15 arrested on secret indictments

Sheriff: 'Drug problem is far worse than the average citizen realizes.'
Scott Seitz2
Apr 18, 2013


Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard called Wednesday's operation, "Crystal Clear," a huge success.

Deputies, along with a number of other law-enforcement officials, combed three counties looking to arrest 18 individuals on secret indictments. Assisting agencies included deputies from Richland, Sandusky and Erie counties, along with the Bellevue, Clyde, Fremont, Monroeville, New London, Plymouth and Willard police departments.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: To see pictures of suspects being arrested, click HERE.)

"I'm very pleased by the success of this operation," Howard said.

"Having the help of all the different agencies makes all the difference in the world. I think the drug problem is far worse than the average citizen realizes. I'm very proud of the effort today."

When the dust settled, 15 people were taken into custody -- all on some form of drug-related charges related to the seven-month investigation.

The operation was called "Crystal Clear" because law enforcement wanted to send a clear message that the battle to stamp out the drug problem locally will continue.

"Today, was great to see everyone working together," Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said. "We will continue to step up the efforts in drug enforcement in this county."

The following people were arrested. (NOTE: Pictures of most of these suspects accompanied the story published in Thursday's Norwalk Reflector.)

n Roberta Bisel, 36, of 25 1/2 Woodlawn Ave., on three counts of trafficking in alprazolam.

n John Cory, 45, of 39 W. Seminary St., Apt. B, on one count of trafficking in oxycodone.

n Shauna Greaves, 32, of Old State Road, on one count of possession of heroin.

n Lavanna Harmon, 46, of 12613 Berlin Road, Berlin Heights, on two counts of trafficking in alprazolam and one count of trafficking in buprenophine.

n Dustin Howell, 27, of 3764 U.S. 224, Lot 11, Greenwich, on illegal conveyance of drugs into a detention facility.

n James E. Kirk, 32, of 557 W. Pearl St., Willard, on one count of trafficking in heroin.

n Danny Klein Jr., 29, of 171 N. Buckeye St., Bellevue, on one count of trafficking in cocaine and three counts of trafficking in oxycodone.

n Roger James, 24, of 52 S. Old State Road, on two counts of trafficking in heroin.

n Jake Marsillett, 64, of 975 Monroe St., Apt. 132, Bellevue, on three counts of trafficking in hydrocodone. Other drugs were seized at Marsillett's residence along with $340 in cash and a loaded firearm.

n Justin Palumbo, 19, of 233 Hartland Drive, Bellevue, on three counts of trafficking prescription pills.

n Andrea Panfalone, 26, of 10906 Potter Road, Bellevue, on one count each of trafficking in oxycodone and trafficking in buprenophine.

n Tara Rhodes, 39, of 1115 County Road 260, Clyde, on two counts of trafficking in oxycodone.

n Troy Snezek, 26, of 975 Monroe St., Apt. 123, Bellevue, on one count of trafficking in oxycodone.

n Susan Sokolowski, 28, of 3764 U.S. 224, Lot 76, Greenwich, on two counts of trafficking in heroin.

n Russell Willard, 27, of 25 1/2 Woodlawn Ave., on one count each of trafficking amphetamines and trafficking diazepam.

The investigation, which was conducted by Querin, covered about seven months. He and Chief Deputy Ted Patrick organized Wednesday's operation.

Howard praised Querin's work.

"Josh Querin deserves a lot of credit on this operation," he said. "He is dedicated to his profession and the public. He is top-shelf."

Patrick also said Wednesday went well.

"If you find half the people you are looking for, you're doing well," he said. "We've exceeded that."




Hey booboo...smarter than your average bear!!!
Great Job!!!!
Now this kinda sheet makes me happy and proud!!!
Taking a bite outta crime!!




I bet if u drug tested these people they would fail for opiates in one form or the other most are selling to other addicts to get their fix which I feel is a bit more different than the guy making a living off pushing this stuff on the streets including doctors being addicted to opiates is a scary thing it consumes your whole life and when it comes to getting REAL help there is little or none I think maybe the state should think about helping a little more u can go to any hospital with mental health problems and start collecting a check sometime later try to go to the hospital with a drug problem and see how fast your turned away most people don't start doing these types of drugs with the intension of becoming a junkie but before u know it your hooked and in most cases the very doctor that gave u the pills will have nothing to do with u if u become an addict until you've walked in their shoes u shouldn't rush to judge


The Senate voted today to keep guns easily available to all these people.


