Two women and male teen jailed after Bouscay Avenue disturbance

Last month, teen was put in drug court program and granted intervention in lieu of being convicted after using a stolen credit card at two Norwalk businesses.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Apr 9, 2013


Two women and a teen were jailed following a disturbance at the Bouscay Avenue apartment complex Sunday night.

Police were called there at 8:14 p.m. to investigate a report of a fight involving a woman and a male teen. They determined the teen -- Kenneth Ansel II, 18, of 16 E. Quail Hollow Drive -- had been drinking alcohol, so they arrested him. Ansel currently is in a drug-court program that would allow a felony conviction to be wiped from his record if he successfully completes it.

While arresting Ansel, police said Ashley Ringle,  29, of 27 Bouscay Ave., Apt. A, and Heather Randolph, 26, of 37 Bouscay Ave., Apt. A, caused problems, so they, too, were arrested, charged with disorderly conduct and taken to the Huron County Jail.

Witnesses told Ansel and Ringle had been physically fighting outside the apartment building before going into Ringle's apartment. Ansel came to the door with a bloodied nose, police said.

Ringle's two small children were removed from the apartment and given to her sister and brother. The children will be staying with relatives in Monroeville, police said.

Below is the narrative of the disturbance and investigation as it appears in the report filed by Officer Zachary O'Neil.

The Norwalk Police Department received a report of an active fight near the 37 building on Bouscay Avenue, involving Ashley Ringle and Heather Randolph. I arrived on scene and located a large crowd near the 35 building. The bystanders advised Ashley Ringle and Kenneth Ansel II were the subjects fighting. I was told they both went inside 27 A Bouscay Avenue, which I am familiar with as Ashley's apartment.

I made contact with Ashley at the front door of her apartment and spoke with her of the incident. Ashley advised she and Kenneth were fighting but everything is okay now. I detected a moderate odor of an alcoholic beverage from Ashley as she spoke and I observed her eyes to be very glassy. Ashley advised Kenneth was inside the apartment and I asked if she could summon him to the door. Ashley called for Kenneth to come to the door. Kenneth came to the door without a shirt and agreed to speak with me outside. Ashley told Kenneth to not answer any of my questions and stated, "Make the state prove we did something wrong."

I immediately noticed Kenneth had dry blood around his nostrils. As I spoke with Kenneth, I immediately could detect a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from his breath as he spoke to me. Kenneth's speech was slurred and his eyes were bloodshot. Kenneth admitted he had consumed alcohol this evening.

After confirming Kenneth's age as 18, I advised Kenneth he was under arrest. Kenneth complied with all of my orders but Ashley became irate, telling me I cannot arrest Kenneth. Ashley interfered with the arrest of Kenneth by continually trying to pull him away from me. Kenneth remained compliant and was placed in handcuffs and escorted to my cruiser just as Officer Schick arrived on scene.

While I was escorting Kenneth, Ashley started swearing loudly at the bystanders calling them "F---ing snitches!"

I informed Officer Schick to place Ashley under arrest for disorderly conduct. As I was placing Kenneth into the rear of my cruiser, I noticed Heather Randolph was arguing with Officer Schick as he attempted to place the handcuffs on Ashley. I observed Ashley was not complying with Officer Schick's orders, as she was pulling away and not allowing him to place the handcuffs on her. I immediately returned to assist Officer Schick and told Heather and Jenisa Castile to step away. Jenisa complied but Heather refused and repositioned herself even more between me and Ashley, while Ashley continued to resist arrest from Officer Schick. Heather was moved aside and I grabbed Ashley's left wrist in an effort to assist Officer Schick. Ashley immediately broke the grip Officer Schick had on her right wrist, swinging her arm in my direction. Ashley squared up to me and attempted to pull her wrist away. I grabbed the back of Ashley's neck and administered a balance displacement, taking her to the ground. Ashley was placed under arrest and placed in the rear of Officer Schick's cruiser.

Sergeant (Seth) Fry arrived just as Ashley was being placed in the cruiser. Heather began swearing loudly across the parking lot, directed toward the bystanders. Sgt. Fry told Heather to quit yelling profanity or she will be issued as summons for disorderly conduct. Heather told Sgt. Fry she wanted to go to jail tonight and if he doesn't take her now that we will only be called back down, as she continued to yell profanity. Heather was placed under arrest and she was transported to the Norwalk Police Department by Officer Langjahr. Heather had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from her person and admitted to consuming alcohol.

Ashley's two children (ages 5 and 8) were turned over to her adult siblings. They will be staying in Monroeville, Ohio and provided a phone number they could be reached at.

I located (two witnesses) and both advised they witnessed Ashley and Kenneth physically fighting outside the apartment building, prior to going into 27A Bouscay Ave. They provided a written statement and they were added to the report.

