Farm vehicles can now use bypass

Permits cost $100, and each vehicle would need one.
Scott Seitz2
Apr 18, 2013


The U.S. 20 bypass is now available for farm-vehicle use with a permit.

Residents will need one permit for every motorized vehicle they take on the bypass. Permits are $100 apiece.

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hit the road jack

And just watch and see how many tractors and equipment get hit in the @ss from people texting and not being used to seeing farm machinery on a 4 lane divided highway! this is absolutely stupid! all farmers have big trucks to haul their grain and the such but let them drive farm equipment on a major highway,who will be the first victim? I'd say the ones who live on the west side of Norwalk and farm 100 acres in Wakeman.


Do you own a compass? That would be the East side, jack.

hit the road jack

LEARN TO READ! read this 10 times and tell me you don't feel stupid!

Richard Russell

Whichever direction, I have to agree with HTRJ and have been saying this ever since it was first proposed. Be ready for the first time an out-of-town semi runs into a slow moving combine that he did not anticipate finding on a limited-access highway.

hit the road jack

You are exactly correct,just ask the horn boys on sandhill road,they got hit in the @ss by a semi while driving on rt. 20 about 2 1/2 miles west of monroeville.


It's all about the money money money.