FINAL: Weisenburger wins primary

Here are the results from the race and issues on the ballots in Huron County.
Scott Seitz
May 7, 2013


Final unofficial results in Huron County in Tuesday's primary election.

Norwalk Municipal Court judge, Republican primary

Eric Weisenburger - 1,009 votes

Scott Christophel - 451 votes

Harold Freeman - 414 votes.

Norwalk parks and recreation renewal - 491 in favor, 227 against.

Willard city 1/8-percent income tax - 372 in favor, 295 against.

Bellevue library additional - 149 in favor, 99 against.

Edison school levy - 127 in favor, 112 against.

Monroeville schools renewal - 214 in favor, 197 against.

Willard schools levy - 797 against, 518 in favor.

Vermilion River Ambulance - 132 in favor, 73 against.

Final, unofficial results from Erie County:

Edison school levy - 1,003 in favor, 931 against.

Monroeville schools renewal - 9 in favor, 17 against.


yogi bear

You could at least spell his name right in the headline.

ThomasJefferson just wouldn't be the Reflector if it were spelled correctly.


The headline name is spelled exactly as it appears on his campaign sign in the photo to the right. Apparently some Weisenbergers spell their name this way while others spell their name as the candidate-elect does listed above.


Spelling issue?

Not to be 'too' pedantic here, but as I've written: Be thankful for what you've got.

A lot of small town newspapers are struggling financially.

I've noticed that the webcam is out on the NR and is gone on the SR.

I know personally of long time subscribers who have cancelled the paper.


That's a fact Jack !