Police officer found unconscious, attackers sought

38-year-old officer hit the emergency call button on his radio before he was knocked unconscious.
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Apr 26, 2013


Genoa Township police found a fellow officer unconscious after an attack near a boat storage yard early Thursday morning, and now they are looking for answers.

The officer, Greg Yurkovich, stopped at a storage yard on Sunbury Road about 5:30 a.m. to investigate a suspicious vehicle, said Sgt. Rich Lyon, a spokesman for the Genoa Township Police Department.

When the officer got out of his car, Lyon said, two men attacked him.

Lyon said the officer, who is 38, hit the emergency call button on his radio before he was knocked unconscious. When officers arrived at the scene, the two men were gone.

Yurkovich was taken to Grant Medical Center in Columbus, and has a concussion, but is expected recover fully, Lyon said.

Yurkovich described one of his attackers as being between 6 feet, 1 inch and 6 feet, 4 inches tall, and weighing about 300 pounds. The man was white, had a beard and a buzz cut and was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt. The other man was also white and wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt, but had a smaller frame, Lyons said. They were driving a white work van with temporary tags.


By Laura Arenschield - The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio (MCT)

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I have to laugh... of course it had to be a big BIG attacker. 6'plus 300lb??? ok. your story officer


Lol got love this should've called for back up before he got out wonder which one hit him the little one or big one. Or bought so man pants before crusading dark areas


Hope he is O.K.


Well ya gotta give the officer a little break.. That is even why as Marines we had to watch walking in alleys in foreign countries.. Ya might be tough one on one, but someone jumps ya from behind? Not like your a ninja in the movies.. But the oversize man story.haa. It's always a BIGGER guy got me story..