15 arrested on secret indictments

Sheriff: 'Drug problem is far worse than the average citizen realizes.'
Scott Seitz2
Apr 18, 2013


Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard called Wednesday's operation, "Crystal Clear," a huge success.

Deputies, along with a number of other law-enforcement officials, combed three counties looking to arrest 18 individuals on secret indictments. Assisting agencies included deputies from Richland, Sandusky and Erie counties, along with the Bellevue, Clyde, Fremont, Monroeville, New London, Plymouth and Willard police departments.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: To see pictures of suspects being arrested, click HERE.)

"I'm very pleased by the success of this operation," Howard said.

"Having the help of all the different agencies makes all the difference in the world. I think the drug problem is far worse than the average citizen realizes. I'm very proud of the effort today."

When the dust settled, 15 people were taken into custody -- all on some form of drug-related charges related to the seven-month investigation.

The operation was called "Crystal Clear" because law enforcement wanted to send a clear message that the battle to stamp out the drug problem locally will continue.

"Today, was great to see everyone working together," Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said. "We will continue to step up the efforts in drug enforcement in this county."

The following people were arrested. (NOTE: Pictures of most of these suspects accompanied the story published in Thursday's Norwalk Reflector.)

n Roberta Bisel, 36, of 25 1/2 Woodlawn Ave., on three counts of trafficking in alprazolam.

n John Cory, 45, of 39 W. Seminary St., Apt. B, on one count of trafficking in oxycodone.

n Shauna Greaves, 32, of Old State Road, on one count of possession of heroin.

n Lavanna Harmon, 46, of 12613 Berlin Road, Berlin Heights, on two counts of trafficking in alprazolam and one count of trafficking in buprenophine.

n Dustin Howell, 27, of 3764 U.S. 224, Lot 11, Greenwich, on illegal conveyance of drugs into a detention facility.

n James E. Kirk, 32, of 557 W. Pearl St., Willard, on one count of trafficking in heroin.

n Danny Klein Jr., 29, of 171 N. Buckeye St., Bellevue, on one count of trafficking in cocaine and three counts of trafficking in oxycodone.

n Roger James, 24, of 52 S. Old State Road, on two counts of trafficking in heroin.

n Jake Marsillett, 64, of 975 Monroe St., Apt. 132, Bellevue, on three counts of trafficking in hydrocodone. Other drugs were seized at Marsillett's residence along with $340 in cash and a loaded firearm.

n Justin Palumbo, 19, of 233 Hartland Drive, Bellevue, on three counts of trafficking prescription pills.

n Andrea Panfalone, 26, of 10906 Potter Road, Bellevue, on one count each of trafficking in oxycodone and trafficking in buprenophine.

n Tara Rhodes, 39, of 1115 County Road 260, Clyde, on two counts of trafficking in oxycodone.

n Troy Snezek, 26, of 975 Monroe St., Apt. 123, Bellevue, on one count of trafficking in oxycodone.

n Susan Sokolowski, 28, of 3764 U.S. 224, Lot 76, Greenwich, on two counts of trafficking in heroin.

n Russell Willard, 27, of 25 1/2 Woodlawn Ave., on one count each of trafficking amphetamines and trafficking diazepam.

The investigation, which was conducted by Querin, covered about seven months. He and Chief Deputy Ted Patrick organized Wednesday's operation.

Howard praised Querin's work.

"Josh Querin deserves a lot of credit on this operation," he said. "He is dedicated to his profession and the public. He is top-shelf."

Patrick also said Wednesday went well.

"If you find half the people you are looking for, you're doing well," he said. "We've exceeded that."




The average citizen knows exactly how bad the drug problem is and it's getting much worse. Any police blotter, in any paper in this region,... has people getting arrested , pills stolen out of their vehicles or homes, or syringes found out in the streets or along the sidewalks... Every small town in this area is turning into a Big city problem. It's on the front pages of the newspapers all the time. How can we NOT know the extent of it?

It's not just pot anymore, it's crack, horse and meth. Those seem to be the 3 top ones, Haven't heard much about acid and angel dust in recent years.

Cut off some of the mule trains coming from the southern border and you might stem the flow some, that's their favorite route. From Asia to South America, and north to Mexico and the US.


A lot of these people had to go no further than their doctor's office. I am not sure how our southern border plays into this because we are far from "mule trains". It is a mistake to think that certain types of crimes are big city problems. Fact is, they are everywhere and will not be going anywhere anytime soon.


