Man accused of punching woman in face at gas station is taking case to trial

Assault sent Norwalk woman to hospital.
Cary Ashby
May 6, 2013


A Wakeman Township man goes to trial this week in connection with an assault that sent a Norwalk woman to the hospital.

George W. "Will" Gnage, 22, of 5810 U.S. 20, Lot 112, is charged with misdemeanor counts of assault and resisting arrest. He has been in the Huron County Jail since April 24. His Norwalk Municipal Court trial is scheduled for Thursday.

Gnage also initially was charged with driving under the influence, according to jail records. The charges are in connection with the April 22 incident at the BP Friendship gas station, 64 E. Main St., Wakeman. The suspect got out of a sport utility vehicle (SUV) about the time two other male occupants went into the store to buy some cigarettes.

Wakeman Police Chief Tim Hunker has said Gnage broke the sun roof as he got out of the SUV, fell off, and then went on the top of another vehicle and walked on the roof before jumping off.

The suspect then is accused of hitting a 43-year-old Norwalk woman in the face while she was pumping gas, Hunker said. The victim was transported to Fisher-Titus Medical Center and later released.

"He punched her with a closed fist a few times. She didn't know how many times he hit her," Hunker said soon after the incident. "Her face was covered with blood."

Some customers, who pulled Gnage off the woman, tackled him and "held (him) down until police arrived just a few minutes later," Hunker said. The chief, who wasn't sure if Gnage was "on something" or having a mental issue, said he's grateful for the intervention of the witnesses because he said the situation could have been worse.

Gnage was admitted at Fisher-Titus for a reported fracture to his wrist.

"It was one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen," Hunker said about the assault.

Lakewood authorities have a holder on Gnage for a possession of drugs charge, according to jail records. His bond is $16,500.



What a coward. I guess this piece of $hit was obviously too scared to try that with a man. What scum. Hopefully his cell mates are made aware of his charges and he gets a taste of his own medicine X10. Punching a defenseless woman, you just might be the weakest little punk a$$ s.o.b. I have read about in a long time. Just too bad your mother didn't choose "Plan B".


Ha! Plan B! I love it!


What a coward. I guess this piece of $hit was obviously too scared to try that with a man. What scum. Hopefully his cell mates are made aware of his charges and he gets a taste of his own medicine X10. Punching a defenseless woman, you just might be the weakest little punk a$$ s.o.b. I have read about in a long time. Just too bad your mother didn't choose "Plan B".


As the victim of this attack, I am glad that they finally released his name and picture so everyone knows what he looks like. He pleaded not guilty even though there are many witnesses and video of the attack. Hope the judge doesn't slap him on the wrist again.

Whiskey Tango F...

Unfortunately he will be out next week if he's not out already. Little rehab, a little probation, a few i'm really really sorries, and a big old hug is all he'll get. I see this every week. It makes me ill. The good news is he can always get a good job down with the Norwalk water department. They love them some crackheads up in there.


With all the evidence & witnesses, he wants to take this to court..What a waste of tax payers money..I hope the judge doesn't wear his blinders on Thursday & sees this for what it really is..A ploy to make everyone feel sorry for him & his drug habit..A chance to get out of the charges..Be a man, for once..Except responsibility for what you have done..You should also be thankful that you surprised her..Other wise, you may have gotten your butt kicked..You did the crime, you should do the time!!!!!!


I'd like to say three things. First.. hmc, I'm so sorry for what happened to you. Nobody should have to fear going out in public and being harmed. Second,there was no drug or drinking charge in connection with this incident. Third, everybody has a past and just because someone has prior bad behavior he shouldn't be judged without having all the facts. Its easy to jump to the conclusion that drugs were involved just by the sheer randomness and aggressiveness of the assault. I can tell you with 100% certainty that there were no bath salts or any other illegal drugs involved. He had a psychotic break with no warning whatsoever. He has tested clean for every drug test available. He made mistakes in the past but since his son has been born he has walked a straight line. Conclusions are being drawn with no evidence supporting them. I realize that this post will probably generate a lot of negative comments and I'm okay with that...just wanted to make it clear that mental illness and drugs have the same characteristics so before you judge too harshly try to obtain the facts. Again, hmc, I'm sorry for what happened to you... and so is my son.


this kid is a lousy, no-good, piece of $hit! i went to the same school as him and he did nothing but get in trouble and pick fights. all he wanted to do was smoke, drink, and beat people up.


"Monkey1432" you are real pice of work. No wonder your scumbag son does not know how to act in society. "Mental illness" my a$$. This piece of $hit thinks he can do as he pleases and you think we should shed some tears because of some made up illness. Get a clue. You obviously did a terrible job of raising him as his previous record and all accounts point to him being nothing more than a drain on our society. Thanks to you, we will most likely end up supporting this scum for the rest of his life, either jail or welfare. Do him a favor and convince him to admit fault and take responsibility for his actions. Obviously, you babying him has done no good. Its just too bad one of those bystanders didn't beat him within an inch of his he deserves. When the sorry judge slaps his wrist, please pack up and move from our area before he continues being such a great member of society.


