Animal parts found strewn about McGuan Park

Animal's intestines found in small plastic bag.
Scott Seitz2
May 4, 2013


Norwalk police officers were called to McGuan Park on Wednesday afternoon after a concerned citizen reported a dismembered animal strewn about the playground area.

"A citizen called and said there was a dismembered animal (rabbit) at the park and the citizen said this was in poor taste, especially for a child to experience," Police Chief David Light said.

Light said parks and recreation employees also reported the animal.

"I sent an officer down and then gave the go-ahead if an animal was laying there and is dismembered to have that area cleaned up," the chief said.

Light said part of the animal's intestines were in a small plastic bag.

Presently, the case is closed.

"If it happens again, we will investigate," Light said. "I'm not sure if it was some sort of prank-type thing or maybe someone with a sick sense of humor.

"But again, the case is closed unless something else happens," he said.

"What kind of sick person would do that?" Light added. "That's a very distasteful and immature thing to do. I'm really glad the citizen called and reported it."

City personnel cleaned the area.



We need to FIND OUT who did this and why - a very stupid mistake or someone who is working their way up to bigger animals or a child?


I agree!


My thoughts exactly!


Maybe a coyote lost his lunch? :)


Don't think coyotes use baggies to carry it in though! LOL


They're pretty d*mn smart. :)


I would make less jokes and look into the behavior of some of the most notorious serial killers and you will find why there is not much humor in this.


It's truly remarkable that you've got it all figured out by reading one newspaper story with few details involving a single incident. You missed your calling in detective work Sherlock.

I've read three of John Douglas' books.

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There's no need to feel inadequate just because three is more than you've ever read du fromage suisse.

John E. Douglas:

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Norwalk is one of the safest communities in which I've ever lived. Keep scaring yourself if it makes you feel good Sherlock.


Killing animals with no remorse and morbid mutilation before or after death is a good example of a developing Sociopath or a Psychopath.

Very dangerous


Contango is the smartest man on the planet. If you don't believe me, just ask him. He'll tell you.


Yeah, his need to prove it to the people who comment on a local newspaper proves it.


Reads like you're the resident wannabe expert on "notorious serial killers," "sociopaths" and "psychopaths" Sherlock.

Watch more TV. :)


Why are you so concerned about what other people post here? Are you the administrator?

Honestly it reads like your a insecure wierdo trolling a local news papers comment sections.


Grateful writes:

"Why are you so concerned about what other people post here?"

Hum..better read your OWN "Sat, 05/04/2013 - 3:08pm" FIRST comments to me junior G-Man.

Watch MORE TV and remember to look under your bed for boogiemen. :)


Hah, the reply button is there for a reason,to reply to comments not to troll folks as you do.

The boogie man better be bullet proof ; )

Oh and as for your comment on this is a safe county, take a look at the local drug addicts and what they do or are you to busy trying to show faceless names on the local news paper that you can act like your smarter than them?

Trolls always lose credibility, therefore you have none to begin with.


You need to be reminded again that it was YOU who first attacked?

I've strolled the streets of Norwalk many evenings and nights and never once felt unsafe.

Enjoy being fearful little one; it's obviously what you do best.


Look up the word troll you may need to reference it as internet slang, and you will know why you have already failed at life.


Watch MORE TV; maybe you can expand your vocabulary beyond the term "troll." :)


But...but...I thought since we have a socialist president the whole world was burning? How could you feel safe?! Oh, maybe it's because the stock market hit yet another record high, and the deficit is way down...


betrump writes:

"But...but...I thought since we have a socialist president the whole world was burning? How could you feel safe?! Oh, maybe it's because the stock market hit yet another record high, and the deficit is way down..."

So according to you, Pres. Obama, the Mkt and the Fed deficit are all 'somehow' connected conspiratorially with the story of a lil' ol' dismembered rabbit found in a park located in Norwalk, OH?

WOW! Cue the intro to "The Twilight Zone":


Contango, its obvious your life if so empty and pathetic that you will just keep droning and trolling...once again, is why you fail at life.

Its funny watching the weak and simple minded twist in the wind.


@ Grateful:

Whatever hate-filled screed helps to make you feel better about yourself lil' buddy.

I noticed that it's a new "Criminal Minds" tonight! Maybe you can learn some more profiler lingo?

Have a fun day of bitchin'.


It's called 'mocking.' Perhaps you could find 5 or 6 books about it. So, a coyote bags up some innards in a ziploc, eh? Twilight Zone, indeed.


Hah, Contango = Troll

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Jealous, porch puppy????? You know under Obozo times are tuff, could have been someone merely field dressing his dinner.


at least it wasnt a much of needles. oh thats right they found them befor the easter egg hunt