Man faces two sex charges in Huron County

Judge warns defendant not to have any association with female victim, including phone calls, Internet messages or texts.
Cary Ashby
Apr 30, 2013


A former Bellevue man facing two sex-related felonies is prohibited from having any association with the female victim.

Rudolph Perez, 47, now of Rocky Ridge, is charged with one count each of sexual battery and domestic violence, both in connection with a Dec. 15 incident. If convicted of sexual battery, he would be classified as a Tier III sex offender.

Judge Jim Conway warned Perez that the no-contact order includes no phone calls, Internet messages or texts and not using a third person to contact the suspected victim.

Perez earlier posted 10 percent of a $20,000 bond.

His Huron County Common Pleas Court trial is scheduled for July 9.


swiss family

so if I am understanding this right.. we have someone who is charged with 2 felony sex crimes, and all he had to do was to come up with $2,000 and he is free to go until July? I am sure that he will stay away and I am sure he will not commit any more crimes, especially being turned lose on an unsuspecting city...

Come on... where is the justice, where are our leaders protecting our community??/ I understand that as the years pass, crime usually increases.. but until a few short years ago, Heroin was an uncommon crime here.. robberies especially at gun point, almost unheard of..trying to beat someone to death with whatever object you bring with you was pretty rare... I hope that when it comes to retirement for Judge Conway, and Russ Leffler, they can proudly look at their records and take a lot of pride in the jobs they have done, and the losses that have been bestowed on their neighbors because of their Plea bargaining every serious crime down to something much less.

I hope that they will be able to hold their heads up when they reminisce about the effect they had on the community , and say that during their "reign" the "poop hit the putter" and they did nothing to try to stop it. I do NOT see the increase in a total disregard for the law under Judge Cardwells cases.. I do not even see much of an increase in the intensity of the crimes committed in Judge Ridges court... so I can't say that it is crime and it is increasing at an alarming rate everywhere... it is increasing everywhere, that is life.. BUT I only see it multiplying over and over again almost daily in Judge Conway s court, the criminals have even become so bold that they smirk for their mug shots, they know they will be slapped ans scolded, and set free , no matter what crime they are before Judge Conway for....... I seriously hope you can hold your head up, Judge, and Prosecutor, as you walk among your neighbors and friends, you know, the ones that you are paid by, to make sure that you do everything to control crimes... not increase crimes. Oh and don't feel any responsibility when some criminal, like this sexual criminal abuses and rapes more girl's between now and July, after all you are just doing your "Job"....................poorly in my opinion..


its me again Margaret! hee hee heeee..


Can they just deport him??


So tell me what part of this article said he was an illegal? Or is every Hispanic in Huron from Mexico?


PITAFULL !!!!!!!