Animal parts found strewn about McGuan Park

Animal's intestines found in small plastic bag.
Scott Seitz2
May 4, 2013


Norwalk police officers were called to McGuan Park on Wednesday afternoon after a concerned citizen reported a dismembered animal strewn about the playground area.

"A citizen called and said there was a dismembered animal (rabbit) at the park and the citizen said this was in poor taste, especially for a child to experience," Police Chief David Light said.

Light said parks and recreation employees also reported the animal.

"I sent an officer down and then gave the go-ahead if an animal was laying there and is dismembered to have that area cleaned up," the chief said.

Light said part of the animal's intestines were in a small plastic bag.

Presently, the case is closed.

"If it happens again, we will investigate," Light said. "I'm not sure if it was some sort of prank-type thing or maybe someone with a sick sense of humor.

"But again, the case is closed unless something else happens," he said.

"What kind of sick person would do that?" Light added. "That's a very distasteful and immature thing to do. I'm really glad the citizen called and reported it."

City personnel cleaned the area.


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Wait till the next time , maybe it will be your pet next time.


I click on most of these articles to read the comments :P
Very entertaining.

swiss family

I understand that many people hunt, and that most of them use the meat as a source of meals, but maybe we are making a mistake by glamorizing the killings, and putting the proud hunters pictures in the newspaper, especially as they display their dead, and most times bloody trophies. Kids imitate what they see and hear, so if they see all of the pride and honor displayed by the hunters, maybe they wonder what that feels like, and want to see for themselves