U.S. 224 closed in Huron County

Route to be closed at least eight days for an unplanned drainage repair caused by sinkhole.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Apr 11, 2013


A sinkhole on U.S. 224, between Ohio 99 and 598 east of Willard, has forced state officials to close the road until further notice.

Christine Myers, public information officer for the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), said a culvert that runs along the road and a CSX railway collapsed due to the amount of rain Wednesday night.

A motorist noticed the sinkhole Thursday morning and contacted a state Highway Patrol trooper, who in turn called the Huron County maintenance garage.

County officials then informed ODOT, which took over the case. The road in New Haven Township was closed between 8 and 8:30 a.m. Thursday.

The 30-foot by 30-foot sinkhole also forced the closure of the railroad tracks, since a passing train could cause the sinkhole to widen.

Myers said there’s no known timeline for fixing the sinkhole, but the road is expected to be closed at least a week.

“We have to get a contractor out to repair that area,” she said. “We’ve got the road closed for the public’s safety.”

While sinkholes can form, they’re not common, Myers said.

The detour for eastbound motorists will take them on Ohio 99 north to Ohio 103 east to Ohio 598 south; westbound motorists should take the reverse route.





It's a 30 feet deep sink hole. Look on wmfd.com. The reflector can't get anything right.


@curt44906, Thanks. Near RR tracks too. The vibration of a passing train could certainly make it wider.


What does the Reflector have wrong Curt? It says the road is closed, which it is, that there's a sink hole and that it's being fixed? Is the detour wrong?


They have cut all train traffic on them tracks until further notice. It would be so unsafe for a train to go over that area.

Richard Russell

Not a sink hole like they get in Florida, more of an undermining from water drainage. But the net effect is still the same - unsafe to drive over or near.


If only it would have been big enough to suck the whole town of Willard into it... Sorry if that sounds mean but it would be doing the town a favor.

Lillie Chaos

u do have a point Tylernol but you don't want Willard's alkies and addicts moving in next to u and they would be scramblin' out of that hole and heading north east down 61 and you know where that would take them. Willard PD is making some headway in this town. Hope we see in county wide.
Shoot we may have safe place to live again one day soon.

believe it

I feel perfectly safe here.


Thanks for the support tylernol......we greatly appreciate it.


I lived there until recently and was unfortunately part of the problem. I don't want to say that I blame Willard itself because ultimately you make your own decisions but the environment definitely had some influence on my decisions. I'm just glad to be away from it all. Doing much better for myself now.

believe it

"environment" a lot of times meaning your friends. Moral of the story is choose your friends wisely and hang out with the good ones. I've lived here all my life and the environment has never made me want to do drugs. Like you said a lot of it is the decisions you make but it's also the people you associate yourself with.

whats up hometown

Throw all of willards junkies in the hole before it gets filled. just a thought lol


Do that and it'll collapse again since the junkies have no support ;D

Brock Lee

they got cbcf


Doesn't Ashland Railway own the line? CSX system map doesn't list it and the rail atlas list ASRY.


Pardon me, Steamer84, is this the Transylvania station?


It could be, that crossing does seem likes it in the middle of nowhere! You know that is the old station stop since New Haven didn't want the railroad to run through town when the line was built.


@Steamer, "does seem likes it in the middle of nowhere!"
Ok, that reminds me of Joel saying to his brother Bernard in the "Adam" episode of "Northern Exposure",
Bernard: Where am I?
Joel: You know, I've been asking myself that same question since I got here. I finally figured out we are somewhere between the end of the line and the middle of nowhere.
Bernard:Oh. Where is that on the map?
-A masterpiece of a tv show if there ever was one-.


@ Steamer, Interesting. What do you mean, the old station stop? A depot stop with a building?
On google earth dated 5/18/2012 at this site, there is a round stone spot.
Are you a railfan?


I have never found out for sure if there was a building or not. It was a stop just like Centerton, Havana, Pontiac, and Kimball and Prout north of Monroeville were. There are still depots in Plymouth and Lexington and maybe Bulter?, Monroevilles depot is on SR 13 at the Coupling! Section 4 talks about the railroad in New Haven, the tracks in town were the interurban! http://www.huroncolib.org/NewHav... Lets say I am more of a Historian!


I'm PRETTY SURE that Norwalk is just as bad as Willard if not worse. Every time you look at the Reflector its talking about a drug bust or something like that. In less then 2 weeks there was a meth lab fire, a guy selling drugs to an undercover cop all in Norwalk. if you want to get rid of all the junkies then all of Huron county should fall in the hole!!


loulou589, I undersatand how you feel.
Norwalk, Ohio is not the bad community that the Norwalk Reflector makes it out to be on it's online paper.
Norwalk, Ohio is a city made up of honest, hardworking and retired citizens.
Please, do not judge Norwalk by the immature drug culture.


And just to let you know, drugs are everywhere not just in Willard.


Hey Amigo, look where we end up after we start digging in Mexico!