M'ville cheerleading prank was OK

Is the Monroeville cheerleading adviser witch hunt over, or is this only Chapter 2 in an ongoing novel? I thought newspapers printed news, not Access Hollywood nonsense. Get off this woman's back and stop being so dramatic. None of your precious daughters were injured or hurt in any way. I realize one girl was "really upset." I'm sure with several years of intensive therapy and some "happy pills," she should make a full recovery.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


Is the Monroeville cheerleading adviser witch hunt over, or is this only Chapter 2 in an ongoing novel? I thought newspapers printed news, not Access Hollywood nonsense.

Get off this woman's back and stop being so dramatic. None of your precious daughters were injured or hurt in any way. I realize one girl was "really upset." I'm sure with several years of intensive therapy and some "happy pills," she should make a full recovery.

Does anyone think if adviser Kreps would have stopped this prank, that another one would have not replaced it? Please. These girls wanted to pull a prank and nothing was going to stop them. It's tradition, and it should be. It's no different from the pranks and initiations that we had as kids. Did you ever listen to or tell campfire ghost stories? It's the same thing. And don't tell me "Oh things are different today." It sickens me to think of the power that we have given to a couple of trench-coated morons. Because of them, kids can't be kids and no one has a sense of humor anymore. It's pathetic. Almost as pathetic as your blog site, were a bunch of nameless, faceless and gutless people can say anything they want.

Derogatory and slanderous comments that are unproven. Last time I checked, that is illegal. I hope this young lady sues the pants off of you.

But on the plus side, when Monroeville plays St. Paul this year maybe you could send out some undercover reporters and they could catch adviser Kreps and coach Livengood having a beer in the parking lot. That's a Pulitzer Prize waiting to happen.

If this is all the Reflector can write about, you should think about publishing once a week. It would save a lot of trees. Lastly, would you please tell the staff when reporting on severe weather, there is no Mother Nature. There is Father God, you see. He controls the weather.

Danny P. Mundy Jr.



Maile Zinn (Ano...

I hardly feel there was a witch hunt. This adviser took the job as cheerleading adviser knowing that she was responsible for the well being of underage girls. Her maturity level was way under par and if I had a daughter that was traumatized by this prank I would be very upset. You Mr. Mundy have a lack of empathy apparently. I highly doubt if you had a relative or child that was hurt or killed by a sniper in a school shooting you would not take this matter so lightly.

This world is a scary place and whether we are giving “power to a couple of trench-coated morons” or not is not the issue. We cannot control the mentally ills actions. It is up to us to keep our children safe. I for one will not stand for such irresponsible adult role models for my children. My taxes pay this person’s wages. If she can’t handle being mature and responsible then she needs to go work at McDonalds where the only thing she will be traumatizing is French fries. You mention faceless and gutless people on the Reflector’s blog site. Ms. Kreps didn’t having any guts to stop a tasteless and potentially harmful prank? I don’t think you have to worry about Ms. Kreps suing anyone, however I can’t say the same for her worrying about being sued.

Mr. Mundy, if you have children, which I doubt, I truly worry for them.

Maile Zinn

just me (Anonymous)

I do agree that it was a witch hunt and will continue to be a witch hunt. Did you read the first article that came out when Ms Kreps took the position? Do you know all the ridiculous complaints these parents have come up with? This has been an ongoing issue since day 1 they just happen to find something that she truly made a bad judgment call on. I am so tired of hearing about how imature she is.. How many parents have had a child below the age of 18? ALOT! and many of them did just fine but you can't tell me that they were mature enough to have had that child that young? How many of us have made bad judgement calls or mistakes if you will? ALL OF US. If every mistake you had ever made was thrown in your face I am sure you would be embarressed. But it is okay to do it to Ms Kreps because well it isn't YOU. If this would have happened outside of Monroeville and not to people who were LOOKING for a reason to fault MS Kreps this issue would have never gotten this out of control. ( I am not saying it shouldn't have been address) But because it is a small town and a WITCH HUNT from the word go this is what it has turned into. I am sure ms zinn you have made your share of mistakes OH I am sorry the entire town of Monroeville is perfect and all have perfect kids... (NOT) You may really want to think about the skeltons in your closet before casting stones because before you know it all your dirty laundry will be aired for the world to read and comment on. This story needs to be dropped We all need to agree to disagree and let this girl learn from her mistakes and become a better person for it just like the rest of us have done.

