Prank at cheer camp nothing to cheer about

MONROEVILLE- An incident at a July cheerleading camp attended by Monroeville High School students was hardly anything to cheer about. To that, all involved parties agree. However, they view the situation differently. According to two accounts, the following happened on July 17, the first day of the four-day camp at Denison College in Granville: Two male counselors from the organization that runs the camp, Cheer Ohio, entered the sophomore girls' dorm with some Monroeville seniors.
Aaron Krause
Jul 25, 2010


MONROEVILLE— An incident at a July cheerleading camp attended by Monroeville High School students was hardly anything to cheer about. To that, all involved parties agree. However, they view the situation differently.

According to two accounts, the following happened on July 17, the first day of the  four-day camp at Denison College in Granville: Two male counselors from the organization that runs the camp, Cheer Ohio,  entered the sophomore girls’ dorm with some Monroeville seniors.

The younger girls were told there was a “Code Yellow” in effect because there was a gunman on campus. Therefore, the sophomores were told they should follow the counselors and older students into an isolated room and remain until further notice. One of the sophomore girls asked where their advisors were, and was told they were in a meeting with Cheer Ohio officials discussing the “gunman.”

A couple of the sophomores began to cry, believing the threat to be real. Then, at one point, one of the senior girls announced it was all a prank, which was confirmed by Cheer Ohio counselors.

Some of the sophomores said they did not think the prank was funny at all.

Two parents of Monroeville High School students contacted the Reflector this week about the incident. One of them said her daughter was “really upset,” and the mother met with Monroeville Jr. High/High School Principal David Stubblebine and Superintendent Carol Girton on Monday. The mother, who wished to remain anonymous, said she was told Stubblebine placed a disciplinary letter in the file of cheerleading head coach Amanda Kreps.

Stubblebine said Kreps exercised poor judgment in that she knew the prank was transpiring, yet she allowed it to continue.

The letter of reprimand reads, in part: “Although you did not initiate or take part in the incident, you were aware and did not take steps to stop it.

“Your lack of action in this incident has caused great emotional stress among the cheerleaders and their parents, and has damaged the trust that those students and parents have in your leadership ability.

“I expect there will be no similar lapses in judgment, and that you will work to re-establish trust between yourself and the students and their parents. Should there be further incidents in which poor judgment is displayed, you will be subjected to further disciplinary action.”

“That is one of the harshest letters I’ve written to an employee,” Stubblebine said.

The parent said she and other parents felt Kreps should not have been hired because, at 22, she was too young. She said the incident at Denison College just confirms that.

Stubblebine countered that Kreps was in the Army, serving in Afghanistan from July 2003 to September 2005.

“I think that speaks to her maturity,” he said. Stubblebine added that when he met with Kreps in his office, she took responsibility for her inaction. The seniors who were in on the prank apologized as well, Stubblebine said.

Stubblebine countered that Kreps was in the Army, serving in Afghanistan from July 2003 to September 2005.

“I think that speaks to her maturity,” he said. Stubblebine added that when he met with Kreps in his office, she took responsibility for her inaction. The seniors who were in on the prank apologized as well, Stubblebine said.

Kreps said she regrets what happened.

“I made a bad judgment call on allowing the incident to occur and I’m very sorry if I upset anyone,” she said, adding that in hindsight she wouldn’t have done it. “Nothing like that will ever happen again.”

Stubblebine said no further action will be taken unless Kreps makes “similar lapses in judgment.”

“I believe in giving second chances, I think it’s the charitable thing to do,” he said.

Stubblebine said Cheer Ohio staff promised him there would be no more pranks played — regardless of how harmless they may seem. So, he will continue to send cheerleaders to their camp.

Lenee' Buchman, the person listed as a contact for Cheer Ohio camps, did not return a call seeking comment.

Stubblebine said counselors told him the prank was played in a theatrical manner. He added one student told him she could not imagine anybody would have perceived the “threat” as authentic. In fact, he said one of the girls crying was play acting because she was in on the prank. Still, Stubblebine said he is in no way condoning what happened.

“It was inappropriate,” he said. “In the days we’re living in it’s not funny, it’s inappropriate.”

