Huron County grand jury indicts siblings in home invasion

Brother and sister face felony charges.
Cary Ashby
Apr 16, 2013


A Huron County grand jury has indicted 14 people, including a brother and sister accused in a March 1 home invasion in Fitchville Township.

Jeremy M. Sax, 34, of Norwalk, faces charges of robbery, aggravated burglary, tampering with evidence and possession of heroin.

His sister, Treva M. Campbell, 30, of Norwalk, faces charges of burglary and tampering with evidence, both in connection with a March 1 incident.

Huron County Sheriff's Detective Josh Querin has said the situation began to develop when Sax's girlfriend -- a 23-year-old New London woman -- went to her ex-boyfriend's home to retrieve her laptop computer.

"Later, Larry (Thornsberry) and Jeremy came into the house without permission and began to assault the victim," Querin said.

Thornsberry, 35, who initially was charged with robbery, burglary and possession of heroin, had his case transferred to Huron County Common Pleas Court for a possible indictment. However, his name was not on the list of those indicted last week.

The victim, during a March 12 hearing in Norwalk Municipal Court, accused Sax of repeatedly hitting him with a black handgun while Thornsberry reportedly grabbed him from behind in a choke hold. The victim testified the assault ended "after about 10 to 15 minutes."

"I went to Fisher-Titus (Medical Center) and had staples put in my head," the man said.

When a prosecutor asked about Campbell's involvement, the victim testified "she came in at the end."

"She told me to give up everything and it will all stop and be over with," the victim said.

On Monday, Sax and Campbell appeared for their arraignment hearings in common pleas court. Both pleaded innocent and received trial dates.

Sax is scheduled to stand trial July 16.

Judge Jim Conway scheduled a May 30 trial for Campbell.

"She's got some drug issues going on," Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said Monday about the lifelong local resident.

Sax and Campbell remains behind bars in the Huron County Jail, unable to post bond.

Sax's girlfriend when the alleged home invasion occurred also was charged. However, during her preliminary hearing, Judge John Ridge ruled there wasn't enough evidence against her to continue the proceedings, so those charges were dropped and the case was not presented to a grand jury.

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The following will be said:
1) "I know him and he would NEVER do anything like this!"
2) "He was just there- he didn't do anything except he was with the wrong people- it was _________s fault!"
3) "Just because he has a tat up the side of his neck doesn't make him bad!"
4) He was just the sweetest guy you could ever meet and would do ANYTHING for his family/friends!"
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I think they say "big looser". LOL


I'm not gonna say that what he did was right or that he would never do something like this. I do know Jeremy. I have known him for many years and I will be the first to say I know he is far from perfect. I believe he did this and should get lots of prison time but I also what to say to those of you who look at his tattoos and say he is a bad man because he has a neck tattoo are just wrong. His tattoos have nothing to do with the crimes he has done. I have a tattoo on the side of my neck and I do not do the things that Jeremy does. I don't like the stupid tattoo on his face but that does not mean people need to get on here and call him names. You all sit on here and talk about the way people look. I bet most of you would look real good if we could see what you look like right now. Why don't some of you just grow up and if you wanna talk about people then go back to middle school. It's one thing to say what he did was wrong but don't judge people by the way they look. Maybe one day someone will do the same to you and I hope what you hear ain't as mean as what some of you say about the people on here.