Woman's bond revoked for positive drug test

Police: Suspect swallowed balloons of black tar heroin during traffic stop.
Cary Ashby
Apr 25, 2013


A Monroeville woman who swallowed heroin during a Wakeman traffic stop had her bond revoked Wednesday.

Carol L. Schaffer, 51, of 5321 N. Ohio 99, was in Huron County Common Pleas Court for her sentencing hearing. Before the proceedings started, her probation officer had her submit to a random drug screen.

"She tested positive for both cocaine and marijuana," Judge Jim Conway said.

Schaffer denied the allegation by Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff that she hadn't been making herself available to the probation department for drug tests.

"I've been clean since Nov. 1. This is the first time I've made a mistake," she told the court.

Also Wednesday, Schaffer was served with a new indictment, one count of trafficking in heroin. Since she has a prior felony conviction, she faces six to 12 months in prison in connection with the Nov. 27 controlled drug purchase coordinated by the Norwalk Police Department.

Schaffer was in court Wednesday to face sentencing for an amended charge of attempted tampering with evidence. She was one of three occupants in a Dodge Durango, which was stopped June 2 for a stop sign and multiple equipment violations. The traffic stop happened at the intersection of South River Street and Ohio 303.

Wakeman police seized drug paraphernalia, multiple syringes, aluminum foil and a cooking spoon from the sport utility vehicle. Authorities have said one of the three women said they had bought some heroin and each occupant "pointed to the other women" when officers asked if any of them had swallowed the drugs -- a total of 25 balloons of black tar heroin. The drugs had an estimated street value of $900.

The three women were taken to the Fisher-Titus Medical Center emergency room for treatment. Schaffer later passed some heroin.

"There were over 60 hits of black tar inside these balloons," Chief Tim Hunker said soon afterward. "They were coming from Cleveland and stopped at a local store and bought some syringes."

Due to the new charge, Conway rescheduled Schaffer's sentencing date for May 5. The court didn't set a trial date for the suspected trafficking offense.


Mime Bloggling

So sad the effects of a drug addiction. There's hope though.



Anyone remember how the epidemic stopped in the 60's early '70's? Yap...they pretty much died off. Maybe bad to say, but it will be 10 years before things taper off. The generation doing it now will have to die off some and the next generation will have to see how screwed up the drug is. Hope everyone in for the ride. What a long, strange trip it will be!

believe it

She looks good!!!


Surprise surprise surprise!

hit the road jack

She looks like she's high from last summer yet,damn girl,slow down or you'll be the morticians next customer!

Sitting In The ...

Congrats you're a 51 year old junkie..... You and people like you absolutely disgust me and I seriously wish we could rid our society of people like you permanently.


I don't know what has happened to you in your life that you harbor such hatred towards addicts but to wish them dead.... You should seek psychiatric help. I was an addict for 6 years and have been sober for 17 years. It;s not something I'm proud of but it has taught me many lessons. Although I hate what has happened to our community and in particular the younger generation because of the opiate addicts committing crimes to support their habits, I would never in my life wish anyone death. There are solutions to addictions but unfortunately our state doesn't recognize the damage being done. And last but not least, there is ALWAYS the chance for sobriety-ALWAYS. I also get tired of reading the paper and seeing stories of robberies and other crimes but I look at these people with sympathy and compassion not hatred. I don't condone their actions- far from it but sometimes I really don't understand why so many of you are so full of hatred. and the only solutions that are offered is being incarcerated for life or death. That's incomprehensible to me. And you call yourselves Christian?






Well said Happy, and kudos on those 17 years.

Sitting In The ...

I'm sorry I would think the person who thought trying heroin a great idea would need psychological help. Listen to me carefully people who abuse Heroin aren't victims, the people who have their belongings stolen so people like yourself can get a fix are the true victims. Did you just wake up one day addicted to Heroin? No you CHOSE to do it but now society should coddle and baby the addicts because there stupid. Christian...Sorry I'm an Atheist..it's okay just Goggle it....I wouldn't expect an ex-heroin addict to know what it is. As always this is just my opinion....Back to Sitting In The Shadows.

tell it how it is

I think I'm going to save this picture so that when my son gets older I can show it to him and say "Don't do drugs! You just might look like this!"
I think it'd scare any kid away from them.


You took my comment! LOL


If you really want to scare him, tell him this is only type of gal he'll be able to hook up with if he turns to dope. That should do it.

Sitting In The ...

Maybe even a poster board he wakes up one day with it hanging on the wall AAAHHHH WHAT IS THAT .....


what does religion have to do with this...everytime someone says something someone does not like, you always say "and you call yourselves Christian"... she was "sober" "not using" since last november... why start back up..also @happyfeet64... if you do not like what the paper says...stop reading it if your tired of reading things such as this... have a great night!


I don't pull the Christian comment out like most of you do- you have me confused with someone else. As for getting tired of reading the crap alot of you say.... I could say something back at all of you- if you don't like how your community is then do something about it instead of complaining all the time. A lesson my parents taught me- actions speak louder than words! You are the ones who ignored the problem for so long and did nothing about it until it got so out of control!

Sitting In The ...

Hey HappyFeet did your parents skip the chapter about heroin?

Sitting In The ...

Thanks BlueAngel my thoughts exactly...also judging by what they say before it are you really surprised anymore? hahaha


where's Pat her husband?


Pat, her husband, is seriously ill after brain surgery several months ago. It now falls on their children to take care of him. I hope some of the posters here realize that some of Pat's grandchildren are old enough to read. It would be nice if those grandchildren could be spared all the nasty remarks about their grandmother's appearance.

Gordon Gekko

I think they meant 151 not 51




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No hope for this lady....at 51 and still hooked....she will be lucky to see 60. Lets just face it people, you can only help those that want helped.....and she doesn't. The only time these repeat offenders want help is when they get caught, to avoid a long jail sentence.


Will be someone I know...using social security pay for her habit! Sad, really is. Damn if ya do, damn if ya don't. Tax payers pay for rehab, attorneys, and her habit.