance won 132-73 in Huron County and 216-104 overall.

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When it comes to the Monroeville renewal, I am still wondering about the promise to let 3 levy's expire when the income tax levy passed. Did this happen? Also, a threat was made by the district to have a $25 pay to play fee if the FIRST go round of the income tax didn't pass. It didn't pass and the fee was instituted. So some of us fought to get the income tax levy passed the next time in order to get some levy's deleted for the elderly and the farmers and the pay to play fee deleted. It passed, but the pay to play fee stayed. did we get suckered anyway?

hit the road jack

Pretty sad when the Board of Education says the income tax will be enough revenue and all levies will be left to expire,then they get the dumb @ss voters to pass a 34 year levy because they wouldn't have enough revenue with the income tax and now renew an old levy to top it off. I'd say the school system needs shut down if the people running the school system cannot figure budgets any better than that,real good example for the students,oh well,no brain,no pain I guess.And yes this shows the alumni hasn't learned very much either,keep passing levies like this,just shows the high intelligence level of the people.