Norwalk cop being investigated for alleged abuse of girlfriend

Alleged victim is a local corrections officer.
Cary Ashby
Apr 29, 2013


A Norwalk police sergeant is being investigated in connection with giving his girlfriend, a local corrections officer, a black eye.

Richland County Sheriff's Capt. Eric Bosko opened the investigation Friday because the suspected incident happened in his jurisdiction.

"We've done the interviews. We're in the initial stages," said Bosko, who declined to say what's left do with his investigation.

Once the probe is completed, Bosko will forward his findings to the Mansfield law director for review. He said prosecutors there will determine if there is probable cause to pursue criminal charges.

"I've already been in touch with them," said Bosko, the head of the Richland County criminal division.

The sergeant, who isn't being named because he hasn't been charged, declined to comment. He referred further questions to Chief Dave Light or Capt. Mike Conney. Both men couldn't be reached for comment Sunday.

The Huron County Sheriff's Office uncovered the abuse allegations when Deputy John Vogel responded to an unruly juvenile complaint at the corrections officer's home April 13.

"One of our deputies responded to a disturbance call -- on an unruly juvenile complaint. She lives in the eastern end of the county," Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said. "Her daughter was just being unruly."

Vogel noticed the woman had a black eye, he said.

"It appeared to be a week old. ... The other eye looked like it was about to turn black," Patrick said.

"She didn't want to comment on it," he added. "The daughter stepped up and she said (her mother) got hit by a Norwalk officer she's dating."

Upon returning from the call, Vogel reported what he saw to his commanding officers.

The woman returned from sick leave April 16 after being off work for about a week. Patrick said Lt. Chris Stanfield, the woman's supervisor, asked her if her sick leave was related to having a black eye.

"When he asked her about the black eye, she said she was assaulted by (the Norwalk officer)," Patrick said.

"We contacted Chief Light right away," he said. "We let him know there was this allegation."

The woman is back at work. The suspect remains on active duty.



Oh I get it...when it's a police officer being investigated for something the Norwalk Reflector won't print the name. But when it's the average Joe (even when the person is a minor or innocent) the paper, without knowing if they are correct or not, will print and slander the name of whomever. As in the words of Gomer Pyle, "looks like there are two sets of laws, one for the police and one for the ordinary citizen". I will say that I am proud of Deputy Vogel for doing the right thing and not trying to cover this up. Too many times when things like this happen the shield and police brotherhood will get in the way of good judgement and cause cover ups. I'm glad to see someone with integrity puts on a uniform in this county. I hope Mr. Ashby does a follow up story and prints the officer's name along with posting his picture. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.


They don't release names when charges haven't been filed. See the following from a couple days ago:

It's just more ...

It's called Journalistic Integrity - something lacking at another area newspaper in Sandusky - which is strange since I hear both papers are owned by the same company

former local

Pretty sure I remember them releasing the Norwalk teacher's name before she was charged.


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I agree.


Now let's not forget...the Sergeant has NOT been charged with anything "yet"!! If it was ANYONE else who hit their girlfriend and they found out about it by gosh that person would have been charged and arrested by now... It just depends who you are these days!!

Good 2 B Me

100% Agreed. If you or I did it, they would arrest and charge and THEN ask questions.


Agreed. How can people be so sure it was the cop that did this? Afterall, they were called to the house on an unruly juvenile complaint. When the cops got there, it was the child who made the accusations. How do we know mom isn't just covering for the child because she had second thoughts about calling the PD on her? It is possible the child did it, and this is just a made up story in order to keep the child out of jail.


I agree the average Joe would have been charged with Domestic Violence and hauled away to jail and then in court would have to prove that he didn't do it.
Double Standard.

OSU 2008

He was defending himself. Yea right.

Game time

This is just what Norwalk needs, a cop carrying a gun that likes to beat on women. My question is how in the hell is this cop not on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation? Sounds a little bizarre to me.....anyone else?


Kinda queer in, how you comment on this story, what with all the intimate knowledge you have of the situation !


Probably because there is enough evidence to show that this story was concocted by the unruly child and her mother in order to keep little princess out of the pokey.


C'mon all you Reflector detectives...not hard to figure out who! Only a handful of Sergeants listed on the NPD website. From there any average joe could tell!

Estrella Damm

We know which one of the sergeants has a history of violence and likes get rough during arrests. This might be Karma.


I MUST SAY YOUR RIGHT ON THAT 1 ! anyone else would have had a picture on the front page with a big headline, but the police won't cause it's one of their own ! be it you or me bet your back side the state pick it up ! hope karma kicks him where god split him !!


Process of elimination....


Background check??? Sorry, wrong city employee....


Work wonder if hes being accuse of child molest they can't get the drugs under control but they can the women like everything else in this town its who you? ???


What exactly did you say? How about trying again in english with correct (somewhat) spelling and maybe some punctuation...just saying if I could understand it I may agree with you.


I placed a calling for drug investigation my call was never returned


I guessvi wasntbreally expecting thatcall back its not important


But u can go to prom with a 18 yr old. If shes even 18


They won't put him in jail they r afraid someone in there will give him what he deserves


Let's say you are a loser and hit women. If she calls the cops, your loser ass is going to jail. I guarantee if I hit a cop, they beat the crap out of me with night sticks!
WHY IS THE SERGENT ANY DIFFERENT? Nice double standard. Want to clean up your community? Start with the people that are supposed to be protecting it. Send a message and fire this clown ASAP. Let the public know you are serious about crime, and high on integrity. And she is a CORRECTIONS OFFICER!!! This is assult of a public official. Where is the police union on this one? For or against women?
If you are driving though Norwalk and are stopped for speeding, rolling stop, or other minor traffic violation, ask the officer if he's the one that punches women in the face.

Yall Make Me Sick

NR is getting so good that they can print tomorrow's news today..... Today is the 29th BUT the date under the headlines reads... April 30th.... Not really anything to do with story I just noticed it.


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Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal information.


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