Local man, on the run for months, arrested in Detroit

Randy Ruff and another Willard-area resident caught removing tires from stolen vehicle, authorities say.
Scott Seitz
May 3, 2013


A local man, who has been on the run from the law for several months, was arrested Monday night in Detroit.

Randy Ruff, 40, most recently of the Willard area, was taken into custody by U.S. Border Patrol officers after allegedly attempting to remove tires from a stolen vehicle, according to Huron County Sheriff's Detective Bill Duncan.

Duncan said Ruff was booked at Detroit's 2nd Precinct.

Ruff was wanted on three local warrants for theft of a vehicle.

"When Ruff was arrested he gave the name, 'Robert Moseley,'" Duncan said. "But when he was fingerprinted, the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) connected him to our warrants."

Duncan said Huron County has a holder placed on Ruff so if he would be released on bond in Detroit, he would then be turned over to local deputies.

Either local deputies or companies which specialize in transporting prisoners will pick Ruff up once he's finished with his charges in Detroit.

"He was arrested without incident," Duncan said, adding authorities were prepared for anything.

"He is a dangerous person," he added.

Also arrested Monday in Detroit was Niver Road, Willard, resident Kipling Duncan, 24.

Kipling Duncan, along with Detroit resident Luke Reardon, are facing charges involving removing tires from the stolen vehicle.

"Kipling Duncan is actually facing the stolen vehicle charge in Detroit," Bill Duncan said.

"Luke Reardon has no local connection that we know of," he added.

Ruff had been on the run since he failed to appear for his local court appearance, according to Duncan.

"He skipped bond," he said.

"We worked with the Border Patrol, U.S. Marshal's Service and Detroit Police Department in trying to locate Ruff," Duncan said.


enough of the bs

Say it ain't so... They must have been misunderstood, they are not bad guys and would surely never STEAL anything!!! Wonder how long before they are out on bond again?


The Detroit jails arnt no place for little skip Duncan or randy ruff. Bubba gunna touch your soul boy.


Put them both away for a long time. Duncan is nothing but a thief. Well known in Willard. They may be safer in the long run. Many people have their CCW permits now and it's people like these two that make you NEED to have one!! We're tired of people stealing our belongings that we've worked hard for and paid for.