Report of Boston bomber arrest in many media outlets proved wrong

CNN was the first to report a possible suspect, and The Associated Press followed with a Tweet about a suspect in custody.
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Apr 17, 2013


Several major media outlets appeared to jump the gun Wednesday afternoon in reporting an arrest in the Boston Marathon bombings.

Atlanta-based CNN was the first to report a possible suspect at 1:30 p.m. EDT.

CNN sent out a "breaking news alert" saying, "Investigators believe they have identified a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings, a source who has been briefed on the investigation told CNN's John King." Twenty minutes later, the network said an arrest had been made, citing multiple unnamed sources. Fox News and The Boston Globe followed suit.

The Associated Press, which has a reputation for being cautious, quickly posted on Twitter: "BREAKING: Law enforcement official: Boston Marathon bomb suspect in custody, expected in federal court." It said its information came from "a law enforcement official briefed on the investigation." But several media outlets -- including The New York Times, CBS News and NBC News -- held firm, saying no arrest had been made.

Within an hour, CNN began backtracking, as did other media outlets. The Boston Police officially tweeted a denial.

At about 3 p.m., the Department of Justice in a statement criticized "inaccurate" news stories. "Since these stories often have unintended consequences, we ask the media, particularly at this early stage of the investigation, to exercise caution and attempt to verify information through appropriate official channels before reporting."

CNN, which didn't respond to inquiries for comment, sent Huffington Post a statement defending its handling of the story: "CNN had three credible sources on both local and federal levels. Based on this information, we reported our findings. As soon as our sources came to us with new information, we adjusted our reporting."

Frank Sesno, who worked at CNN from 1984 to 2002 and is now a media professor at George Washington University, said mistakes are common in these situations.

"Almost every time a story like this happens, someone in law enforcement says things they don't know or that prove to be wrong, then organizations have to reel it back in," Sesno said. "I don't condone it. Nobody wants to see it. But it's kind of the language of live. Things are dynamic and changeable."

He recalled reporting on air after the 1995 Oklahoma City bombings that law enforcement was seeking two men of Middle Eastern descent. "It ended up being a bum lead," he said. "We were reporting what we were being told. My reporting was correct. The information was wrong."

Chuck Roberts, who worked at CNN Headline News (now HLN) from 1982 to 2010, said he can't fault CNN at this point "until I have better evidence. As a journalist, I'm not proud of what happened. These are storied news outlets that got it wrong, compromised by seemingly reliable federal sources."


By Rodney Ho - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (MCT)

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Brock Lee

cover up


Please tell me you're being sarcastic. Please. I can't take much more stupid.

hit the road jack

You should be used to it,thats pretty much all you post.

Really are you ...

Negative. False flags were used before. Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. Where are they? He was guilty of using chemical agents on his own people and supposedly funding terrorists. 1993 terrorists tried to blow up the World Trade Center by bomb trucks in the basement of one of the buildings. Fail. But on 9-11, a man wanted for terrorist connections, a man we trained to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan, a man who lived in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan, or in Pakistan our "friend." When he was found, he was only a couple hundred feet away from a Pakistani equivalent to the United States West Point Academy. Sent people from his country to the United States to be trained on how to takeoff and fly a Cessna Aircraft, overpowered four individual commercial aircraft while in flight. Seasoned commercial airline pilots have said what the terrorists had done on that dreadful day that they could not have done with such precision.

The towers did not fall in '93 with the devastating blow, but when hit by planes at a descending and accelerated speed , no swaying, within 2 hours, both towers fell in on themselves. People on the first floor said that they were blown across the floor. Really? When the planes hit the buildings stories up. World Trade Center building #7 fell hours later, unscathed by the falling towers, but from fire damage sustained from the other two buildings. There was a building near the towers that had its building front pretty well blown off with one of the twin towers steel reinforcement structure hanging out of the front of it, and it was still standing. The stairwells were destroyed at about the 8th floor, trapping the people who were above. The 2 towers fell straight down on themselves, not falling to the side, where they would have fallen on another building, say a building like WTC #7. I am sorry, but if you watch the videos, you can not say you can not see all of the mini explosions occurring as the building came down. With all of the fire, explosions, and chaos happening all at once, when the dust settled, on the ground they found one of the terrorists identification cards in perfect condition.

A commercial plane hit the Pentagon, one of the most secure and video surveyed buildings is America. The airliner was feet off of the ground when it struck the Pentagon. The plane clipped a light pole with its wing before it hit. There is no video of the plane coming towards the building, only one video showing the front of the building, then an explosion. The hole from the plane left on the exterior of the building should have matched the the holes left on the exterior of the WTC buildings. They did not match.

Then there was flight 93 that control was taken being taken back by its passengers and crashed in Pennsylvania. There was nothing at the crash site. Not a passenger seat, not a piece of glass, not even a piece of an engine. But they did find a bandana worn by one of the terrorists. A nice neat knot in the back, perfectly folded edges, and not even a burn on it.

May the people who perished on that day have found their way to heaven, and give strength to the family members who lost loved ones on that dreadful day.

President Bush said he was watching the television when the first plane hit the towers. No you weren't George! You were in a Florida classroom reading a book to a bunch of first graders. They televised your aide coming in and telling you about the event that had just taken place, the first of a series of unfortunate events.

There are still other false flags I have left out of these events, but a government coverup is possible. Why possible? To throw the United States into another war we can not afford. I thought that when wars were fought that there was some kind of economic recovery afterwards. If so, we are almost done with 2 foreign conflicts. Where is the recovery? Now there is Iran, Syria and North Korea to deal with. Lets just pray that if a conflict arises with any of these nations, that China, and or, Russia will not join in the conflict against the United States.

One report I heard of was a dark skinned male. Really! How dark? Was he suntanned? Did he look like he could have been from North Korea? Was he wearing a turban? They had actually had nobody in custody at that point in time. Getting the American people pumped up to go to war again. But they did not expect all of the people in Boston who showed up at the court house to see who this guy was. Cover up or false flag could be used at this point.

I am saddened by the fact that three people who felt that they were safe from harms way past away, and over a hundred peoples lives have been changed from having been a part of and responded to those explosions.

I have a question though. When a bomb is used to injure or kill people, it is a terrorists fault. When a person uses a handgun or rifle to injure or kill people, it is the handgun or rifles fault.


Nahhh say it aint so....CNN reporting false information. lol