Norwalk woman accused of stabbing boyfriend in chest

Girlfriend locked up after domestic situation turns violent.
Aaron Krause
May 6, 2013


A domestic situation turned violent early Sunday morning when a Norwalk woman allegedly stabbed her boyfriend in the upper chest, sending him to the hospital.

Katie-Lou Brooks, 27, of 24 Spring St., stabbed her boyfriend in the upper chest with a kitchen or barbecue fork after 3 a.m. at the residence, said Sgt. Thomas Cook of the Norwalk Police Department.

Cook said the report had not been completed by press time, but the inciting incident appeared to be a "boyfriend-girlfriend situation that turned pretty serious," Cook said. He added there's no indication of alcohol use.

Brooks was arrested without incident and charged with felonious assault.

The victim, who called police, was taken to Fisher-Titus Medical Center with a stab wound to the upper chest and then transferred to another hospital. The name of that facility wasn't listed in the report.



Prayers for Kevin hope he is going to b ok!!!

journey rules

thats funny no alcohol !!!!!!!!

Sitting In The ...

Stabbed in the chest and your to blame, you give love a bad name....HAHAHAHA




All my thoughts and prayers go out to Kevin and his family.

On a side note: She stabbed him in the LUNGS and HEART.. how is this not attempted murder?!


If you know them soooooooo stupid well understand the picture behind the scenes ya idiot. He isn't listed in critical nor was he listed the injuries to be fatal. I know Katie would NEVER attempt to kill ANYONE. The trait just isn't in her character; side note: if there's a charge for ignorance and not understanding the entire picture unlike Katie it seems you'd fit PERFECTLY. When you wanna comment some crazy mess on here pull up the guidelines for the charge in this state......or is that a bit to hard?


Sounds like you need to take a breath and step away from the computer. Your maturity level is really shining through on this post. I didn't start calling Katie names, nor did I make any derogatory statements.

I do not know Katie, nor do I really know Kevin personally.. but I know the family. Last I knew, he had emergency surgery and was in the ICU. But you're right, doesn't sound critical or potentially fatal at all. Who needs lungs or a heart anyway?


Typical of you @ demented you're the one who defended the baby bone breaker 9 times over...uh yeah..

Rod Farva

Did they not teach English in your GED class?

Gone2work you have a lot of anger. Anyone who stabs someone in the chest should be charged with attempted murder. Watch "Snapped" - they could have had a show all about poor Katie.


@OhDearLord- THANK YOU!!!!!


Kevin is a real winner anyways.. 40 some years old dating a 27 year old..


Richard Cranium

40 pulling 27's? He's got swag. Just sayin'


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What's that say for her, chillin' at a bar and getting involved with an older dude?


Skank? Because no one in her own age group wants her?


Awwwww my Katie May no matter the situation we (your family) love you sooooooo much and we will all get past this! You're my sister in everyway imaginable and anyone who knows you KNOWS there's a bigger picture behind the scenes. The boys LOVE you and regardless of this article and any factual information in here I look at you no different other than being a bad a$$ aunty!

Richard Cranium

Sorry, but Katie can't read your post and probably won't be able to read it for 5-10.




A bad a** aunty? lol, are you kidding me? She just stabbed somebody and almost killed him. I know her and she is crazy. She should be charged with attempted murder.


After her case is bound over to the grand jury it can determine what crimes she should be indicted for. It is not foreclosed from other charges by the initial court charge.


Wow he was kicking her out cause she was cheating on him and she has a temper so she gets mad and PICKES UP AND BARBEQUE FORK AND STABBES HIM IN THE CHEST but didnt mean to cause him any harm.... Yea that's funny


Completely agree.


And the age thing doesn't matter it was 13 year difference that is not that much in this world today.

Karma Watcher

I don't know either Katie or Kevin personally. For all I (me, myself, & I) know it could of been self defense. It could of been alcohol related. Either way a man was stabbed, heart and lung punctured. We will ALL just have to wait to find out the truth.

Good 2 B Me

Good thing that she is not a cop. Otherwise she would be getting paid and probably no charges would come from it....

Karma Watcher

That made me laugh good 2 b me.

Good 2 B Me



I got a good chuckle out of that


wow! I'm shocked to read this! I know Katie! I do not know her boyfriend. I haven't talked to her in some time but I can't believe this happened! what the heck were you thinking katie! prayers to the victims family as well as Katie's while this crazy mess is being resolved!