Search continues for missing father, girl

Pair launched their kayaks from Crystal Rock on Saturday and never returned.
TNS Regional News
Apr 10, 2013


Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said several agencies will continue the search today for a father and daughter from Sandusky who are presumed drowned.

Jonathan Francis, 30, and his daughter, Viola Francis, 12, launched their kayaks from Crystal Rock, near the southern shore of the Sandusky Bay on Saturday for a two-hour trip to the Thomas Edison Bridge and back, and never returned.

“Unfortunately, so much time has passed,” Sigsworth said, adding that the agencies are now working to recover the bodies to give family and friends closure.


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Estrella Damm

Sad on so many different levels.


Dear God Above
I ask you hear the many prayers of this family and friends and strangers who have never met them.
I ask that you watch over all the people helping in the search and keep them safe.
Mostly, I pray you return father and daughter and strengthen loved ones.
God Bless you all... :(


This situation is so sad :( :(

Kottage Kat



Amen Kat


So glad Norwalk is nicer than Sandusky. So much hate in the Register bout all this. The family dont need all that hate. Thanks to all of you for the nice comments

David Deerest.

Sorry, I'm going to rain on your 'Hug and Prayer' parade...
WHY didn't they have life jackets? Can someone please riddle me that??


No, I don't understand that , either.


Because I Honestly Don't Feel They Are Deceased! Too Much Doesn't Add Up And Honestly I Pray My Theory Is Correct, At Least They Would Still Be Alive And Well! Prayers To All Involved


My thought is how they fell out of a kayak and how did everything end up in one spot. This goes against the laws of nature. I think he ran things do not add up when you look at these facts.

Brock Lee



thats what I don't understand why everthing including 2 shoes ended up in the same spot? And why would the girlfriend wait 12 hours to call for help?


It saddens me to see such harsh coments on the sandusky register about my cousin.Most of you are just reading/or hearing the story through someones elses perspective.Right now this is my family's horror story. Yes bad desions were made,I dont have the answers to these tough questions that all of us want to know.But I can tell you without a doubt little Viola was LOVED and our concern right now is not how she ened up missing ,but FINDING HER is what matters. Thank you for not being as harsh on the comments as the sandusky page. All the negitive comments about Violas mom while she is going through hell is not helping.Please use that negative energy( weather you like mom or not) and go help us find viola !


How come there has been no statements from Erie county since they said it was a missing person investigation? They have made no statements since the kayaks and shoes were found. Maybe people are looking in the wrong place while days have went past. Just in the twelve hours the girlfriend waited it gave him time to get across two or three states. With no bodies someone should put out an amber alert. The girlfriends actions seem odd for anyone who has family missing on the lake. And I do not know the mother or father. There is something odd about this whole situation.


Shame on all you doubting debbies!!!
Damnitt...these two are still missing!
Have some compassion!


i no ruthy and viola and i remember the threat the father used to make when he was locked up. all i gotta say is none of this adds up. viola im praying for you sweetie

David Deerest.

Smells 'fishy' to pun intended. I don't think this is the last of this story. Hope the girl is ok.