Prank at cheer camp nothing to cheer about

MONROEVILLE- An incident at a July cheerleading camp attended by Monroeville High School students was hardly anything to cheer about. To that, all involved parties agree. However, they view the situation differently. According to two accounts, the following happened on July 17, the first day of the four-day camp at Denison College in Granville: Two male counselors from the organization that runs the camp, Cheer Ohio, entered the sophomore girls' dorm with some Monroeville seniors.
Aaron Krause
Jul 25, 2010


MONROEVILLE— An incident at a July cheerleading camp attended by Monroeville High School students was hardly anything to cheer about. To that, all involved parties agree. However, they view the situation differently.

According to two accounts, the following happened on July 17, the first day of the  four-day camp at Denison College in Granville: Two male counselors from the organization that runs the camp, Cheer Ohio,  entered the sophomore girls’ dorm with some Monroeville seniors.

The younger girls were told there was a “Code Yellow” in effect because there was a gunman on campus. Therefore, the sophomores were told they should follow the counselors and older students into an isolated room and remain until further notice. One of the sophomore girls asked where their advisors were, and was told they were in a meeting with Cheer Ohio officials discussing the “gunman.”

A couple of the sophomores began to cry, believing the threat to be real. Then, at one point, one of the senior girls announced it was all a prank, which was confirmed by Cheer Ohio counselors.

Some of the sophomores said they did not think the prank was funny at all.

Two parents of Monroeville High School students contacted the Reflector this week about the incident. One of them said her daughter was “really upset,” and the mother met with Monroeville Jr. High/High School Principal David Stubblebine and Superintendent Carol Girton on Monday. The mother, who wished to remain anonymous, said she was told Stubblebine placed a disciplinary letter in the file of cheerleading head coach Amanda Kreps.

Stubblebine said Kreps exercised poor judgment in that she knew the prank was transpiring, yet she allowed it to continue.

The letter of reprimand reads, in part: “Although you did not initiate or take part in the incident, you were aware and did not take steps to stop it.

“Your lack of action in this incident has caused great emotional stress among the cheerleaders and their parents, and has damaged the trust that those students and parents have in your leadership ability.

“I expect there will be no similar lapses in judgment, and that you will work to re-establish trust between yourself and the students and their parents. Should there be further incidents in which poor judgment is displayed, you will be subjected to further disciplinary action.”

“That is one of the harshest letters I’ve written to an employee,” Stubblebine said.

The parent said she and other parents felt Kreps should not have been hired because, at 22, she was too young. She said the incident at Denison College just confirms that.

Stubblebine countered that Kreps was in the Army, serving in Afghanistan from July 2003 to September 2005.

“I think that speaks to her maturity,” he said. Stubblebine added that when he met with Kreps in his office, she took responsibility for her inaction. The seniors who were in on the prank apologized as well, Stubblebine said.

Stubblebine countered that Kreps was in the Army, serving in Afghanistan from July 2003 to September 2005.

“I think that speaks to her maturity,” he said. Stubblebine added that when he met with Kreps in his office, she took responsibility for her inaction. The seniors who were in on the prank apologized as well, Stubblebine said.

Kreps said she regrets what happened.

“I made a bad judgment call on allowing the incident to occur and I’m very sorry if I upset anyone,” she said, adding that in hindsight she wouldn’t have done it. “Nothing like that will ever happen again.”

Stubblebine said no further action will be taken unless Kreps makes “similar lapses in judgment.”

“I believe in giving second chances, I think it’s the charitable thing to do,” he said.

Stubblebine said Cheer Ohio staff promised him there would be no more pranks played — regardless of how harmless they may seem. So, he will continue to send cheerleaders to their camp.

Lenee' Buchman, the person listed as a contact for Cheer Ohio camps, did not return a call seeking comment.

Stubblebine said counselors told him the prank was played in a theatrical manner. He added one student told him she could not imagine anybody would have perceived the “threat” as authentic. In fact, he said one of the girls crying was play acting because she was in on the prank. Still, Stubblebine said he is in no way condoning what happened.

“It was inappropriate,” he said. “In the days we’re living in it’s not funny, it’s inappropriate.”

Girton said she doesn’t condone the prank either. She commended Stubblebine for his handling of the matter. “I think Mr. Stubblebine handled the situation very well,” she said.


k.m.a. swiss fa...