Maile Zinn (Ano...

Frankly "Just Me" your rational is a bit twisted. I have NO CLUE who this woman is. I have NEVER met her, NEVER talked to her and have NOTHING personal against her. I am going by the facts in this problem SHE has created. We trust these people with our children. We pay these people's salaries and to be right to the point, her actions are not acceptable whether she is the most liked person in Monroeville or not. Please explain to me how the age the parents were at the time of their children's birth have anything to do with this?

So, "Just Me" your holier than thou attitude is not justified. I have made mistakes and if I made one that affected children I was supposed to be looking out for I would expect to have my butt handed to me. You think this needs to be dropped however, you don't hesitate to type out your opinion. By the way, yes, my children are perfect, as perfect as children can be.

Puhleeze. (Anon...

A frozen bra, panties on a flag pole, makeup smeared across a sleeping cheerleaders face...those are pranks. A "gunman" and a "code yellow" are inducing panic. Saying this is no big deal is like telling the seniors at highschool that an acceptable prank to their underclassmen would be crying wolf about a gunman at school. They surely would be kicked out, have a criminal record, and face the same ridicule as Kreps is now facing. You make a mistake you pay for it. Maybe regret will keep it from happening again.

Oh, and just me...if Monroeville's parents are so terrible, please tell you have a much better town you live in. It would be so dreadful for you to be surrounded by perfect parents and children. Monroeville has WONDERFUL families.

no name (Anonymous)

This has to be the truely saddest thing I have ever read. Really folks mind your own business and let the school handle Mrs Kreps and the other girls that were involved. And as for the reflector you must have some pretty poor reporters working for you id this is all you can come up with.

Christian woman...

I don't know how many of you folks are CHristians but by the looks of it not many. Since when are we given the right to Judge? There is only one Judge and he is not on this earth. I have a feeling that forgivness is not in the nature of anyone who can sit and humilate families and children. You all should be very ashamed of yourselfs.You say that that Ms Kreps hurt children what do you think teaching them anger and resentment does to them? I think everyone has hurt Ms Kreps and her family enough as well as the senior cheerleaders. The Norwalk Reflector should be asshamed of themselves for allow this to continue. In defense of "just me", I don't believe they ever stated that their town was perfect or even that the parents were perfect only that yours isn't either. I also don't believe that they argreed with the prank in anyway. They only state that the "With Hunt" needs to end and folks need to move on. "Resentment" can be a very terrible thing to consume your life with. Forgiveness on the other hand will allow all parties involved move forward.

What kind of ex...

Nothing I have read regarding this editorial points to resentment. But, how are we to teach our children about consequences to poor choices when something like this is swept under the rug?

It *IS* our business. Our children may someday be under the care of this advisor and we should be able to voice our opinions about it.

Christian woman, this has nothing to do with religion. Sounds like you are the one judging.

To No Name: (An...

When I posted my messages on this PUBLIC site, I did it in response to an editorial in the newspaper. Editorials are debatable subjects most of the time and that is the purpose of my post. I have the right to voice my opinion just as you do yours. You had no problem popping on here and typing out your response. I stated my opinion and that is that. I believe so strongly in my opinion that I used my name. MY REAL NAME. As for the other responses...sad, so sad. It is my business. This school takes my taxes, pays their teachers with it, and I should feel that my children are in good hands. If I don't then that is MY business. I do not resent anyone. I don't know this lady. I just feel that those who are defending her so vehemently need to look at the other sides opinions. They have a reason to be upset and their feelings don't need to be disregarded.

Maile Zinn

Just me (Anonymous)

The point in the young mother comment was that I am sure many of them made some bad judgment calls in raising their children. Example: They were drinking , leaving their kids with their parents, doing unmentionable things, screaming at their children, spacking them when they really didn't need to be, hanging out with their buddies when they should have been at home raising their children and so many worse things. These are things that could potentionally cause some damage to their children for the rest of their lives but I don't see a news paper article about that or even people smearing their names.(Because they don't get reported to the news paper) OH and twisted would be someone who thinks that it is okay to continue to humilate another human being. The cheer ohio group (Not Ms Kreps)were the particpators in the prank but ummmmmm don't see anyone commenting on that side of it. I bet everyone one of those girls will go back to that camp. Ms Kreps knew of the prank, yes, and should the school have disciplined her for that, you bet, but to continue to insult her, make comments about her ability to be a good person or mother and only her is just TWISTED. Maybe if you knew one thing about her and her life you might come to find out she is a pretty great person but you can't get past the hate long enough to do that.

