Sheriff calls drug operation best ever

War on drugs continues in Huron County.
Scott Seitz2
Apr 16, 2013


The war on drugs continues in Huron County.

From 7 to 11 p.m. Friday, a group of Huron County sheriff's deputies conducted a drug-interdiction operation in the southern half of the county.

Richland County deputies also participated, patrolling its side of the county line.

The interdiction culminated with a number of arrests in 33 traffic stops.

Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard said operation might have been the most successful -- ever.

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War on drugs is a feel good statement. More drugs than they can handle


I've never seen an elected official work so hard to do exactly what he was elected to do and then take so much flak for doing it. I agree with the war on drugs comment but that's most likely the words of the reporter. Just watch, a few haters will post their personal attacks and try to spin this into a negative. Call it what it is. It's some good, proactive, police work. I'm thankful for it. You may not like the guy but for goodness sakes it seems like he has a real interest in making this county safer. I understand it's a forum and the right free speech but the negative comments that will be posted just seem unwarranted to me. Then again, maybe those few won't do it this time.


Good Job, however this is just a drop in the bucket in Huron County, every single day there's a meth or heron addict being busted or sought after. Huron County has it bad man, like really bad. Nice job to the Sheriffs Officers but really there needs to be more done.. It doesnt hurt on bit to pat someone on the back for doing a good job.


Let's see where is the herion originating from and thru what countries does it get here..

OH, right -- can't mention that because it's not PC.

Edwin Ison

I'll bet they celebrated at the Pizza Hut buffet!

Kottage Kat

It is cat and mouse. He keeps catching them and the judge lets them go, so they keep catching the same people, and no progress is made


I still hold the notion that one day... One day people will finally realize that this war on drugs is a waste of time and money. It's like a "war on murder" or a "war on theft". These things happen, you will never truly be able to get rid of them. What we need to do is find the BEST way to deal with them when they happen. Locking an addict up perpetuates the cycle when they have a felony. Arrest the dealers, help the addicts. Quit arresting the addicts and helping them dig their own hole.


Your a idiot! So your saying, its not helping? Maybe if they get to them before they make that sale we won't have addicts. They can take there "sh--" to a different place. Good job guys, keep it up. The bigger picture is up to other services, like border patrol. Like that tanker fulled will drugs. Look it up. Tanker fulled with drugs in TX. Can't just give up.


You dont understand the bigger picture. We arrest millions of drug related offenders and they are not cured. We catch one dealer, and there is a new position open as a dealer. We take down a cartel and there are fifteen more looking to fill that gap who dont have the infrastructure the cartel did. Don't speak when you don't know much about the topic. Look at Portugal. Read up on some facts. I commend the police for their efforts, it's just unfortunate it is frivilous.


Also, you said, "Your a idiot". If you wish to speak in better English, it would be, "You're an idiot". Idiot.


Speak? You mean spell. lol who is?


"They can't put stuff on the internet thats not true.." guess I should read up. I'm glad your not are leader with that attude, the usa would habe been over taken long ago with a leader taking another leaders place and another leader anf another leader.

Sitting In The ...

@ whatwhat WOW they stopped one tanker....the reason it's a failure is because 65% of the cocaine entering the United States enters from the Southwest border crossings so I would call that a failure. Look they wouldn't be bringing them into this country if nobody were buying them and the fact that'll never happen is a crystal clear indication that the War On Drugs is an utter failure. So please research a topic before you call others idiots.


You gonna find every ground hog tunnel? Its like all you people just give up. Its sad. They should be praised. What are you guys doing to stop it. Sitting there being arm chair qb's.

Really are you ...

The addicts are the leaves on a tree, so to say. Once one is taken from the tree, there are a lot more out there, that one plucked leaf will return after time. Take that tree out at its roots. But that will take too much time, money, and effort. Lol. Find a remote island somewhere and drop the addicts off. Air drop food and drugs weekly, and soon the tree will be bare. Then it would be easier to see all of the individual branches and uproot the tree.


Better yet give all the addicts the addresses of the people who don't think it helps and see if it will change there minds. Nevermind they probably would be doing the drugs together. I like your idea better.

Mr. Touchdown

Nice job Dane, but none of your drug operations in Huron county will ever truly be successful until Conway starts handing out harsh punishments instead of his usual slap on the wrist.


Wise man is right, Its a war we cant win . It is
a never ending cycle. We barely make a dent!


Thank you grandpa. We do make a dent though. We lock up those who commit these crimes. But at what cost? Someone will fill their role because there is quick easy money involved. Especially for those who have already received a drug conviction felony and cant get a real job once they are released. We spend millions upon millions nationally and the numbers havent changed.

Sitting In The ...

Each year taxpayers pay 22k for every prisoner incarcerated... if that's not evidence it's a failure I don't know what is ....


Well I'm happy to pay that as long as I don't find a dirty needle in the park or yard. F n sad.


Anything for a photo op as usual.


I really wish norwalk would use face book like all the news channels do.


Sorry wise I am wrong. After all everyone knows a lot of the big drug busts do not come from the lower part of the ladder. That would be just dumb to think busting a addict would lead to a dealer and a dear to a bigger deal. Im wrong sorry for calling you idiot. Later, not posting or reading anymore I am done.