Girton said she doesn’t condone the prank either. She commended Stubblebine for his handling of the matter. “I think Mr. Stubblebine handled the situation very well,” she said.


monroeville tax...

Way to go Mr. Key! An APPLAUSE goes out to you!! I would hope every parent in Monroeville with a daughter is reading these posts. I would hope that you parents too would show as much concern for your daughter as he did! I know I would..Be a MAN like Mr. Key and the next time you think about posting here, think first and then sign your name and maybe you'll think twice about what your saying instead of just running at the mouth. Again way to go Mr. Key thanks for being a true DAD!!

The facts (Anon...

If the girls were punished when the incident first happened there would not be a big of issue as there is now... but wait if the school did punish them, it would be out in the open and I'm sure thats the last thing they wanted... I can say from first hand accounts that this has happened before. All for the good name of MHS... now you have grown adults bashing young girls on here, all because MHS tried to keep it on the DOWN LOW...O and U people on here bashing young girls should be ashamed of yourselves. How would you feel if someone was bashing your child.....

Karma Rules... ...

For anyone who works at the REFLECTOR if you ever have your family ripped apart ONLINE by a bunch of name calling, lynch mob, torch carrying, fire breathing freaking IDIOTS, I hope you keep it posted for at least 2 weeks. Whoever at the REFLECTOR is responsible for letting this TRASH get published is due to have the same thing happen to them. I cannot believe the kind of GARBAGE I have read in this article, and the ones on the job and family services. People in this community are RUTHLESS and downright disgusting. You're in it for entertainment purposes only, you don't care about the outcome in real life. Shame on the Norwalk REFLECTOR!

I support Mr. K...

I see nothing wrong with what the family did and Amanda is only proving her immaturity by making the girl run. What is that going to solve? Maybe if this was like cross country or track that would be a good idea. Typical Monroeville people. Mr Key is so right that everyone will smile and say hi to their face and talk bad as soon as they can. It happens to me and my family all the time. We don't have the right last name so people are so fake to us, and then we walk away and let the $hit begin. Not that it matters to me since I have moved on and know that I am doing way more with my life than most people in that town.

Oh and just for the record Mr. Paul did date a former student (although I don't think it lasted too long). Say what you want about it, but I know for a fact it is true.

Carol Girton (A...

This comment has been deleted. Superintendent Carol Girton did not post it.

What is happeni...

This is so out of control it is sickining?

Thats whats hap...

The Damn Parents Complain

Why (Anonymous)

are you blaming Mr Key for something that happened at Rah Rah camp?
And, why does "what happens at practice, stay at practice"?
I would not like my child envolved in something he/she could not tell me.

Scott E. (Anonymous)

Take all the kids out of The football program, what ever happens there stays there. Seriously, these kids are 16-18 yrs of age, I think they can handle some responsibilities. If you don't like the concept of "what ever happens in practice, stays in practice" then you better not let your boys, play football, or basketball. That would only apply if you have boys.

taxpayer (Anonymous)

Carol Girton leaving? Great; maybe our school can be run by someone from our area that knows us.

Another Cut And...

An incident at a July cheerleading camp attended by Monroeville High School students was hardly anything to cheer about. The Cheerleaders were on their way to a Cheer Ohio Camp at Denison College. However, they ended up in the Army, serving in Afghanistan from July 17th through July 20th. Lenee Buchman, the person listed as a contact for Cheer Ohio camps said " they handled the situation very well." According to accounts, two Afghanistan Army gunman entered the sophomore girls’ dorm looking for second chances and the typical bad judgment associated with cheerleaders. But, what they found in an isolated room, were two adult male cheerleaders from Cheer Ohio, transpiring to re-establish trust with one another. “It was inappropriate, and it’s not funny ” said one the Afghanistan gunmen. The other gunmen was "really upset" and stated "nothing like that will ever happen in Afghanistan again.” He then confirmed the incident a “Code Yellow” threat. Realizing that this was not a prank, one of the male cheerleaders began to cry, in a very " theatrical manner." The other Cheer Ohio male began a harmless sophomore girls cheer. Surprisingly, the gunman immediately left the dorm, looking "damaged, and under great emotional stress." The crying male cheerleader stated "..that was one of the harshest cheers I've ever heard." Adding that " David is really mature." The Monroeville High Cheerleaders thought it a bad judgment call by the two male cheerleaders and believed the gunman to be a prank. " Serving in Afghanistan has caused great emotional stress among the cheerleaders and their parents", said Superintendent Carol Girton. “I made a bad judgment call and now cheerleaders are in Afghanistan. I’m very sorry if I upset anyone,” she said. As for the two male cheerleaders inappropriate handling of one another, " In the days we’re living in it’s a very charitable thing to do."



