Norwalk woman accused of stabbing boyfriend in chest

Girlfriend locked up after domestic situation turns violent.
Aaron Krause
May 6, 2013


A domestic situation turned violent early Sunday morning when a Norwalk woman allegedly stabbed her boyfriend in the upper chest, sending him to the hospital.

Katie-Lou Brooks, 27, of 24 Spring St., stabbed her boyfriend in the upper chest with a kitchen or barbecue fork after 3 a.m. at the residence, said Sgt. Thomas Cook of the Norwalk Police Department.

Cook said the report had not been completed by press time, but the inciting incident appeared to be a "boyfriend-girlfriend situation that turned pretty serious," Cook said. He added there's no indication of alcohol use.

Brooks was arrested without incident and charged with felonious assault.

The victim, who called police, was taken to Fisher-Titus Medical Center with a stab wound to the upper chest and then transferred to another hospital. The name of that facility wasn't listed in the report.



Wow wheres ridge now

Sitting In The ...

The article stated " he was stabbed in the chest" and at no point do they list the condition of victim yet some of you make it sound like he clinging to life. So how can you say what she should be charged with when you have no idea the severity of the injury? Uneducated guess?


From being told of his condition from the family. Not the article.


I know this because I know the family very well. She should be charged with attempted murder. She nearly killed a man, and he is still fighting for his life. It doesn't matter if someone was suppossedly cheating on whoever, WHATEVER. It doesn't matter. She almost killed a man with two children. She deserves those charges.


This exactly.

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I'm sure he did nothing that would of possibly provoked her. Not to mention in 2011 this great father was arrested four times in eight months for disorderly conduct. That's definitely father of year material.


Humorous enough I never defended the 'baby bone breaker' I defended his mother you idiot. Also I know both side personally and there was more going on than what is known by all sides. Katie had a hard life period anyone who knows her knows this. So in Katies defense Kevin didn't know how to keep them eyes to himself so why should she either?


Ok everyone! The hard life card has been played! We have to forgive everything Katie has done now! All her drinking, bar hoppin', cheaten' and ATTEMPTED MURDER ways HAVE to be forgiven now! She grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and had a hang nail and the wrong flavored bubblegum when she was young so she can't be blamed anymore for anything! Da*n that "hard life" card! Got us again... and I also know the family. He was lifeflighted and had emergency surgery. But DD90 she is a WONDERFUL person. She just had a hard life. Poor baby. As my 'ole grandpappy used to say-"Sonny- you should NEVER hit a LADY, but you beat the he** outta a B**CH!! Sounds to me she should have had the h*ll beat outta her. My opinion.


Perfectly said, Wasp. Loved it!
This woman is obviously an idiot.


This is a MAJOR problem with society today. NOONE takes responsibility for anything. The "hard life", "no mother", "no dad", "lived in a trailer", "grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, "oldest child", "youngest child", "red hair", etc, etc. There is ALWAYS an excuse for bad behavior. Everyone pats the kids of today on the back and tells them it is not their fault. It is always someone else's fault. There are MANY MANY MANY other people in the world that have a hard life, or whatever other excuse that NEVER commit crimes. Do not STAB people. I do not know either of these people, but agree there might be more to the story. If these here are saying domestic abuse, does she have any police reports? marks on her? photos of bruises? Not that that would justify almost killing him. My momma always used to say "2 wrongs do not make a right".


Could you imagine what would happen if she could have played the RACE CARD, too?!!! Just sayin'. She would have been out by now AND he would be charged with something! Not sure what, but a HARD LIFE card AND a RACE CARD in the same hand is like a Royal Flush now a days!! And Ladydye_5 you are absolutely correct.

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Is it possible I wasn't referring to you ?


Family has posted injuries, surgeries and condition on Facebook. It sounds like lung and heart were punctured and required open chest surgery and breathing tube.


It matters not what he may or may not have done. If he attacked her, and she needed to defend herself, then maybe, just maybe she could be justified in her actions.

There is not justification for violence in any relationship. It doesn't matter if he cheated on her with her sister or mother- she needs to keep her hands to herself.

My ex-wife would often project her abuse on me after "flying off the handle." She would say, "The kids know that you made mommy mad. This is your fault." One day, I finally had the courage to leave, after she attacked me with a baseball bat- in front of the kids. To this day, she continues to perpetuate the myth that I was abusive toward her. I'm still waiting for a doctor to rule her mentally ill.


She looks pretty proud of herself in that mugshot. I don't think she realizes the severity of trouble she might be in. There's no reason to be so violent with anyone, especially if she was just mad at him for something, and not defending herself.


There really has to be more to this story. Both of these people have really good reputations as nice people.


So glad he is getting better


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Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).




This woman really knows how to FORK!

unknown user

what is kevin last name?
and this is soo shcking and i wonder why its not attempted murder


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And just why are the terms 'boyfriend' and 'girlfriend' relevant here? What would have happened if they didn't like each other?


And this is again an example of why I like my cat! lol

Kottage Kat

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Karma Watcher

Okay. So she was bonded out and now back in jail cuz her bond was revoked? Anyone have details?