Maile Zinn (Ano...

Let me make myself more clear. EVERYONE involved in the prank was WRONG. Nowhere did I say Ms. Kreps was a bad person. But, she was irresponsible and correct me if I am wrong, but isn't inducing panic a crime? As far as your comment about young mothers and their mistakes...their mistakes are THEIRS. Those mistakes are not the issue. Those mistakes did not affect other people's children. They were not being paid to take care of other people's children. If Ms. Kreps is being humiliated, it surely isn't by me, it is by her actions. I do agree however that all parties involved need to be equally publicized.

By the way, I don't recall hating Ms. Kreps. Please show me where I said that. I am sure she is a very nice person, just not the best professionally.

Just me (Anonymous)

I have to say that nowhere in any of my responses did I say I agreed with the prank or that I was defending cheer Ohio for doing the prank or Ms Kreps for knowing of the prank. It was not cool, however, I think that insulting a young woman that no one knows anything about is also wrong. The prank was not her idea she knew of the prank,yes, but yet most of the comments placed on this site make it seem as if she intentially try to cause harm to these girls and if everyone would actually look at the facts Ms kreps had knowledge of it and did not participate. With that said Ms Zinn, I am not saying that you don't have a right to be upset only that you don't need to insult Ms Kreps or anyone else's opinions of the facts.

ummm (Anonymous)

Just me: If you're in the position of being "in charge" of a group of minors and allow them to induce panic (which is a crime) then you intentially allowed them to harm another person. Wether you physically participated in the prank makes no difference. You were the one in charge, you knew what their intentions were and you allowed it to happen, guilty. Here's an example, when your child leaves for a school function and they tell you they plan on yelling "there's a crazed person in the building with a gun" for a prank, you don't think you're responsible? You left that child leave your house knowing exactly what they had planned and since you weren't physically there, you shouldn't be held liable? If parents aren't required to look after their children, who is? Heck, in the bigger cities they've started to fine and lock up children's parents when they skip school.

swiss family......

.... to Malie Zinn.. you are 100% correct in everything that you have said .. and i am glad that someone has been on here with the voice of reason , but , please don't waste your time or energy trying to argue with 'JUST ME" she is obviously not too bright , and keeps twisting things around like a third grader !! it's just not worth it !!!she must have been on the O.J. JURY AS WELL , YOU KNOW .. THE OLD ROUTINE THAT EVERYONE HAS MADE MISTAKES, and they don't have any video proof of this persons mistake , and it's not fair to judge anyone for their mistakes , because we have all made mistakes and none of us are perfect either !!! well, heck , why don't we just close down the prison's and jail's as well , because those people have made mistakes too , just like we all have , right , "just me?".. what a moron !!!

swiss family (A...

forgot to mention that I'm mental. dee dee dee

feeble-minded s...

Moron was defined by the American Association for the Study of the Feeble-minded in 1910, following work by Henry H. Goddard, as the term for an adult with a mental age between eight and twelve; mild mental retardation is now the term for this condition. Alternative definitions of these terms based on IQ were also used. This group was known in UK law from 1911 to 1959/60 as "feeble-minded."

To Feeble-minde...

If we are going to play dictionary here, I am sure we could come up with some terms to describe you. But, since that isn't what this is about I will refrain.

EMANON...that i...


stop it (Anonymous)

Knock it off ok none you were there. I am a Monroeville cheerleader and while you are entitled to your opinion I am also entitled to mine and here is what i am going to say ....THIS IS OLD get a life parents who are spending all their time commenting....why dont you take some time to play with your children go have a picnic dont waste all of your energy commenting here it is a waste of time.

hey stop it... ...

it was old news- nobody left a comment in 5 days till you did. Let it go, concentrate on your studies, dear.

yo... (Anonymous)

I am a Monroeville cheerleader spending all their time commenting. why dont you take some time to play with a Monroeville cheerleader. commenting here it is a picnic.