Edison comes up with contingency plans if May levy fails

District seeking approval of a five-year, 7.9 mills emergency operating levy on May 7.
Aaron Krause
Apr 18, 2013


Edison board of education members said Wednesday they're optimistic their levy in May will pass.

But as a "formality," the board voted to send levy options they would consider for the August ballot to the county auditor, as contingencies should the five-year, 7.9 mills emergency operating levy fail on May 7.

"It really is just a a formality," treasurer Anne Arnold said.

If the May levy fails, the August options would need to be certified by the end of the day on May 8 -- the day after the May election. If voters turn down the May levy, the board will choose one of four options at a special meeting 7 a.m. May 8.

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"If voters turn down the May levy,"...why not respect their decision? The democracy of voting is telling you how the result is desired by the majority!

1: a usually formal expression of opinion or will in response to a proposed decision; one given as an indication of approval or disapproval of a proposal, motion, or candidate for office b : the total number of such expressions of opinion made known at a single time (as at an election) c : an expression of opinion or preference that resembles a vote
2: the collective opinion or verdict of a body of persons expressed by voting.




I would really like to know how much of our tax money they have spent on all of the billboards they have up for the levy? The school board up in Strongsville is holding fast and the teachers are losing. Time for our school board to do the same. Either they pay for their own health care and retirement or go somewhere else

tell it how it is

Probably none seeing as most of it has been paid for by the supporters..

Mr Bean

They don`t care--They claim to have forgone the step increases---but after three years--they all come back. They claim they took no raises in the new contract, but the facts shows they receive sizable increases each year. They claim to have arranged to pay their fair share of their retiremenst and health care, but they were given raises to cover them. History shows that trusting the Teachers Union and their members gets nothing but more half truths and more deception. The School Boasrd members are no better---they are supposed to be representing the taxpayer, don`t hold your breath. I say no---no more taxes, no more levys, no more, no more.