City never performed background check on employee

Water department worker facing drug charges already was on probation for counterfeiting money.
Scott Seitz2
Apr 8, 2013


A city of Norwalk water treatment plant employee currently on unpaid leave after a recent arrest never was subjected to a background check officials confirmed Monday.

The employee, Wesley Mills, 30, of Roseville, was arrested April 2 by Huron County sheriff's deputies for a license-plate violation on U.S. 250 in Norwalk Township.

Mills was found to be in possession of a spoon used for drug abuse and suspected methamphetamine pipes during that traffic stop. The pipes have been sent for lab analysis.

Mills is incarcerated at the county jail.

According to several news reports and his own admission, Mills was already on probation for counterfeiting money.

To find out why the background check wasn't performed and to learn more details about the counterfeiting case and current troubles Mills is facing, read the story in Tuesday's Norwalk Reflector.

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Kottage Kat



Must have been a really "good" comment. One to make the hair stand on your neck, and get your fingers thrashing around on the blog. :-)


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Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Off-topic comments.


Someone still dropped the ball, shouldn't a background check be done?
Out of 70 applications no one from this area was qualified??
Who was on the panel besides the water superintendent?
As for the paper.... I was getting it thrown on the sidewalk, talked with the
folks at the reflector, and it is getting better. I'll give them a chance before I cancel the paper.


My my...aren't you sensitive. Had my comment deleted because I gave you the address and contact info that this website has below?


There will be military style background checks for any and all people applying for work at the bath house.


Time for someone to Step Down. When you open the City to law suits you need fired.


The city doesn't do a background check on this guy, but they do backgrounds on police officer candidates so intense that even include credit checks. Why couldn't they perform a simple background on this and other city employees? If you are wanting a public paid job, then you should have a background done.


So the guy that has access to the city's water source doesn't get a background check....seems safe to me....


Hummm, didn't think of that. Good catch.


Was there some cronyism going on in the hiring process? The mayor hired several out of towners to power positions. Someone should check out any connection to this guy and who hired him. Anyhow, I feel a bit sorry for the purp. He had a good job and messed up AGAIN.

God Of Thunder

So why didn't they do a check. I don't live in Norwalk and am not paying to read the flyer they put out, but I am curious.. Is it a money thing or oversight??


I agree I am curious too...but not so much as to pay for it. I am sure in a day or two it will show up somewhere.


There wasn't a background check done on him because the city doesn't require them. I believe if you have a CDL, and work for the city, you have to have one. I've also heard the same thing about the police officer candidates.


Because convicted felons are never, ever allowed to work anywhere ever again.