Manning announces $25 million for job training

New OhioMeansJobs initiative aims to help state's unemployed and underemployed find work.
Scott Seitz2
Apr 21, 2013


State Sen. Gayle Manning (R-North Ridgeville) has announced the Senate passed Senate Bill 1, a new OhioMeansJobs initiative that aims at helping Ohio's unemployed and underemployed find work through continued education and job training.

The bill authorizes a revolving fund, which will provide loans to Ohioans who need additional job training. The loans will be distributed through public and private colleges, universities, and career centers.

"This legislation will help programs at institutions like Lorain County Community College. LCCC already does a wonderful job at training those who are unemployed or are seeking additional job skills, and this bill will add to those valuable resources," Manning said.

The plan ensures that priority status is given to schools and career centers that already have close ties with area businesses. This relationship will help shape the curriculum in a way that prepares graduates for open job opportunities, thus facilitating quick job placement.

The program will be funded using $25 million in existing revenue from casino licensure fees. Each institution can apply for up to $100,000 and loan up to $10,000 per student, annually.

The bill will now move to the Ohio House of Representatives for further consideration.



Does this mean they get to sit at the "Job Store" for 8 hrs instead of their normal 6 doing nothing? Just curious.


The majority of working Americans are under employed. Compared to their fathers who knew a better economy.


Really? Who is this majority? My parents were both autoworkers, both had what most would consider good paying jobs at New Departure. I make more than both of them did. Same with the wife. The problem is that some people think that they can still get an unskilled labor job in a factory for good middle class wages. Sorry, this is not going to happen. People need to change with the times. Get the education and skill set you need to be successful. Quit waiting for things to return to the way they were.

You are right about the economy though. I may make more than my parents, but in their day a new house cost $20K, a new car $2K, etc. Today, my car costs more than their house, and the house well, I doubt many had to endure a $1200/mo mortgage payment back then. So if you were making $20/hr back in the 80s in a factory, you were sitting pretty. Now, if you are only making $20/hr you are struggling to get by due to everything costing more.


@kurt....the majority of Americans are underemployed? Got a link to that statement?

hit the road jack

The majority of Americans don't know what work is either,hell, they will probably have to pick their lazy @ss's up too.

Really are you ...

Really? When are the jobs coming back to be filled by these soon to be highly skilled professional people? Soon Ohio will only have fast food, sit down places to eat, retail, nurses, doctors, and lawyers for employment opportunities. Class division at its finest, instead of three classes there will be two. The monetarily wealthy and the underemployed that will have next to nothing.

Really are you ...

How is it that they can get 25 million dollars to help people FIND a place to work. When trying to CREATE a new business in Norwalk, take a pick from one of the many vacant manufacturing buildings, may as well forget it. The 25 million dollars is just a smoke screen hiding the real problem.

Cliff Cannon

@ Really are you.... I totally agree with comment # 2. However, comment # 1 leaves out the budding entrepreneur, the driven dreamer, the eccentric who see's things differently. So here's hoping they grow like daisy's in April around here and give birth to yet another middle class

Really are you ...


Brock Lee

alot work selling drugs


Great, they are going to train people for jobs that don't exist. After they train them, are they planning to ship them overseas where all the jobs are?

jack langhals

Hey,you took my comment.Hah !


I have to laugh at all the employment experts on here. Really are you was about the only intelligent comment regarding the subject.


Oh and kURTje, you are correct too.


People always comment about no jobs or unskilled jobs around here. And pretty much they're correct. But, if it so bad why do people stay? I saw the job morket 30 years ago and knew if I stayed here I was screwed. So guess what? I moved. I found an ok job. Still needed some welfare help when my daughter was born, ect. But then I went to school, got an education and went to where the jobs were/are. Yes- it was in a city (several actually). But I didn't set around and cry and whine poverty and expect handouts the rest of my life. I have moved back now and like and enjoy Norwalk. But if push comes to shove I will leave again to find employment if need be. People just don't seem to want to work or help themselves anymore. Sad part is- it's just not the younger generation either. I would hate to see Norwalk implode, but if everyone leaves for greener pastures then maybe-MAYBE- the mayor/council would try harder to get the jobs back or stay. Until then, go where the jobs and money are and stop complaining. Better yourself and stop wishing for it to be handed to you. On that note, I have to go buy my retirement lotto ticket.


Go where the jobs are?

Seeing taxpayer financed waste-of-money, feel-good bureaucratic programs to help educate workers for nonexistent jobs, tends to remind me of the late Sam Kinison's “solution” for solving world hunger:




Agreed.. JUST another waste of taxpayer money. Set up to grow the almighty government some more.. and FOR WHAT?? to find people too lazy to get out of bed and look themselves for a job??? I am telling you people.. Move, sell things that can be replaced. MOVE.. for around $1200 (1st and last month rent) $500 (u-haul and gas) and maybe another $500 for living expense till checks start rolling or a family can move whether as short as Columbus or as far as Atlanta, Charlotte etc. THERE are factories, grocery warehouses, construction, with banners out needing people.. Sure you may miss mommy.. But heck it beats a life of sitting around, doesn't it?? and before you say 2 grand is too much money.. BS. I bet i can go to any bouscay or grand ave apt and find i-pods, game boys, wide screen, smart phones etc...even sell the bed if need be.. sleep on the floor for awhile, for god sakes.. What do you think the GO WEST YOUNG MAN.. generation did. Unfair?? So what.. Sure some are fortunate and have a secure job and stay living next to mommy and some may even say i am fortunate to have a job where this community can dry up and i am able to "MOVE" around the country to make $.. catch the word MOVE....?


Part of the issue with no job creation is that the government has so many regulations on businesses that it makes it so it is just not worth it to expand or even open up in the first place. We are stifling America's entrepreneurs.