Concerned Norwa...

How can you knock parents for being concerned for their children’s safety??? It is sad that this had to go this far and this long, but you have to keep pushing to get the results you are looking for when it comes to keeping your children safe. I would be concerned about putting my child under the supervision of this “coach”. She clearly does know the line between being an adult in a supervisory position and just being “one of the girls”. Should the whole situation been ignored until some more bad judgment takes place? What a great society we live in where a child has to worry about telling their parents when something bad happens in fear of retaliation and ridicule against themselves and their family. I would have done the same Mr. Key.

whitneyy (Anonymous)

i would have to say that this is pretty ridiculous.this happened about 2 months ago and it was just a prank. i kno it was a prank that the girls probley shouldnt of done but they have realized that and apologized.i mean we are just teenagers and everyone makes mistakes no one is perfect. and i know for a fact that these girls are sorry because they are my friends but you people are going to think what you want regarding the truth.i strongly believe that this should of been handled as a team and with the cheerleaders and parents there was no reason that it should of went public for all to see and to make a big scene out of it obviously who ever did this was just looking for something else out of this other than just exposing a prank.i think people need to just let it go and accept that it was a mistake it happened theres remorse and leave it at that. and there is no reason for people to down talk are cheerleaders about having short skirts and saying there over wieght.its very imature and hurtful and im just looking out for my friends b/c although they did do somthing wrong and made a mistake they shouldnt have to deal with this.

smalltowner (An...

I am sorry to change the subject,BUT, I just returned from school and OH MY GOD , someone finally got an active brain cell at the school they are now loading and unloading the kids from the buses in the new south parking lot not in front of the school, I have complained about this for years and said they needed to come up with an alternative plan before one of our kids got killed. And they finally came up with the plan THANK YOU to whomever came up with the plan. At last someone is thinking about the kids for a change,HURRAY HURRAY HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!

SENIOR! (Anonymous)

Comment deleted for obscene language.

mville senior (...

I have never in my life read so much garbage on one website. The way some of these parents are commenting they are acting like someone died at cheer camp. There in no way should be this website because it should have never ran in the local newspaper! I never see stories about toilet-papering in the newspaper. This was blown way out of proportion. People need to stop posting on here and just move on. If you're not over it by now, I think you need to seek some medical help. These girls have realized their actions and are ready to move on. As for the people complaining about the skirt length and the way they fit the girls; the girls do not choose the cut of the skirt and these were the skirts left by your idol Mrs. Karen Reer ... so go seek her opinion about them. I also agree with Andy Ball. If I were to go to cheer camp as an underclassman I would whole-heartedly expect to be pranked in someway. The idea of the gunman was completely harmless but may have been a little to serious for a prank and the girls certainly recognize that now. Stop wasting your life on something that has nothing to do with you!

Holy Toledo (An...

I have to agree with "Amazing". Definately a slow day for news. I'll bet if they went to all the area schools and looked into "pranks" they'd have enough to print a years worth of papers. This kind of stuff happens all the time everywhere!

Right on "mville senior"!

wow (Anonymous)

seems like all of this blame is going to the cheerleaders and their parents rather than the irresponsible advisor. Isn't it her job to oversee everything that goes on? I could understand if she was not aware of the prank, but she was. Common sense would have played a big role in the whole situation.

wow2 (Anonymous)

Also, this situation has nothing to do with the cheerleaders short skirts and how they look in them. Thats really not neccesary to comment on that. They are teenagers...I wouldnt expect anything different from a high school cheerleader.

are you kidding...

