Assault at American Legion Club leads to grand jury indictment

Man and stepson taken to hospital after fight; felonious assault suspect released on bond.
Cary Ashby
Apr 29, 2013


An assault at the American Legion Club in New London has led to a grand jury indictment.

Ronald D. Ohm, 37, of 160B Williams St., New London, was charged with felonious assault in connection with a March 29 incident.

He was one of 14 people indicted Friday by a Huron County grand jury.

New London police investigated the case in which there were two victims, but one of them declined to pursue prosecution. The older man, a 57-year-old New London Township resident, went to Fisher-Titus Medical Center with various injuries after an assault at the American Legion Club.

"He sustained a broken right collarbone, a broken right shoulder and a broken left lower leg," Sgt. Joe Hicks said earlier. "The younger victim refused treatment (at the hospital)."

The two victims were arguing when Ohm "intervened for some reason" and reportedly pushed the older man, police said.



I'll take that grin off your face boy


I'm sure he'd take that challenge. So who broke the dads bones? The son or the defendant? Sound like he was trying to break it up and got in the mix.


you are 100% right. He was trying to help & the only one arrested.


So it looks like he saved the dads butt from more broken bones and the dad was great full enough not to press charges. This guy lays the smack down on his son for beating his father and he wants to press charges.


Have any of you even read the story? The guy was charged with felonious assault. A felony. You don`t end up the only one charged with an assault felony when you are breaking up a fight. Ohm was probably already drunk and itching to fight and saw a chance to beat up and stomp an old guy.


Thats right, just make sure you jump to conclusions. Unless you were there, don't assume you know.


ive known Ronnie for a few yrs, and he doesn't just go beat people up for no reason, he has always tried to break up fights. He is a good guy. He is one that will give you the shirt off his back. This is sad that this has happened.. I feel so bad for his family and friends that know that he is a good guy this was one fight that he should have stayed out of apparently.. keep the faith Ronnie