Don't take my "mule train" comment too literally, deer, because it doesn't take much to transport up here ... a one or two day drive at the most... There's no such thing as being too far away from anything, anymore.


Maybe so, but more than half of these people were trafficking in legal drugs.

free and clean 2 yrs

completely agree.. its a 3 day drive at best with 3 or more vehicles involed so atleast 1-2 cars of heroin make it... and then it travels up to safe/stash houses in cleveland n columbus. then to be distributed to these people a balloon at a time.. they make the trip atleast twice a week.. the whole heroin epidemic is a lot bigger than most think.. and a lot harder to stop when you know the actual legalities and distribution from both sides.

hit the road jack

No,the problem can not be whats coming across the border on foot,the real problem has to be the Govt. that brings it in by the plane load,their is NO WAY that this much crack,heroin and anything else gets into this country without the govt. being involved! look at the big banks getting busted for laundering all the drug money,makes sense don't it?


Yep, and nothing is a big surprise to me anymore. I forgot to mention the ports and cargo containers. And yeah, the pill poppers.


I bet you think 9/11 was the gov't? And the gov't put crack in the ghetto to hold the black man down? Are you serious? Do you actually believe what you say to yourself? Wow...I believe our gov't will torture people for info, but to flood the U.S. with heroin and crack you really must be a nut... my opinion.

hit the road jack

You are a good sheeple! just keep letting them spoon feed you just what they want you to hear,you'll be in line for some vaccines and whatever else they want to test on you.


I bet you think Obama is walking into your living to take all your guns..go live out in the hills with all the other anti-gov't nutcases. Your a fool. If you actually think that, you need to move to North Korea or someplace. If you actually think the gov't is going to kill 1000's of people with heroin and crack and other drugs then you are a dimwit. You are one of those dumba**es that are probably proud they bombed Boston..or was the gov't behind that too? People like you are worse than the drug addicts. You poison our childrens' minds worse than these drugs. You are a pathetic shell of you calling yourself an American. You are not a Patriot or even put into the same catagory. Pathetic fool. You are a sheep. And people like you sooner or later get cut from the herd because your lame or sick or both. Bout that time for your ignorance to go.

hit the road jack

No,I know for a fact he won't come to take mine and yes the govt lets the drug co's put the toxins in your vaccines and for a nut like you all you have to do is about 5 minutes research to see just what is in say flu vaccines,do a little research instead of a little lip service before you post something you know nothing about,hell,your hero Bill Gates is giving vaccines in Africa,then about a month ago about 400 kids became paralized from them. myself,I am not too proud to speak of Americans,their a bunch of puzzies like you that want to have everything your way,right or wrong.


OK I take it back. I won't give you one of mine.


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hit the road jack

Obviously your brain is as small as I thought,toxins found in the flu shot: Thimerosal(49% mercury) each vaccine contains 25 micrograms which is 250x the EPA's limit for humans.
Formeldehyde,Aluminum and Tritonx100 which is not supposed to injected into humans.
And you swastika flag,I would love to shove this thing where up the crack of your *ss,so there swizzle d!ck!

hit the road jack

What in the hell is horse,this one is a new one on me.


Sorry,, I shoulda said smack, H, stuff, junk, china white, chiva etc. common street names for herion at least when I was growing up.

They been around along time.


Slang for heroin


We have a drug problem, but even worse we have a prosecutor cutting a deal problem and a judge allowing it to happen problem.


Thank you to the Huron Co Sheriff Dept (Josh Querin) and all those involved.

Yall Make Me Sick

Great job Huron County.

Yall Make Me Sick

Now lets get some more druggies.

Richard Cranium

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Richard Cranium

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


Not bashing anyone? But you put someone elses picture up there instead of your own. Whats up with that?

Richard Cranium

Well, thats not the picture I uploaded. I dont know where that came from. My internal profile shows the picture I uploaded but when I post this pic shows up. I think the reflector might have issues on that.


why not bust some of these doctors that give all these pills to people that don't need them because if they needed them they sure wouldn't be selling them. why not get more of the heroin junkie off the streets of Norwalk snd not let them out because they snitch on the next one and just put them away. oh what was I thinking I forgot Conway has a drug court for that slap///////////////////////


great job, maybe a picture of the deputy that done all the work instead of sheriff howard would have been better




They are all wearing pajama pants haha

Odysseus's picture

Good Job joint police forces.... I think this statement is completely irreverent? " Other drugs were seized at Marsillett's residence along with $340 in cash and a loaded firearm." I'm not letting the newspapers tell me its bad to have Advil, a wallet, and a loaded BB gun.