Young detective the mastermind behind operation 'Crystal Clear'

Authorities arrest 15 area individuals who had been secretly indicted.
Scott Seitz2
May 26, 2013


More than seven months went into the planning stage of last month's operation "Crystal Clear."

When everything shook out, the Huron County Sheriff's Office, with the help of a number of local law-enforcement agencies, arrested 15 area individuals out of a total of 18 secret indictments issued.

The theme of "Crystal Clear" was to send a clear message that law enforcement will continue to keep up the pressure when it comes to battling the local drug scene. Detective Sgt. Josh Querin was the mastermind behind the operation, which combed three counties.

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And your next SHERIFF will be? oh yeah it is already pictured on his vest, Josh Querin

yogi bear

This story wasn't newsworthy the first time it was on here; why wast the time and space?


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You are an idiot


Hey Yogi go find a picnic basket to raid.Read the head lines everyday drugs and drug driven crime.Not almost everyday I mean EVERYDAY.Don't be a dumb bear.Good job Sheriffs.Keep up the good work.


there was no major drug bust so it seems to me like a waste of money. who cares about users? users are going to use as long as there are suppliers.


And suppliers are going to supply as long as there are users.


hey I have another idea, since it seems catching big suppliers is nearly impossible for howard and querin. why not take your expensive "Crystal Clear" operations and pay for a methadone clinic or possibly a rehab facility instead? I know of nothing to help opiate addicts in huron county

Simple Enough II

Yeah, like its not the drug addicts fault they are hooked on drugs and all that.

swiss family

I know of something that will help opiate addicts in Huron county.... it is called a BRAIN !!! by now everyone knows that the future is pretty7 bleak for people who use and sell and distribute opiates.... so if they would just use their BRAINS and thought it through.. they would never start to get involved with them in the first place... The other help out there for them is called "accountability" if these criminals were forced to serve their highest form of punishment, and serve all of the time that they should get, BEFORE all opf the "Plea deals" go into effect, then they might have the chance to see that drugs do not have a good outcome.. and Prison is Hell..


I always liked Josh. thought he was sharp, yet polite, confident, yet not cocky..... all good markings of a true law official. Just keep in shape though.. as you age, lack of exercise can creep up on ya.. Look around at some of your fellow officers..?? just saying


m...w...k pull your head out of your asss.Why you got a hard on for the sheriffs? It's the dopers that should rot in prison.Good job sheriff's.


I have known Josh since first grade. He has always been a very smart and respectable person. I'm glad to see that he, unlike many others from my graduating class, is using his brains for something good. Keep up the good work, Josh! I know that you will go far in law enforcement.

As for the people who want to sit on here and bash the sheriff's office for one reason or another, and also for those who want to throw around derogatory names, let me ask you something...besides sitting behind your computer screen and b***hing about what the sheriff's office is or isn't doing, what exactly are YOU contributing to help clean up Huron county? Exactly....


HCSO. Family owned & operated. niece Lindsey & nephew Josh of Dane. Good ole'boy system out the door. Yea right!!! lol


This kid is hardly part of the good ole boys club.Why don't you just say you hate Howard and all the sheriff's and go about your business.Your always bashing all the efforts at drug bust. Good job sheriffs


Anyone in Huron Co. can see where this is headed.

hit the road jack

This kids been around the county and knows where the trash hangs out and not afraid to do something about it,give'em hell Josh! its just too damn bad the judge's in this county don't carry their end of the deal and take care of the misfits with a chain gang or solitary confinement.