It is her son. It's not always the parents fault, and I think that you are being a little harsh. What happened was inexcusable, and horrible but HE did it, not her. He is old enough to make his own choices. This comment MAYBE would work if the kid was a juvenile... but he is a grown man with a child.


alright listen, you guys know nothing about my brother and i dont care what the newspaper says, only some of what is on this paper is true. people make mistakes and have a past. but people shouldnt be judged for it. what if it was someone in your family or a close friend that was basically being posted all over the place. i get problems from people about this at my school and i dont appreciate all of the nasty comments that people are making about MY BROTHER!!!! i understand people are angry but that doesnt give ANYONE the right to judge what they have no clue about. it is wrong and disrespectful. i am sorry for what happened to that lady. but he wasnt on drugs and was not drinking. he is a good person and he just had a mental breakdown and he feels terrible about what happen. actually he didnt even remember it. so i would really appreciate it if everyone would keep their mouths shut about my brother. it is my family and our business!! keep your comments to yourselves. once again sorry for what happen to you hmc.

Sitting In The ...

I'm sorry but that the dumbest thing I've ever heard. You realize it normally hereditary so were his parents diagnosed with bipolar or some other mental health problem?. Also it didn't just happen it builds up so why didn't any of your family get him help? or better yet contact police?. Why wasn't he medicated?


123, you sound about as bright as your scumbag brother. "People shouldn't be judged for their past" are you kidding me? His past behavior falls right in line with his charges this time. Stop enabling him , you are part of the problem. "He doesn't remember what happened" right, I would say that too if I were facing the same charges. By the way , when you $hit bag brother attacks an innocent woman out in public, that gives all of us the right to judge his sorry a$$. "He is a good person" lol, again you must be able to overlook all of his past antics. This guy is the opposite of a good person. Sad that he has a kid who will probably turn out the same way.......especially with all you enablers in his camp. Grow up, realize your brother is a terrible person and force him to take responsibility for his actions. This is the problem with society today, it is never my fault. "I had a hard life growing up, " my daddy wasn't around" " I deserve a trophy too, just for showing up". Boo hoo hoo. Stop defending this a$$hole, it just makes the rest of your family look bad.


Exactly. Guess what...I grew up around an alcoholic, and my dad, who left when I was young is now in prison for murder, and I have NEVER been in trouble with the law, nor do I do anything that will get me in trouble. I hate it when people try and play the "hard life" card. Give me a break. It all has to do with good morals, judgement, and compassion for one another....nothing to do with what kind of life you have lived. Give me a break!

Sitting In The ...

My thoughts exactly This family can say whatever but it won't change the fact this loser assaulted a woman pumping gas. This man is not a victim he a spine less coward who'll never amount to anything. I sincerely hope he sentenced to years in prison.


This case does not have potential prison time - it is a misdemeanor.

Kottage Kat

I have a brother and he does not beat people up in gas stations.
If he did I would definatly NOT defend him.
These sista's and bro's crawl out from their rock and defend bad behaviour
Apple did not fall far from the tree.

Kottage Kat

The one who needs to " man up' is judge Conway and start putting these jerks in prision where they can keep people safe from the bi polarized whiners.


First, this case is in Norwalk Municipal Court and Judge Conway is not involved.

Second, the maximun incarceration time is 6 months in Jail - Prison is not a possibility in this case.


I am a little sensitive to the references to mental illness. This young man has a history of bad behavior so it would appear he has just kept in line with what his character has already become. As a mother of a son that is bi-polar, I can tell you this, he does become agitated at times, but he has never hit anyone and he has never broke the law. Sometimes a person with mental illness is not able to "pin-point" a "break coming" but I would hope someone close to them would recognize it and intervene not just look the other way and ignore it. I do agree "Mom" has no control over her adult son anymore, but it probably wasn't the best decision to post in defense of him on here because there is no real defense, mental illness or not for what his past behaviors have been like and current behaviors. If your son has any morals at all, he will accept his punishment mental illness or not. Mental illness should not be an excuse for criminal behavior because steps can be taken to control and stabilize a mental illness and it would appear your family and your son did neither.


We now know who he is and where he lives. People like this tend to reap what they sow.


So, I guess his felony drug conviction and DUI don't count as bad behavior. There is no excuse for what happened and he should be punished. Now he is pleading not guilty by reason of insanity. He will be costing all of our taxpayer dollars for psychological evaluations and a public defender and draw this whole thing out to get out of the maximum sentence of six months.