Norwalk cop being investigated for alleged abuse of girlfriend

Alleged victim is a local corrections officer.
Cary Ashby
Apr 29, 2013


A Norwalk police sergeant is being investigated in connection with giving his girlfriend, a local corrections officer, a black eye.

Richland County Sheriff's Capt. Eric Bosko opened the investigation Friday because the suspected incident happened in his jurisdiction.

"We've done the interviews. We're in the initial stages," said Bosko, who declined to say what's left do with his investigation.

Once the probe is completed, Bosko will forward his findings to the Mansfield law director for review. He said prosecutors there will determine if there is probable cause to pursue criminal charges.

"I've already been in touch with them," said Bosko, the head of the Richland County criminal division.

The sergeant, who isn't being named because he hasn't been charged, declined to comment. He referred further questions to Chief Dave Light or Capt. Mike Conney. Both men couldn't be reached for comment Sunday.

The Huron County Sheriff's Office uncovered the abuse allegations when Deputy John Vogel responded to an unruly juvenile complaint at the corrections officer's home April 13.

"One of our deputies responded to a disturbance call -- on an unruly juvenile complaint. She lives in the eastern end of the county," Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said. "Her daughter was just being unruly."

Vogel noticed the woman had a black eye, he said.

"It appeared to be a week old. ... The other eye looked like it was about to turn black," Patrick said.

"She didn't want to comment on it," he added. "The daughter stepped up and she said (her mother) got hit by a Norwalk officer she's dating."

Upon returning from the call, Vogel reported what he saw to his commanding officers.

The woman returned from sick leave April 16 after being off work for about a week. Patrick said Lt. Chris Stanfield, the woman's supervisor, asked her if her sick leave was related to having a black eye.

"When he asked her about the black eye, she said she was assaulted by (the Norwalk officer)," Patrick said.

"We contacted Chief Light right away," he said. "We let him know there was this allegation."

The woman is back at work. The suspect remains on active duty.






Sitting In The ...

Wow that's amazing you shared no evidence to back-up your claim, you must of thought people would know you're serious by the use of ALL CAPS.....


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


That's really a matter if opinion Topgun01. Personally I always thought he was a terrible officer, and am surprised he has even made it to Sgt. Always has an attitude, in uniform or out. About this case, he hasnt been charged with anything yet, but this whole thing comes at no surprise.


you suck!!


I find it very discriminatory on the Norwalk Reflectors part that moderators can remove all my comments that are negative towards the "alleged" victim in this case but they leave all the name calling "Sgt Fatty", job performance questioning, psychiatric evaluating comments concerning the uncharged and unconvicted cop in questions comments up


It is indeed interesting....


Theres 2 sides to every story so dont be so quick to judge. If this is the officer who I think it is, he has done alot for our community to keep drugs off the streets. And all the people on here bashing him....Im just wondering how many of them do drugs or something illegal....what else gives u such a reason to hate on law enforcement!? Ppl talkin about him stabbin someone with a pencil in school....really??? Most of us have grown up and changed alot since school days! Im sure you are all perfect tho, right?


Very well said and I totally agree. Im shocked at the negative, insulting comments towards law enforcement. And I also agree that there are way too many people on here with "personal" experiences with this sgt...and Im sure it wasnt under the best circumstances...but thats no excuse! Grow up!

free and clean 2 yrs

hey.. all i was saying about that. is that he has had a rude arrogant temper all his life. they say if people kill animals as a child they grow up to be serial killers.. well if people stab other people with objects as a teenager.. they will probably have anger issues as in BEATING THEIR GIRLFRIEND.. just saying.


Whos "they"? And Im very doubtful that you or anyone else can predict what a person will become as an adult based on some petty childhood actions.

free and clean 2 yrs

walks like a duck acts like a duck most likely will still be a duck when it gets older!

free and clean 2 yrs

and what is so shocking that "sgt fatty" would have a bad temper after bein a @$$ his whole life... he proved my point. still a @$$


Your very immature arent you? Hmm if I was to be as judgemental as you I would have to guess that your "free and clean 2 years" user name might be pertaining to a prior drug addiction problem? So maybe you were once a drug addict and he has arrested you in the past and now you hate him! That HAS to be it right?? oh doesnt feel good to be judged and accused does it?