Swiss Family all I have to say to you is REALLY? I mean come on you clearly do not live in Monroeville so why are you wasting your time posting on this? You have nothing intelligent to say at all. Your posts are so hypocritical. I mean you bash all of the town and then say "and i don't think that i am insulting anyone and i didn't say that it was a bad thing ." Honestly after the posts you have made on this no one really needs to point out how pathetic you are because you are doing a great job of it yourself. I don't know what you have up your butt about Mville other than you must be someone who got beat back when you were like the fourth string quarterback for Saint Paul like 20 years ago and now you are going to try and live it out through your kids. If you are so tough like you try to sound in your posts then grow a pair and post your real name and not some stupid swiss family. I mean if anyone gets the prize for the worst name on here you are clearly in first place. I don't know if you are like Mr. Money Bags or what that all you have to do is say how poverty stricken we are, but if you have so much money why are you wasting your time posting on a stupid forum? Go ahead and be all Mr. Rich for now but the way jobs are leaving this area you might not be in the same position in the not so distant future.

Danny P. Mundy ...

Is the Monroeville cheerleading adviser witch hunt over, or is this only Chapter 2 in an ongoing novel? I thought newspapers printed news, not Access Hollywood nonsense.

Get off this woman's back and stop being so dramatic. None of your precious daughters were injured or hurt in any way. I realize one girl was "really upset." I'm sure with several years of intensive therapy and some "happy pills," she should make a full recovery.

Does anyone think if adviser Kreps would have stopped this prank, that another one would have not replaced it? Please. These girls wanted to pull a prank and nothing was going to stop them. It's tradition, and it should be. It's no different from the pranks and initiations that we had as kids. Did you ever listen to or tell campfire ghost stories? It's the same thing. And don't tell me "Oh things are different today." It sickens me to think of the power that we have given to a couple of trench-coated morons. Because of them, kids can't be kids and no one has a sense of humor anymore. It's pathetic. Almost as pathetic as your blog site, were a bunch of nameless, faceless and gutless people can say anything they want.

Derogatory and slanderous comments that are unproven. Last time I checked, that is illegal. I hope this young lady sues the pants off of you.

But on the plus side, when Monroeville plays St. Paul this year maybe you could send out some undercover reporters and they could catch adviser Kreps and coach Livengood having a beer in the parking lot. That's a Pulitzer Prize waiting to happen.

If this is all the Reflector can write about, you should think about publishing once a week. It would save a lot of trees. Lastly, would you please tell the staff when reporting on severe weather, there is no Mother Nature. There is Father God, you see. He controls the weather.

Former Student ...

How did the cheerleading controversy on this forum turn into people bashing the levy, the local farmers, Mr. Paul, the football team, and countless other topics that aren't related to the cheerleading controversy? But while some of the topics were brought up, I might as well say my opinion about them because I could care less about the whole cheerleading thing because it was just a prank (not a very smart prank in this day). Instead of voting on the levy because of how you feel about the administration, why don't you take into consideration about how the school definitly is not big enough anymore (more and more people are moving into the Monroeville school district...the district must not be that bad if people are moving in!). The classrooms are extremely cramped, the school is not completely handicapped-accessible, the cafeteria is too small causing weird lunch times to get all the students fed, and the hideous trailers out in the front lawn. It's about time for Monroeville to get a new school because the current one is not going to last forever! For the few who trashed local do provide you food, whether you like it or not. If you do not support the farmers, grow your own garden to provide your family with fruits and vegetables, your own livestock to provide meat and dairy products, your own grains to provide bread, cereal, etc. and don't complain when you find out it is hard work. And for those who decided to trash the teachers at Monroeville, specifically Mr. Paul, don't trash them until you actually have them in class. Mr. Paul was a great government teacher and I am glad I had him. He made class entertaining and not your typical government class. The game we play during the fourth quarter (the "your in charge of a town" game, for those who have had him) lets us experience how government works in real life. For the other teachers at Monroeville, I do not regret having any of them, and I do not regret having Mr. Stubblebine as a principal and Mrs. Girton as a superintendent. Just because your child got in trouble because they wore a inappropriate shirt (why did you let them get it in the first place and wear it to school?!) does not mean the administration is horrible. Now the one comment about the school board hiring their own, I do agree with. There are many education graduates coming out of college that would like jobs and the school board hiring their own does not help the other locals who would like to get a job at Monroeville. I do not want to be mean, like a lot of other comments on this forum, but it erks me that the school board hired a fellow school board member's daughter to teach at Monroeville, but I like her, so end of story. And finally for the football team, it is only a game, so in the end, does it really matter if they win or lose? Of course I would like them to be the Firelands Conference champs, but if they are having a bad year, we should be supporting them no matter what. I hope that the Reflector shuts this forum down soon, because many of the comments are out of control and it is just turning into a major Monroeville gossip and argument forum.