Back on station, Kenneth provided a sample of his breath into the BAC Datamaster. A sample of his breath provided a reading of .271 grams of alcohol per 210 liters of breath. Kenneth, Heather and Ashley were all transported to the Huron County Jail, as they were unable to post the required bond.

A copy of this report will be forwarded to the Law Director's Office for filing of charges. I am requesting the Law Director to review the report for filing of Obstruction of Official Business charges, as nobody was held on the charge.

Last month, Ansel was granted intervention in lieu of being convicted after using a stolen credit card at two Norwalk businesses

Ansel pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property. However, his conviction will remain pending while Ansel participates in the Huron County Common Pleas Court drug court program.

Probation officer Dexter "D.C." Chandler has the authority to send participants to 14 days in the Huron County Jail for violating the terms of the program.

On Oct. 20, Ansel possessed and used a credit card belonging to a female victim at the Walmart and Mickey Mart in Norwalk, Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff said.

Ansel, who earlier posted 10 percent of a $5,000 bond, is an acquaintance of the victim.

He is on probation for three years. If Ansel successfully completes the drug court program, Judge Jim Conway said he would terminate the defendant's supervision.




With our tax dollars we pay their rent, buy their food, and provide them whatever medical care they could possibly need. We support their kids and any money that they might happen to find they spend on partying hardy all night long while their neglected children sit idly by and watch. God Bless america.


'while their neglected children sit idly by and watch' ... and the cycle continues


I watched the whole thing from across the street. Not the first time I have seen this woman drunk while her two kids were in her care.

Lillie Chaos

>>administered a balance displacement, taking her to the ground<< I find this phrase and visual almost amusing. Alcohol is a drug...a dangerous vicious drug. NPD is trying to clean up their town.

Cliff Cannon

@ Lillie Chaos : Totally agree on the visual. Zack is a pretty cool cop,isn't he ? Here's wishing N.P.D. the best of luck in cleaning up our town


Ansel if you play your cards right you can work for Norwalk City Water Dept. Sounds like your work history is what they are looking for.
Good Luck!

onegirlarmy only gets better!


So who will be on here first to defend them and say how the apartment complex is full of honest, hardworking people just trying to make a living and aren't on welfare and pay their own way, and.....ya. Let's try that one again.....I bet they pay their full rent, not on welfare don't have cable or an iphone, or the other quirks that the rest of us have. Seems to me they need to clean house down there, but I don't talk for the majority...


Perfect statement


Heyyyy...They got booze on a Sunday.
And here I try not to indulge too much on the Sunday wine.


Maybe you do.


Jeez I wasn't defending everyone down there but there are those who do work, aren't on welfare etc. Get over yourself about the "majority" comment. As for Ashley, she's been down there quite awhile,living off the system and not taking care of business. She's already on probation for allowing a drug deal to take place with her kids present and yet she still hasn't been evicted, which I think is crap because there are others who would appreciate a helping hand to make a decent life for themselves and their families.And, I agree they need to clean house- again I would like to be in charge down there for one month-that's all I would need. The management on site seriously doesn't have a clue of what's going on.


With all the bad press lately, the majority of us think the majority of the people down on Bouscay are a bunch of loser trash-at least for a majority of their life so far. But they still have the majority of their lives left. So hopefully the majority of them will clean themselves up. Just saying what I think, probably not the majority, tho.


The majority of the news has been from the majority in the same hood.




Bouscay apartments are not a great place to be. They were nice when built decades ago. Someone needs to fumigate.


Wasp 71 I will actually be the first one to tell you that these girls are nothing but trash and they are what gives this place a bad name. The police are down here at last 5 times a week at Heathers apartment. We have complained over and over again trying to get her out of here. She lives in a 3 bedroom apartment and moved all of her friends in there with her because she lost her kids like 2 years ago because she over dosed on heroin. Yes for once I completely agree that they should not be living here and hopefully this will be the last straw and we can finally get her out.


And hopefully you can get out of there too mammaof3.
You seem to have a half way good head on your shoulders.
Better life for you and your kids would be great.
But first...
You'd have to stop sticking up for and associating with such criminals,junkies and meth heads.
And stop trying to insult people who do good.
You seem to know every ones business there.
Maybe it could be an opportunity for you to apply for manager.
There you go...grab a whip and get busy !


Hey Mamaof3 I live in building 26. We should get together sometime haha. I Have 2 little girls who need decent kids to play with, and I need a decent friend. As of now I have none...I stopped talking to everyone :/


Not a happy camper I live in 31 so I am sure I have seen you. I don't talk to really anyone either. I just know everyones business down here because unfortunately alot of the children down here don't have guidance so when they see the police they are right in the middle of it and then they run around telling everyone. When I see the police I keep myself and my children as far away from the situation as possible for there safety.


I went to school with the ringle family I know all 3 and this isn't the first time Ashley lost her kids