free and clean 2 yrs

he did arrest me but i have also thanked him since then. < That doesnt mean he is a nice guy. I honestly dont believe it was the cops at hand that "arrested" me. i truly believe that a higher power saved me from the life i was living and wanted something bigger and better for me. im not mad at the "snitch" or the police for doing their job. they saved my life. but i will say whole heartedly "sgt fatty" has some serious anger issues and a short a temper!!

free and clean 2 yrs

Fulton has always been the voice of reason and a nice guy during the investigation. even though i did not give up information. he still remained a nice even tempered man. "sgt Fatty" on the other hand pushes his weight around like a big ol' @$$ just because hes a cop. he was rude to my mother who is an up standing citizen for no reason. he has a personal vendetta against people. anyone... if he feels he's losing or someone has a one up he turns into a cry baby sore loser that pushes his badge around to get what he wants.


if this was any other person besides a cop they would have already been arrested for this even if they said they did not do it....but i guess cops r above the law in this case.


Sgt fatty :) he is an arrogant a$$hole! holds vendettas! I had an Sgt who retired recently ask me once why no one seemed to like him. hmmm that's interesting??? Don't print the names of those who are just accused... BS! why isn't he suspended??? guilty or. not he should be suspended! Dave your a good guy know you my whole life just about much respect! I truly hope you do the right thing here! if this was an average joe there would be comments from npd galore and names slandered everywhere! if your "trying to save his career " this story should have never been posted! please do what's right npd don't cover this up to! I have respect for the officers of the npd but ask the majority of norwalk criminal or not I know most would say sgt fatty has an anger problem!

yogi bear

"ask the majority of norwalk criminal or not I know most would say sgt fatty has an anger problem!" I wonder why the majority of Norwalk criminals would say that?? Maybe because they are angry he did his job and arrested them??


obviously you don't read very well do you? that's why it says criminal or not! there are many norwalk residents who are not criminals who do not care for this man! seriously? oh and I bet you're just the upstanding citizen huh?


( If this is the same guy) Hey doc 57 maybe if you'd been over there you'd act & talk different...wait are you like most that never left this county? You must be a fireman.


kURTje, and what county would that be? Me a fireman, lol. You apparently don't know what you are talking about, and obviously know nothing about me.


Read the article in Today's paper TwinMomma2012. It might change your opinion about this whole thing, whether you like "Sgt. Fatty" or not.


what article?


Excellent! Validates what my wisdom taught. My friend knows about wasted tax dollars. You non- Marine. Factors into small minded people who never fully experienced 360degress of life. Firemen help hold another guy's big hose.

all fact or all...

WOW I'm almost speechless Nukie had hundreds of post when it was people are saying racist..NO it was right first time put him away Judge..some might ask why I'm posting this under the dirty cop page JUST THAT headlines I was sick to read nuckies mess but EVEN MORE bleep bleep bleep about the cop with in hours nuckie was headlines in police blotter yet this cop still walks and works might I add with a GUN yet no police blotter MANY MANY times I have read Domestic violence in the paper some with names some with address I'm pretty sure he's over 18 which means he can have his name don't even have to get the paper they intentionally put ALL THE BLOTTERS IN Mondays paper so EVERYONE can read it in the total Tues paper...WHY NOT PUT HIS NAME IN THE PAPER why hide if you did nothing wrong MR. OFFICER we should not have to put 2 and 2 together to figure the puzzle out we should be able to read It just like everyone else..the police had no problem listing 18 people arrested for drugs(pt 1 of 2)

all fact or all...

yet not a PEEP ..about one of there own ..well I'll say one thing the police protect and serve all right THERE OWN my opinion I would love to see this cop and nuckie share a cell for a far as officer conney overseeing this...NOW THAT'S NOT A FAIR TRIAL like the Military they are all brothers and watch out for there own...this trial should be moved or bring in another Judge who's not associated with one of there own..just like chief light said I don't think he will be in any trouble..he's right because it would SURPRISE ME MORE!!!!!!! if he DID get in trouble...smack on the hand with a no no bad boy and back on the street arresting people for doing the same thing he's accused of...NOW that's one police report I would love to read

all fact or all...

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I just wanted to say I whole heartily agree! oh and don't forget theses are the officers who expect respect from the citizens of Norwalk and we are to look up to them as examples of a "good citizen" and yet this man continues to work and you don't know if he is guilty or not! Shame on you Norwalk!