Swiss Family (A...

I miss Quoted that. Show me a Saint Paul Flyer and Ill show you a Monroeville Eagle

my 2 cents (Ano...

Not being from Monroeville I really shouldn't post, but I will. I hope you pass your levy. When I go into your school for sporting events, I am always thinking your kids desire better. I hope they recieve it. Don't vote no because you don't like someone on staff, vote yes for students. Invest in yours schools, it will give you a great feeling of pride knowing you helped generations to come.
The cheerleading prank was surely in bad taste, it's over.......move on. Hold your heads up high ladies, you have much to be proud of!

Not Coach Ringh...

OK, now that we got that cheerleading nonsense out of the way,can we focus on what's important? Yes I mean football. I expect to see you all there tonite in a very important game for us. If any of you have plays you think might work, please write them out(in crayon if necessary) and leave them at my office or on the sidelines. Me and the boys will give them a look see and maybe try them out. If one goes for a TD I will award the person who came up with it a cornhole game made by our very own shop class. Good luck and see you tonite.

swiss family......

to Danny P. Mundy JR. I wish i could see things in the simple manner that you do , but i don't think i can put my head that far up my butt !!! if you think that telling ghost stories around a campfire is the same as scaring anyone by pretending that there is a mass murderer loose, and is killing people , (their friends) all around them is the same .. i am glad that you are NOT a camp counsoler ! or anyone involved with the raising of children !! if you think that this is just a harmless prank , then i will come on over to your house , and hopefully , you will be sitting outside, and i will do a drive by shooting at you , with a paint ball gun though , and see if you see any humor in that prank , or maybe i will call you and pretend to be the state patrol , and i will alert you that someone in your family has been involved in a major accident , and that you need to come to the hospital RIGHT AWAY , that is just a harmless prank , like you said ... it's pretty similar to telling ghost stories around a camp fire .... get real !!

Swiss Family (A...

I like big black dildos in my butt.

irishguy (Anonymous)

To Former Student:

For your comment on the school board hiring their own. I personally know that teacher and family you are talking about and that is a bunch of crap. If you want me to send you a copy of the resume I will and then you and indside can see they were hired because of there experience not because of who they know. I am sorry if they beat you out for the job and you are still unemployed but its been over a year so quit your b-ing and move on with your life and get over it.

a real prank (A...

My cousin told me about a school in the Columbus area that tricked their rivals into holding up signs that spelled "we suck" when they thought it was going to say "go darby" (the name of the high school). Over 800 people held up the signs not realizing what they were saying. Now that is prank. You can see it on you tube under Hilliard Davidson vs Hilliard Darby prank. No one got hurt, and pretty much everyone laughed over it, even the people that held the signs up thought it was funny. However the three people involved in the prank had to serve a three day in school suspension and are banned from all extra curricular activities for a semester. However inducing panic and making a joke out of a situation that is not even remotely funny gets no punishment? Wow Monroeville schools every year I wonder how you can get any worse and you always find a way.

re: swiss famil...

you are a moron

I agree... (Ano...

an angry moron with devious mind, with a twist if lyme disease...probably not a good combo.

swiss family......

Thank you very much !!! flattery will get you everywhere

Former Student ...

To Irishguy: If you look again at what I said, I like the teacher and I have no problem with her as a teacher because I know she is great. But in my opinion, I think it is unethical for a school board to hire one of their own because of the influence the school board member has on everyone's decision. Everyone that has to decide doesn't want to make the person p-, so even if they didn't have a great resume, they can still get pushed towards the top. FYI--I didn't go after that job since I don't have my degree and teaching license yet.

swiss family (A...

did I mention I have a job? Maybe? not 2 sure...

Did Bellevue mo...

I thought that only Bellevue schools had big issues but now I see this and Monroeville is acting the same way as the people of Bellevue. Please note this is not the way you should act and I am very very unpleased by all of your comments and behavior.

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swiss family job and services needs to shut up! you comment on everything! shut up already, who CARES what YOU think! a real cee u next tuesday

swiss family .....

to "geeeeze enuf already" i don't remember ever saying that i work for job and family services .. because i don't !! and you say that no one cares what i think .. well , obviously you care ... why else would you keep commenting on all of my posts????

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we all need a nice cold beer, i think beer would make my day, though i am a raging alcoholic.

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and I like cats.

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