Drugs are banned, but easily available to these people. The Senate made sure the rest of us would be able to protect ourselves from scum like this!


So I guess you are saying you can't pass a background check? I've never had a problem with it.


They did not, dumba$$. Show proof of your post. In detail.


Here's your proof. http://www.reuters.com/article/2...

Good! Now the idiots in Congress can quit distracting people with this nonsense and get back to work on what is really important...the economy.


No they can't. We have bombings and explosions to deal with now. BTW, KD, congress did not vote to let idiots have guns. They already had/have them.


While everybody was napping congress threw out the law not allowing congress to insider trading and CISPA the controversial internet law. So congress can now legally take advantage of insider trading and almost censor your internet.

hit the road jack

Rogerthat: Did you turn yours in?


I did not and when yours are taken away I will gladly give you one of mine.

Simple Enough II

Laws are already in place, just never enforced.

be for real

it does not matter what the senate votes about guns.The bad people will get guns either way


It does not matter what laws are about drugs. The bad people will get drugs either way. Why have laws at all? If you aren't willing to do background checks before someone can purchase a gun, you are enabling criminals, terrorists and the mentally ill to purchase guns legally and what they choose to do with those guns is all your fault.


Ive bought guns in both Ohio and Georgia......and had to wait 15 minutes for a federal background check. They already have background checks in place.

Lillie Chaos

You may only wait 15 minutes because you have nothing to hide. One name--one social security number--pretty easy to track you. I have several legal firearms...all registered to me. Are we the people that are being a danger to society? No probably not. We need to be sure the background checks are thorough and guns at swap meets and coon hunts and anyplace else people gather and firearms are present are registered and accounted for. I don't think anyone even wants to take my guns....except the drug addict if he knows I have them. If you have a gun it should be registered.
In this modern wild west time we need defense but we also need common sense.

hit the road jack

Yes, we need to register them so when Obama wants to take them ALL he knows where to get them,if your on a govt. registry they know where to go! this guy does NOT like guns in my or your hands period! this is the same thing Hitler did,make you register them and then take them,why do you people have to be so damn brain dead about trusting the govt.


If you see a bunch of kids murdered at an elementary school, and your first thought is "Great now Obama is gonna try an take my guns", your priorities are seriously messed up. And before you call me a commie, a liberal, or something else stupid. I own many guns, and love hunting and skeet. Have never waited more than 15 minutes for a background check, but think convicts and the mentally ill should probably now have automatic weapons.

hit the road jack

Don't you think something is wrong with the way they want to take your rights and kids are always caught in the middle of things? as far as the background checks,how many applied to buy guns knowing damn well they weren't supposed to and applied anyway,how many were prosecuted,"0" so for anyone to cry to me about background checks,I don't want to hear about it.
As far as the mentally unstable having automatic guns,I don't think they should have them either,because if you had any guns as you say you would know automatic weapons are illegal for anyone to have unless you have a special permit from the Govt. so as far as your guns,I don't care how many you brag to own,you don't know $hit about your automatic weapons.
1 other thing,how many old bags in the senate have you heard say that if they had the votes they would take EVERYONE'S guns,no if's or and's about it.

Lillie Chaos

Excuse this old bag....but I whole heartedly disagree. We all complain that courts are too soft. It seem to me that with controls also comes MUCH stiffer penalties for being in possession of an unregistered firearm. NO ONE wants your guns if you are a stable functional citizen.

hit the road jack

Excuse me,you had better talk to Diane Feinstein,you can youtube it she says she would take EVERY last gun away from everyone in the country if she had the votes and their are plenty of dumocrats who would be right there with her. If your going to play dumocrat on here at least know what your talking about!


common sense and defense go hand in hand....good concept


duplicate post

Lillie Chaos

duplicate post

Simple Enough II

Losing argument. What percentage of criminals buy weapons at gun shows or gun shops?


Some people in Bellevue are stepping up to the plate.



Great Job to Sheriff Howard and his staff!!! Keep up the good work.


I hope the focus is on moving up the supply chain and taking out bigger and bigger fish. That is what will lead to true progress in reducing the problem.


senate made the right decision! rodger that!!!!