Local residents not injured in Boston bombings

James Kasten Jr. ran in Monday's Boston Marathon.
Aaron Krause
Apr 16, 2013


James Kasten Jr. said he feels relieved he ran the Boston Marathon as fast as he did.

An hour slower or so, and he and family members could have been injured or worse in Monday's bombing.

Kasten, his sister, Victoria and their father, Dr. James Kasten of Norwalk, were on a tram, a couple miles away from the finish line when the two bombs exploded.

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Kottage Kat

Good news for sure


Glad they were far away from the bombings!


Wow, so glad they made it home safely.

JMOP's picture

Glad they are ok.
Wasn't he suppose to run in the NYC marathon? The race was called off because of the hurricane?


Remember last time with the Dr. JMOP?

JMOP's picture

No, I can't recall half of anything I hear

Cliff Cannon

While hurting for Boston. It is wonderful to be blessed enough to say : Thank God for great timing Kastens.