Local man indicted on 10 rape charges

If convicted, suspect could face life in prison.
Cary Ashby
Apr 15, 2013


A Milan Township man faces a 10-count rape indictment in connection with sexually abusing two sisters.

Joseph D. Wagner, 62, of Huron, must post a $140,000 bond before being released from the Erie County Jail. The Erie County Sheriff's Office arrested the suspect Friday morning at his Mudbrook Road home without incident.

Deputies learned of the allegations Feb. 11 after one of the girls accused Wagner of raping her several times. Her mother then asked the older sister if anything happened to her and she also reported being victimized by Wagner, Chief Deputy Jared Oliver said.

The girls are 6 and 10 years old.

Oliver said the first suspected rape, which involved the older girl, happened in April 2011 and then "Joe started abusing the younger one," which continued through February. He said it was the younger girl who immediately reported the incidents to her mother.

The mother called the Sandusky Police Department, which transferred the investigation to the sheriff's office because the suspected incidents happened in Milan Township.

Erie County prosecutors presented the case to an Erie County grand jury, which secretly indicted Wagner this month.

"It was five counts of rape for each victim. Each count is for a child victim, who is under the age of 13. That's punishable by life in prison," Oliver said.



Why,waste the taxpayers money again? Cement blocks and drop him off the 250 bridge. This is just my opinion!


Life if guilty is not enough!


When found guilty, I think castration and life alone in a cell with "Bubba" might be a good sentence for this one.

Kottage Kat

Instead of " could " spend life in prision
Should is a far better word


This animal's abuse likely spans generations. In all likelihood, there are others who should step forward. The 2 young victims should not be left alone t deal with this terrible tragedy. Close ranks and bring this man to justice.

Also, didn't this guy sue Chrysler many years ago and win over a million dollars?

Stay tuned folks, there's more to the story...


CREEP!! just sickens me...


What AWU said.

Spieth's picture

Wow, how horrible. My brother and I rode the bus with the Wagners and Joey (the son) was a smart kid. I remember there were two children, Joey and his little sister, a little blonde girl who never spoke much. It breaks my heart to think about what was going on in that house even in 86. We lived in the apartments close to the home and asked permission to use their basketball hoop. We spent so may hours playing out there, and the Wagner kids would never come out. We thought it odd, and on occasion when we saw the dad; he struck us as odd. Never did we think it was a house of horrors.


I told you!!! Not everyone with one is one but damnit every sex offender carrys a moustache