Star View drive-in theater begins 64th season

New digital projector added this year.
Scott Seitz2
May 19, 2013


Area movie-goers will be happy to know the Star View drive-in theater opens Friday for its 64th season.

The theater features a new digital projector in 2013.

"The digital projector provides a much-improved picture quality," said Steve Witter, who co-owns the theater with Jim Doughty.

Witter is in his sixth year of ownership, but has worked at the drive-in off and on since 1974.

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That's great News and a very good sign! I'm always worried I'll be reading about them closing it down so I'm very happy to see they're updating! There's not much money to be made in owning a Drive-In Theatre these days. I know that a high percentage of ticket sales are paid to the film studios for renting the films. So make sure you patronize their snack bar because that's where they make their little bit of money. Long live Star View drive-in and Happy 64th season. I hope it's one of your best!


like any movie theater(or drive-in in this case)-they really make their money at the concession stand. So everybody should buy lots of goodies


I think it would be cool if they put a small diner in so you could go and find your parking space, then go have a nice little dinner and walk back to your car and enjoy a movie. Who else in this country has a "Drive-in Dinner and a Movie Night"? Think outside the box in these lean times. I'd patronize more than the once or twice a year I go now! Glad to see it's return!


I love that idea WASP71, and I bet alot of other people would too. Sadly, the money that would probably be required to pull that off would end up driving the place out of business.


I wonder if someone else did the diner part and then they run the Drive-in? Somehow it could work. At least I think so. Whoever runs the diner part would pay a "lot fee" that would cover the cost maybe of the lost concession sales? Or maybe a 75/25 split so if the diner didn't work out, it would close but the drive-in could still run. Maybe not make a profit that year if that would happen but also wouldn't sink it? I don't know. Gotta be a way to up the ante out there and get it to stay another 60+ years. I think they should look into maybe a break from the city or a grant or something. Be something to look into at least. Or.....take a chance and do it themselves and make a go of it! Mr. Hershey went bankrupt something like 7 times before he hit on chocolate. Not saying I'm that daring but I think it could be done! Something maybe the size of Star Diner at first until things picked up (or didn't).


Norwalk's rare gem. It's remarkable that it still exists!

Most drive-ins are long gone; urban sprawl near metropolitan areas tended to have gobbled up the land.

I remember many classic movies that I saw there as a kid.

Congratulations on the 64th anniversary - and a wish for many more yrs.!


A positive note from Winnie! I bet that hurt.


"A positive note from Winnie! I bet that hurt."

And did you have something to add other than a usual off topic negative brain dead one Cupcake? :)


I love that we still have a Drive Inn in our town! I can remember many good times spent there!


Best wishes for another great season. Use to go there with Kathy and others. Many great views from the back row.

Most Wanted

Love that place; remember my dad loading all us kids up in the back of the truck and taking us. Did the same with my kids in the van. Now my teens go all the time with their friends.


I grew up there,the passion pit.The best place to park other than Blue Bridge !


One of the first movies I saw there was "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte". I was a little kid and my mom kept telling us to look away at the scary parts. Of course, we didn't. She thought we'd have nightmares or some strange thing. :)
Had many a good time there.


Great, I'm glad the Drive-In is still going strong! I've been waiting all winter for them to feature another movie besides "Closed for the Season".


LOL. "CFTS" sounds like the title of a slasher film ala "The Shining."

Cliff Cannon

Like most everyone, I too love our drive-in as well as have tons of fond memory's of times there.

I also, have a geographical trivia thought about the Star-View drive-in, for I believe The American " Great Plains " starts at our drive-in.

Being an out to pasture O.T.R. truck driver, I can tell you that the flat land & rich soil one finds at the drive in goes with few exceptions all the way to the Mississippi river. ( As long as you stay north of I-70 that it is)

Of course, the same type of land is found on the way to Sandusky. So the starting point of the Great Plains can be argued. However,as for me I'll stick with our local treasure---The Star-View drive in---as the starting point of our national treasure--- The Great Plains


@ CC:

I believe that I remember Mr. Timmon once writing that the "Great Plains" begins west of the Huron River.

IMO, I'd trust his opinion until proven otherwise.

Used to experience some beautiful sunsets back in Chicago.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango: The dickens you say. Henry Timmon's wrote that about the ' Great Plains' ? Dang it. Thought I had a "scoop". Oh well, at least I didn't miss the starting point by to much. :)

Great day to you

Fibber Mcgee