In a world where US soldiers are dying and children in our own country are going to bed hungry every night, are any of the adults posting here even serious that this matters?
Reflector...shut this down...I won't be back, or buying your newspaper!

PLEASE! (Anonymous)

I love it that all of you want to blame the Reflector for this. Is it the Reflector and its employees sitting here and writing these statements? I think not.

wait till they ...

well well well....1st off, the person who said that their skirts were too short on friday can kiss a big fat one b/c their new ones are getting altered. and they got new ones b/c of ppl complaining about them. go call the rep that measured them! plus did the sophomore girls mention that they knew it was a prank while it was going on? they knew it was coming. they were just mad b/c they are not freshman but they sure do act like it. just wait till competition and see the trophies!

disgruntled con...

I congratulate Mr. Key or whoever told the reflector about this incident. I, for one, have had it with the preferential treatment of certain individuals at the school. I was asked numerous times, to vote for the new school and voted a big no...Because of incidences such as trying to hide the goings on in that school from the taxpayers. If the superintendant is replaced, then maybe, I will vote for the school.

a mother myself...

How many people have to be hurt, humiliated and smeared before people will stop this. Does anyone have any idea how many hurt feelings this is causing between the kids, the cheerleading adviors and the parents not to mention the folks that are being hurt by this indirectly such as the families of all these people? This is all so un-necessary. We all agree that the prank was out of line, we all agree that the girls should not suffer because the apology of the adviors was good enough for some people. We also all agree that this shouldnt have been posted to the news paper but delt with privately amoung the students, principle, parents and advisor. Amanda never had a chance because the parents, not all parents, made it clear when she was hired that she wasn't wanted there. They were never going to give her a chance to learn from her mistakes and advance as she should have had the chance to do. I do think it is amazing that she is able to put up with all of this and still remain the coach for the girls. It seems to me that they are the people who should matter most. Maybe it is time to sit back and let the girls decide if they want Amanda as their advisor instead of holding their hands and treating them like they are 5 and unable to make a logical decision on their own. I do think that no matter what the Monroeville cheerleaders need to stand as a team and not smear anyones name. The girls that you are naming do not deserve to be treated this way. They are young adults who deserve respect as well as the adviors. You can't teach respect to a young adults if adults can't even give respect.

Not Coach Ringh...

People,people,people,.We're arguing over a stupid prank concerning cheerleaders. We've got real problems like my QB who threw 5 picks,and a defense that gave up 200 yards rushing. We're missing some key players and it looks like the fish are on top of their game. Let's focus on what really matters mow,shall we?

swiss family......

to " Not Coach Ringholz" you are correct sir !! st paul's , or as you call them , the "fish" are great this yoar , and are chomping at the bit to get to the monroeville eagles ... i am glad it is the last game of the year !! well at least it will be for the eagles , whereas st pauls will continue on in the playoffs !!come on you poverty stricken , bad schooled farmers !!! meet us on the field at norwalk this year and be prepared to get your butts kicked back to the corn fields !!!

Not Coach Ringh...

By bad schooled farmer you mean the place where weun are schooled is bad. You is correct SF, we can't get a levy passed and our facilities are horrible. I have to use scarecrows for tackling dummies in practice. But we'll be ready for you fishies all right.

mini cheer mom ...

to the mom who wrote that she would not allow her daughter to attend mini cheer anymore, maybe she shouldn't attend the school either. my daughter has attended mini cheer for the past couple of years and will continue to attend. these cheerleaders everyone is bashing so much are a great bunch of girls. they've taught my daughter how to be confident in yourself, how to be proud of your school and teammates, honor, friendship, fun just to name a few things. what happened to loving our kids, teaching them how to ask for forgiveness (which they've done numerous times) and how to forgive someone else. to the parents that continue to hurt the girls - nice job. i honestly hope you don't find out mistakes your kids have made and i could guarantee you that they have made them i hope you never find out because god only knows the damage you'll do to them emotionally, i'm sure they already feel like they can't be perfect enough for you.

to Joe Centers ...

Take this off the web. Whatever the purpose of having this is not being met. Whoever advised you there was no liability in allowing this may be wrong. People are being hurt and no useful purpose is being served.