Norwalk woman punched in face while pumping gas

Woman, whose face was covered with blood, sent to hospital; Police say there is "no connection between the victim and the offender."
Cary Ashby
Apr 24, 2013


A Norwalk woman went to the hospital after a male suspect who was acting bizarrely punched her in the face while she was pumping gas Monday.

The suspect, a 22-year-old Wakeman Township man, got out of a sport utility vehicle (SUV) at the BP Friendship gas station, 64 E. Main St., Wakeman. The two other male subjects who were in the SUV earlier went into the store to buy some cigarettes.

Wakeman Police Chief Tim Hunker said the suspect got out of the SUV through the sun roof, breaking it in the process, and then fell off the vehicle. He said the man went on the top of another vehicle and walked on the roof before jumping off.

Then, the suspect hit a 43-year-old Norwalk woman in the face while she was pumping gas, police said. The man isn't being named because he hadn't been charged as of press time.

"There is no connection between the victim and the offender. They're not related or anything," Hunker said.

"He punched her with a closed fist a few times. She didn't know how many times he hit her," the chief said. "Her face was covered with blood.

"He was tackled by customers and held down until police arrived just a few minutes later," Hunker said.

The victim, a former Wakeman resident, was transported to Fisher-Titus Medical Center and later released.

"She wasn't admitted," Hunker said.

The suspect also went to Fisher-Titus for various injuries.

"They actually admitted him for a fracture to his wrist," said Hunker, who expected the man to have an appointment with a mental health professional Tuesday.

The assault happened about 4:15 p.m. Monday.

"It was one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen," Hunker said.

The chief said he was grateful for the intervention of the witnesses who pulled the suspect off the woman because the situation could have been worse.

Hunker said he's not sure if the man was "on something" or having a mental issue.

Charges are pending.





What a shame. Glad she's ok.


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I am the woman who was hit in the face. For once the Reflector got the story almost right. Everything was true except the part about me being a former Wakeman resident. That is not true. I did not know this man. I had never seen him before. I want to say thank you to the two gentleman who got him off me before he could hurt me any further.

Sitting In The ...

First off HMC I'm happy you're okay and also bravo to the gentlemen who came to your aid. After reading this article I would venture guess that he was most likely under the influence of bath salts


^^^If that's the case, be thankful he punched and didnt start to bite!!! So glad you are ok HMC... How frightening it is that now we not only have to be in fear of being robbed at the pump, now we have to be concerned about being attacked for absolutely NOTHING!! Gheesh....


He was on something



Estrella Damm

I am going with bath salts.


at least he didn't try to bite her face off.


"Nobody Better Lay A Finger On My Butterfinger"


Absolutely pitiful, does the young woman need anything? I wish I was there to help but, if she needs anything..,


"Hadn't been charged as of press time"??? Why not?


Sad thing is , they will just send him to that worthless rehab for 6 months and act like that will fix him and think they did a good thing. If he did that to my wife he would certainly get what he deserves instead of the crap we will read about in the paper from the hearing, if he does. That's why we should all keep fighting for our right to bear arms , and handle these idiots

Kottage Kat


swiss family

if she would have had a concealed gun, her (well a person's) first instinct might be to shoot ... I am not sure that would have been a good outcome.... I would have pulled the nozzle out of the car and sprayed him with gasoline.....and maybe karma would provide the ignition...

swiss family

man I remember when all you got with a fill up, was S&H Green Stamps!!


And the windshield washed and the oil checked and maybe a free toy for the kids.. Long time ago.. Gas was around 25 to 30 cents a gallon. If one asked, they would check tire pressure for free and pump air to proper standards. I was just a small child, but I remember those days.


Aaaaah S & H green stamps! Those were the days

Brock Lee

ban gas stores


Gas store? That's a new one.

proud mother of 3

What a shame that this is even happening, drugs have done so much damage and will continue to do so much more. Good to hear she is ok!

Sitting In The ...

If he was able to assault her what makes you think he wouldn't of been able to take her gun. Then you have a guy high on drugs with a fully loaded handgun at a gas way that could go bad.


He would have played hell getting my gun from me. I would have given him the bullets tho


Yeah, because you've seen some awesome movies! Navy SEAL, cage fighter, and expert marksman all in one.


Why hasn't the Reflector posted who this scumbag is yet?

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She had the perfect protection in her hand. Squirt that dick in the face with fuel, that is if she was pumping anyway!


He has been charged and is currently in the Huron county jail. He was previously on probation for a felony drug charge in Lake county and will be required to complete his sentence there and also have serve whatever sentence he gets for Huron county. There was also a DUI in Feb of 2013 in Huron county. I know his name but will wait for the paper to publish that but if they don't I will be more than happy to as the victim of the attack. I thought it was ironic that this week is Victim of Crime Awareness week. I hope that he gets the full extent of the punishment for this crime and the prior bad acts he has perpetrated.


Should have broke more than his wrist!! I think a break between his collar bone and chin would have been better!! I'm sure he was struggling and it would have been justified.


I'd like to say two things. First.. hmc, I'm so sorry for what happened to you. Nobody should have to fear going out in public and being harmed. Second, everybody has a past and just because someone has prior bad behavior he shouldn't be judged without having all the facts. Its easy to jump to the conclusion that drugs were involved just by the sheer randomness and aggressiveness of the assault. I can tell you with 100% certainty that there were no bath salts or any other illegal drugs involved. He had a psychotic break with no warning whatsoever. He has tested clean for every drug test available. He made mistakes in the past but since his son has been born he has walked a straight line. Conclusions are being drawn with no evidence supporting them. I realize that this post will probably generate a lot of negative comments and I'm okay with that...just wanted to make it clear that mental illness and drugs have the same characteristics so before you judge too harshly try to obtain the facts. Again, hmc, I'm sorry for what happened to you... and so is my son.