City water department employee to face more charges

Pipes test positive for meth; cocaine also found in vehicle
Scott Seitz2
Apr 19, 2013


A city of Norwalk water treatment plant employee will face additional charges stemming from an April 2 arrest by Huron County sheriff's deputies.

Wesley Mills, 30, of Roseville, was stopped by Detective Sgt. Josh Querin and Deputy Eric Bardar on U.S. 250 in Norwalk Township as part of a drug-interdiction.

Police seized a spoon, syringes and two pipes used for allegedly smoking methamphetamines.

Mills was charged at the time with possession of drug-abuse instruments. He was already on parole from the Zanesville area for counterfeiting money.

The city never conducted a background check on Mills before hiring him.

Querin said the results on the pipes came back to the sheriff's office Friday.

"The two meth pipes sent to the lab did contain methamphetamine," he said. "There was also a small amount of cocaine in the vehicle."

Mills was placed on unpaid leave after the April 2 arrest.

He had only been employed for the city about a month, putting him within his 180-day probationary period.

"We will present all this information to the Huron County Prosecutor's Office and we expect Wesley Mills to be indicted," Querin said.

Mills was still incarcerated at the Huron County Jail on Friday, but was expected to be picked up by Warren County authorities to face undisclosed charges there.

Josh Snyder, Norwalk public works director, said Friday Mills still is on unpaid leave.

Snyder said the city set up a disciplinary hearing Thursday for Mills, who was notified by a hand-delivered letter to the jail.

Mills, who was still in jail, did not attend the hearing.

Snyder said the city will summarize the results of the hearing before deciding on Mills' future employment.

If Mills is fired, the city will have to hire someone to take his place.

"We've looked at other candidates on the list," Snyder said about those who interviewed before for the job.

"I should have more on this next week," he added.



What about the jack as s that didn't do the background? Water is a big health issue and the people of Norwalk just had a crack-head working in the drinking water dept.


Just ask all the conservative nuts...background checks are the devil!

chicken noodle

I agree with four what about the person that didn't check this meth heads background. Who was the person that hired him? Water superintendent, Public works director, Service safety director??? And what kind of disciplinary action will they receive?


@chicken noodle, Best place to start is Norwalk City Council:

President Steve Euton
3 Joel Way, 419-668-9988,

First Ward - Deborah Lucal
20 Katherine Way, 419-663-0942,

Second Ward - Robert Carleton
5 King John Dr., 419-706-6853,

Third Ward - Samantha Ludwig
69 Norwood Ave., 419-706-9108,

Fourth Ward - Chris Mushett
60 Jefferson St, 419-668-9433,

At Large - Kelly Beck
62 East Elm, 419-663-2346,

At Large - Scott Meyer 89 Wooster, 419-706-0597,

At Large - Stephen Schumm 37 Executive, 419-668-8994,


Council doesn't do the hiring.


@dswwtp, My reply to chicken noodle did not suggest that council does the hiring.



tired of stupidy

must have a friend of Norwalk safety director or worse family member or good ol boys club nothing changes!!? what was his score on civil service exam?????


This just infuriates me, I had a Resume in with them but apparently being a law abiding citizen with a good work history isn't what they were looking for. I'm not going to commit felonies just to get as job with the City Dept. though....sorry :O)


I bet they do a background check now, maybe they should do one, on the guy that hired this guy. If Mr. Snyder has too much on his plate maybe he should give
some of those duties back to the service director. just saying


What do you expect when the Mayor hires a Safety Service Director with no experience beyond hanging out at the Republican campaign headquarters. Sure Duncan has another friend, or child of a friend he can hire. Nothing has changed with this administration.

Kottage Kat

My how the worm has turned


swiss family

did you just call her a "worm"????


I have to disagree with you TJ, I know of many city/county colleagues that have worked with Mr. Schloemer and they have nothing but good remarks about him and his work with local government.


Were is the disciplinary hearing for the person or persons that hired this guy? This is no small mistake! Maybe a class action lawsuit for those who did quilify, would change there mind about the good old boy system! I would be willing to wave my action if there is a disiplinary hearing for this.

Game time

Why have we not heard anything about Todd Corbin lately? Is he still an employee at the Sheriff's office??? Heard he was suspended a while back for something, but the facts never came out?
Can anybody verify this???


Last I knew he was still an employee and yes, several weeks ago he was put on some sort of leave (a few weeks) by the administration.

Just another example of how things are not as they appear. This administration is expert at weekly news releases and good PR but the best of the best have either been forced out or have jumped ship. Corbin is one of the most recent to have been run over by the bus, another long timer is now the new focus of the next hit and run.

Game time

Why did we never hear what the suspension was for? He must not be do anything while on duty or we would be hearing about him...


Of course you didn't hear anything...the last thing they want is for you all to know what is really going on. I can tell you that Corbin did not deserve the suspension/leave. He was blamed for something, denied it, was suspended/put on leave then the truth miraculously came out and he was found to not be at fault. It was a rather serious charge, a big to-do and funny how once they "found" their error nothing was done about it or to the person who really erred. If I told you the facts this paper would delete my comment.

swiss family

I heard that he said he was born in Hawaii, and people wanted to see his birth certificate, and he showed it to them, and they still didn't believe him and.......... oh, wait, that might have been someone else.... never mind




@Verbalkint-I am not surprised the city and county people like Schleomer. Has he ever said no to em? And Kat- I calls em like I sees em.

Game time

Why isn't he doing anything at work though sounds like a disgruntled employee?


The city is to busy to run background checks? Give me a break

Sitting In The ...

I just can't figure out why if you work for the city you would even think about doing drugs i mean come on !!!!! You can't fix that kind of stupid....

swiss family

aint nobody got time for that...