Zachary O'Neil named Police Officer of the Year

Award-winner's father retired from the Norwalk Police Department in 2012 after serving 31 years.
Scott Seitz2
Apr 24, 2013


Zachary O'Neil has been named Police Officer of the Year by the Norwalk Lions Club.

His father, Jack O'Neil, retired from the Norwalk Police Department in 2012 after serving 31 years.

Zachary O'Neil, who just celebrated his one-year anniversary of being hired full-time, said he was humbled by the honor.

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Congrats Officer O'Neil. You're an outstanding guy, and a great officer.

Cliff Cannon

Well done Future Chief

jack langhals

Agreed !


But, but, but...he's in a UNION! Aaaaaarrgh! THANKS, OBAMA!


Proud of you buddy.


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Great man and Officer!

Kottage Kat

God bless you, watching you grow into a fine man and officer has been great
you have made your parents proud.
Stay safe out there


Congrats Zack you've earned it ! Keep up the good work !


Zach congratulations on your well deserved achievement. May you have a long and successful career following in your father's footsteps. God bless you and keep you safe!


Hats off!
Thumbs up!
Well deserved.
We once named our family pet O'Neil after your Dad Zach. :)
Big shoes to fill...they don't make them like him much more.
We feel good knowing you're on the job.
Thank You and God Bless

swiss family


swiss family



You will be one of a very small minority with that opinion of Jack. He is a good man who served this city with respect and honor for 31 years.

swiss family

chicken noodle

So swiss what did he pull you over for?


I am guessing that It was something involving a Black Lab and A Catholic Priest. Am I right, Dale?

swiss family

Oh... and could they come up with a hat that would fit this guy????

swiss family

Oh I see that if you think that his Dad was not such a great Police officer.. you get deleted.... what happened to the right to have and express my opinion??????

Richard Cranium

Hey swiss, go **** yourself. What have you done for Norwalk besides sit behind a computer and complain about everything? His dad served Norwalk for 30+ years. Thats to bad if you were at the wrong end of the stick. You should have made better choices in life and maybe the police and judicial system wouldn't have left such a bad taste in your mouth.

swiss family

sorry Dick...if my opinion of the quality of work differs greatly from yours... but that's life i guess... and I do hope you see the irony in you telling me that I complain about everything, as you COMPLAIN about me and my opinion... that probably went way over your head there didn't it??? sorry I will go a lot slower so you can at least understand the small words.......lolol... you are right , his Dad served 30+ years...but everyone has good and bad days.. everyone has times when they are into their jobs and other times when they are "burned out" In my opinion I wish his Dad would have retired about 5 years ago, when he was a top notch Officer..In my opinion , he might have stayed a little past the time he should have, without tarnishing his good reputation.... sorry if you disagree.... well not really... again I couldn't care less... Oh and by the way... Nice attack with foul language... I know you blocked it out, but we all know what you meant...and by that, again , you bring yourself and you credibility down a few notches...I don;'t think that anyone (except for other vulgar attackers like yourself) thinks that using foul language makes you seem brighter.. but again that in MY opoinion


Chicken noodle, according to looks like they got him for criminal mischief:

Concerning: Exxx, Xxxx (swiss)
Filed: 04/21/2011
Arr. Agency: SNOR Case #: 1100552
Docket Entry: Click
Case Type: Criminal

Funny I've heard him complain about others in similar situations; seems we all make mistakes don't we??

swiss family

what similar situations would you be talking about??????? you know, when you don't have a clue what you are talking about, and are talking out of your but, people get confused as to if you are talking or fahrting.... just so you know...lololol

swiss family

his Dad was the best Police officer that this town ever had.....some will say... but certainly not everyone

Richard Cranium

Congrats Zach!!! You are a good man and a great addition to the police force! Keep up the good work!

swiss family

I am not saying this guy is good otr bad... I am however wondering how long he has actually been on the force??? it seems to be NOT that long, so I believe that he is being rewarded for his Dads work, and not what he himself has done... which was what again????


For someone who seems to have a comment on every article it seems that you have blatantly over looked Zach's name in here about once a week. His name has been in here for his accomplishments in the field not his retired father's.

swiss family

I will admit that I do think that it is ironic that for the past year I have pointed out a real opinion about what our "officials" have and are doing.. for example Mr Ridge.. and have been called out and criticized badly for doing so.... BUT this past week, the Reflector themselves "Roasted" Mr Ridge, and no one complained on here publicly????? so now I tell my view and my opinion on Mr O Neil and some people think that it is because of some personal interaction I had with him... sorry, but I never had any interaction with him, but I can see what he has done, and see his devotion when he started and aslo see it change as time is MY OPINION... you have yours and I have mine... sorry if you don't like it.... not really.. I couldn't care less


Hey @Swiss: I am surprised that you are not a fan of Officer O'Neil-he is one of the few Norwalk Cops that HASN'T pulled you over


Congrats Zach! So thankful to have you as an officer in Norwalk! Swiss, shut up... Your opinion is not welcome here.