Dunlap: 'Shady Lane complex needs to come down'

Huron County has too many governmental buildings, commissioner says
Scott Seitz2
Apr 14, 2013


Two of the main functions of a Huron County commissioner are to set an annual budget and maintain buildings.

Commissioner Tom Dunlap said now that the budget is in better shape, it's time to tackle buildings.


For starters, Huron County has too many governmental buildings, he said.

"And they are all junk," Dunlap said. "They are all too old. How did they get to that stage? That's beyond me. The whole Shady Lane complex needs to come down."


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Are we talking about the BMV?


Can't agree more /w Tommy about the whole Shady Lane complex needs to come down starting /w 255 Shady Lane & the so call adminstration too. Sick'em boy.


Part of shady lane complex I believe is a historical building so I don't think they technically can tear it down. If we look the history behind the building and it's in fact historical structure there might be issues with tearing it down.


They are nothing but a very dried out timber wood building(s) waiting to collapse. Maintaining those adjoing buildings is like putting a bandaid on a gaping wound.

Fibber Mcgee

Let's tear the whole complex down and move it where? Wait the city has the old lumber company ,( I forgot the name) and rent it from them.

jack langhals

Eat Crow !

Kottage Kat

Quick to tear down
Without a plan
Modem operendum of this commissioner



jack langhals

Let's buy more picnic tables,cheaper !

Really are you ...

Are you kidding me! yeah right! "Now that the budget is in better shape, it's time to tackle buildings." I was just told that Huron County is a poverty county. "What is making us a poverty county, is the jobs that are leaving." How can the budget be in better shape with a shrinking employment tax base? Additional hidden taxes in the sales of gasoline? Tobacco products? Alcohol? Is the budget in better shape because people are leaving? Is the budget better because of all the people being sent to CBCF? How is the budget getting better? Please tell me so I can get my standard of living back to what it once was.


Before running over there with a bulldozer, has anyone even considered where to relocate the agencies that are currently using that complex?

Kottage Kat

The duncelap kool-aid party
Have a drink

Kottage Kat

I meant

Most Wanted

The BMV should be moved in with the same place you take your drivers test anyways along with the Title Office. One stop shopping! Better building, plenty of parking. All utilities in one place. AND...God forbid we make it easier for the citizens of Huron County! Go for it Tom!