Ike Liedorff field survives -- for now

(UPDATED with video) The Ike Liedorff Memorial Field lives on -- for now.
Jul 28, 2011


(UPDATED with video) The Ike Liedorff Memorial Field lives on -- for now.

By a vote of the VFW members Wednesday night, they decided open a dialogue between the club, the Lefty Grove League and the Junior Truckers football program.

The fate of Field 3 -- named after the late Ike Liedorff, a longtime league supporter -- was in jeopardy after VFW members voted earlier to tear down the field and replace it with a football field for the Junior Truckers.

The Junior Truckers, a program for fifth- and sixth-graders, are not affiliated with the school system.

Lefty Grove League players were out carrying signs and chanting in favor of the league, while VFW members met inside. Their voices were heard. At least for the time being.

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I still say to leave the field and the city should give the foundry property to the Jr Truckers. They (the city) aren't taking care of it and there is plenty of room for a field.


I agree with you .The Norwalk Jr Truckers deserve a place.


For Now it survives....kinda of like everything else in Norwalk. Nothing can be resolved everything has to be left in limbo. The cat problem, dilapitated homes, the Norwalk community sign. Funny how Milan can resolve these problems as they arise. As for the Jr. Trucker program, find a place for the kids that doesnn't involve destroying other kids dreams of playing baseball for Lefty Grove. Common sense people!!


The problem with leaving it in limbo is that those who want it will keep trying to get it done until the other side gives up. Kinda like the kid who says "pleeeeease can I have a cookie" two million times. Eventually, mom gives up and gives the dang cookie. I feel for the Jr. Truckers. I had one at one time and will probably have another one in a few years. They did not ask for the field. It was brought to them. I'm sure Woody thought it would be a great opportunity, and it would be if it weren't for the fact that there's a baseball field being used every summer by 60 some kids. I hope the Jr. Truckers can find a suitable place with useable restrooms to practice. Both are great programs and deserve to have a place to call their own.