Water shut off at 2 Norwalk mobile home parks

Residents lose water service through no fault of their own
Aaron Krause
Apr 6, 2013


When Midtown Manor resident Carol Ashcroft learned she didn't have running water Friday, she was mad: She'd just paid her water and sewer bill, along with the rent.

Ashcroft called maintenance for her trailer park. She learned the entire trailer court was without water.

Ashcroft said she received no warning.

It turns out Ashcroft, and other residents at Midtown Manor and Key Estates, didn't do anything wrong.

The property manager, however, had -- and Friday was hardly the first time, Norwalk Finance Director Diane Eschen said.

Norwalk has one meter by Midtown Manor and one by Key Estates and city officials bill management.

More than once, including Friday, the complex's management, I&R Properties, has been late with the water bill. So even though residents paid their bills based on readings from individual meters, their water was shut off Friday. That lasted at least an hour Friday before management paid its bill, Eschen said.

"They've been late in the past," Eschen added.

When asked about the extent of the problem, she said "I would say frequently would probably would be accurate terminology."

Eschen said city officials have spoken to I&R Properties management. Their response is usually that they'll take care of the bill, she added.

But that didn't happen in time Friday, so Midtown Manor resident Teresa Mohr couldn't flush her toilet.

Mohr called the Reflector Friday afternoon about the problem.

"I'm telling you I'm just shaking, because it's disgusting," she said. "We're in a mess. This is awful."

Mohr said she called city hall and was told the entire mobile home parks of Key Estates and Midtown Manor had no water "because the owners had not paid their water bill."

Eschen said the city doesn't send out a separate shut-off warning. On the back of each water bill, there is language informing customers that if they have a previous balance, they're considered delinquent and subject to shut off. The notice further informs them they must pay their balance immediately to avoid service disconnection. Furthermore, they'll be charged a $50 turn-on fee. Eschen said the city normally shuts off service toward the end of the month or the first part of the next month. Service is usually restored within the same day of payment.

As for I&R Properties, "they get the bills every month," Eschen said.

I&R representatives couldn't be reached for comment Friday.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Reflector photographer Jeff Van Natta contributed to this story



Good luck on the response, they never answer their phones or respond to us.


i wonder want else they dont pay


The lot rent for one mobile home should cover the whole bill. I wonder how they're living? I bet sitting pretty somewhere.


This is crazy. The water bills at that park are equal to the rent payments. The tenants are paying twice or more than any other citizen of Norwalk. Billing is done by I & R to each tenant and the Reflector should publish someone's bill! I think one of the major TV stations should be contacted for an investigation. There are hundreds of people with no water or sewer - including elderly and children. This is outrageous!!!!


Call Fox 8 they'll put the bill on air. Or use social media... Find out who owns the property. I hope everybody is keeping copies of bills and receipts.

Kottage Kat

Oh you bet your bippy I have my bills
They bill a different amount every month if u don'tcall them on it
I am one person and do not use much water
I pay as much as a family of five
I also read my meter and write down usage.
Don't have internet so can't get # of TV or I would call
You know that I would, rebel rouser that I am. Tee hee


good for you at least you have proof, but can you imagine how many people don't keep that stuff... it's like I worked with people who never kept their paycheck stubs, either .... they just threw them away and their bills as soon as they paid them. I never understood that.

swiss family



5 ON YOUR SIDE..********1-216-431-3666

good luck

Kottage Kat

Thanks Swiss
Will give it a whirl
The klaws are out



How do you comment on here if you don't have internet?


thanks for asking...I was wondering that myself


I think mr. lahey is behind this.


Or it could be Ricky and Julian on another one of their sexy schemes.

Kottage Kat

I pay 23.00 a month for water and sewer.
They are horrible and do nothing


We pay 450 Lot and at least 50 in water. Not to mention the 3.00 processing fee. And every year it goes up 15 dollars for doing absolutely nothing back here. This pales in comparison to what they do behind the scenes to people, charging false late fees it, goes on and on. If you want the real story Reflector maybe you should dig a little deeper.


If you don't like it, think it's too expensive, or think you're getting terrible service for utilities: MOVE.


Sometimes its really not that easy. We used to live at midtown manor. We were young, didnt do our research and bought a double wide. $435.00 for trailer payment. 430.00 for lot rent, over 1000.00 a year in trailer taxes. ...cheaper to buy a house on a piece of land. We were lucky and found a nice retired couple that had cash to pay us what we were asking and just broke even on what we owed on the trailer. Just like a car, the longer you own the lower the value. We saw others that couldn't sell because of this.

Kottage Kat

Easier said than done
Cost eight thousand dollars to move mobile home
If u can find me Laplace and the money to do it believe me I would be gone



Exactly Kat sometimes people judge way to quick.


Ok, I will conceed the points of Kat and Una.. but you, shut up! I wouldn't call this 'judgement', I would call it my OPINION. I welcome other points of view, like Kat's and Una's, and ok, so it's not that easy to pick up and move. But you...trying to label it, and start something and hide behind others...shut the pie hole.

yea right

Kottage kat it is only about 1500 bucks to move a MANUFACTURED home i know i moved mine . Water outside of city is 4 times more even though the park is annexed by the city to collect city taxes. Hmm can we say scandal. Btw the US Government declared these homes Manufactured back in the 90's


You guys are lucky with your water bill prices. Mine's a little over a hundred. We usually use 6-7 thousand gallons a month. I wish my bill was 23 or even 50 bucks.


Something don't seem right about the landlord of these properties.


There will be an endless supply of water at the bath house.


oh yeah!

Sitting In The ...

Betherella if what you're saying is true they're saying you're using
between 200-233 gallons a month. If you live alone I would be very concerned. If each trailer has it own water meter then I would just send my payment straight to the city.


I don't live there. I live in a house with my husband and 3 kids. I think sewer is way more than water, and that is included in the water bill. Maybe at the park it isn't.


Key Estates used to be a very nice, well kept place. Drive through there now, what a dump. When it was locally owned it was a nice place to live, then when I&R took over the place went to pot. They don't do anything there, they don't even replace the bulbs in the Lap posts, their job, not the resident. They don't cut their grass, or plow the snow. I&R are a bunch of Slum Lords, don't ever live there!


I don't believe you are allowed or able to pay your own water bill. The park is billed one amount for the park and then either divides it according to some mystery formula or reads its own meters. If there is no running water, I would think either the health department could step in or the housing authority.

Mr. Touchdown

You mess with me you mess with the whole damn trailer park!