Woman gets 10-day jail term for trying to steal TVs from Walmart

Convicted thief banned from store for two years.
Scott Seitz2
Apr 7, 2013


A woman accused of attempting to wheel several televisions out of the Norwalk Walmart has been found guilty of theft in Norwalk Municipal Court.

Rachelle L. Wirsche, 28, of 1106 W. Market St., Sandusky, pleaded no contest to the first-degree misdemeanor charge, according to municipal court documents.

The theft occurred March 15.

Wirsche's sentence included a $200 fine, $112 in court costs, two years probation with no other convictions within that two-year period, and 90 days in jail, with 80 suspended.

Wirsche, also as part of her sentence, is prohibited to enter the Norwalk Walmart for two years.

She is required to pay fines and costs within 90 days. If she doesn't comply with that payment order, she is subject to arrest and would have to return for a court hearing July 11, according to court records.



Sounds like she deserves a New JOB with the Water Department!

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LOL, that's funny!


I can think of one "job" that she looks very capable of performing.


Wo the worst part of the punishment is the walmart banning. Lollol

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Should of banned her from all walmarts ,since she doesn't live in Norwalk.
Probably well known in Sandusky stores.


You'd send a really different message if you made her serve more jail time.
It makes no sense to me, why we smack people on the hands to allow them to go out and steal some more. Do you think this was her first time? First time caught maybe. That's what's wrong with court systems overall. Not strict enough penalties for the crimes committed.


Well, you do understand it wasn't HER fault. Probably the drugs made her do it.


...yes... sniff... sadly, she's a victim too...


What WAS I thinking? Ha!

Kottage Kat

How do they enforce these banned people?
Just curious


Store catches them inside, they are charged with trespassing and the court then can also violate their probation since they violated a court order.


...high end security cameras, level Four facial recognition software, and a well paid employee swarm team...


And dont forget those high tek ear buds they wear to help swarm lol


Maybe the message that "Commenter" posted will soon come true since she has a pending theft case in Sandusky Municipal Court of which was scheduled for trial on March 25th. She has a full page dedicated to her on their website including but not limited to child endangerment, theft , intoxication offenses, underage drinking, receiving stolen property and traffic charges. This court better be careful ordering her to pay her fines in 90 days. The ACLU will have something to say about that!


ha ha ACLU .... Will be interesting to see how it goes.

jack langhals

Don't you get more time for smoking a joint ?

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I think you can smoke a joint and steal a joint Jack, you just can't buy a joint....


When will people learn that Wal-Mart has one of the best security systems in the nation? In store or outside in the parking lot. Damn. It's almost like walking into a casino and trying to cheat or rob the place. Ain't gonna happen.