Councilman likes park projects, but questions funding source

Norwalk administration proposes projects at aquatic center, reservoir and Sofios Park.
Scott Seitz2
Apr 25, 2013


Norwalk City Councilman Chris Mushett voiced concerns at Tuesday night's meeting about the city administration's proposal to spend funds from the park land acquisition and physical improvement fund on various park-related items.

The items included an ultraviolet light for the aquatic center, repairs on the shelter house at the reservoir and concrete for the walkway between the Deerfield subdivision and Sofios Park. The cost of the projects is about $9,200.

Mushett said during the meeting he feels all the projects are needed, but wasn't totally sold on using the park land acquisition and physical improvement fund to pay the bill.

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The money for the aquatic center wasn't it from the same fund that the new fire rescue truck came from?

Cliff Cannon

Two decades and counting of asking great questions. Thanks Chris for your dedication to our great city.


The bath house will be needing no federal funds of any is slated to be open in the spring of 2014.