Gun laws curb domestic violence, group says

U.S. Senate is scheduled to begin debate on gun legislation next week.
Apr 5, 2013


Among Kelly Cameron’s childhood memories is the image of her stepfather pressing a gun to the heads of her toddler sisters.

That’s how he tried to keep her mother from leaving him. He threatened to kill two girls, ages 2 and 3.

He was a “really great guy until he wasn’t,” Cameron said yesterday in Columbus, recalling her stepfather’s threats to a room of advocates who are trying to make it harder for people like him to buy a gun.

With the U.S. Senate scheduled to begin debate on gun legislation next week, gun-control supporters across the country met yesterday to discuss the link between guns and domestic violence, and to push for universal background checks for gun buyers.

Cameron was one of about 20 people who gathered around a table at a Downtown office. She’s a local chapter leader for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a group that formed after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.

“We are making it too easy for the criminal,” Cameron said. “Some manage to wreak havoc on society if they want to, but we have to make it harder for them.”

Jay Plant, of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which hosted the nationwide events, said universal background checks would save women’s lives. Citing coalition statistics, he said that 38 percent fewer women are shot to death by intimate partners in states that require a background check for every handgun sale.

Plant played the coalition’s new TV ad for the Columbus gathering. The commercial tells the story of Zina Haughton, a Wisconsin woman shot to death in a salon by her estranged husband. Haughton’s restraining order against him didn’t prevent him from buying a gun online.

“To combat violence again women,” Plant said, “we must do more to strengthen our gun laws.”

Sitting at the table yesterday was Felicia Saunders, a 47-year-old East Side resident whose life has nearly become defined by gun violence. She split from her husband eight years ago after he became addicted to crack cocaine, she said. She took out a restraining order as she pursued a divorce.

Although her husband had criminal convictions, she said, “he still carried guns.”

One day while she was at work, he showed up and pulled a gun on her teen son, Anthony Sowers II. Police intervened. The ex-husband went to jail, and Sowers was safe.

Four years later, the outcome was different. One summer night in 2009, a man popped out of the bushes and shot her son in his back. No one has been convicted in the shooting. Sowers, 22, died an hour later in the hospital.


By Lori Kurtzman - The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio (MCT)

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hit the road jack

This is stupid! the Denver cops that were told to attend Obie's chirp session yesterday weren't happy they were told to go and some of them refused to go and are dead set against his ramblings on gun control as I am too. A lot of these nuts going out and killing people were put on drugs by the govt. and they don't want to fess up to that,nor will the press report it that way either.


I had a bunch of guns but there was this one particular gun that always had me and the wife going domestic on each other. it was jealous of the wife so it would make up stories to get us fighting. I could see it was causing problems in our relationship so the wife had to go..

swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

This group Mayors Against Illegal Guns is solely funded by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg is the wealthiest politician in the country, more than obama. Criminals and Gangs don’t get background checks so his proposal is foolish. Lori Kurtzman is just spewing more liberal nonsense.

tell it how it is



Law's or not..."Criminals" are still going to find ways to get guns, just like a junkie will always find a way to get drugs......


EXACTLY !!! That's why we have laws for dealing in illegal drugs . Why do people think it's alright to sell a dangerous weapon to a person , for which they have no idea what their intentions for that weapon are . Private gun sales puts guns in the hands of criminals . Universal background checks will help stem the tide of guns falling into criminal hands . And just because some may not obey the laws , doesn't mean that the laws shouldn't be .

hit the road jack

Do you actually think these criminals cannot make a gun if they absolutely needed one? I think so,hell,you can download the plans to make them off the internet or buy them from a foreign source or you can buy american guns from Mexicans that were either sold or given to them by the US Govt. and that's another thing that pisses me off,where are you people when the Govt. gives these guns to foreigners and no one cares or where are you when the US drones kill children in foreign countries? well,if you don't complain loud about that then keep quiet about our LEGALLY owned guns!


A universal background check and registration network would help keep guns in check . Legally bought guns that are turned around and privately sold would have to go through this same checking process . Why is that so hard to understand ? If you got nothing to hide then what's the problem .


Bluto, this is what the problem is-

To allow the Government to have a list of all gun owners is like having the fox guard the hen house.
The 2nd amendment is THE GUARANTEE we have of preserving all our rights.
The NICS will be used as a backdoor registration if they can expand the coverage.
It was done before during the Clinton administration. The attorney general was maintaining records of transactions even when the law specifically forbade that records be kept. The attorney general finally complied when threatened with being held in contempt of congress, the current attorney general has already been held in contempt so would that stop HIM?


Universal background checks on People might help. Maybe we should put a Red Letter on a criminal so no one sells them a gun. Or a big Red letter on a house where violence occurs, that way the police and the government can find them real easy.

I am not really in favor of a big red letter on anyone. But I would rather law breakers and violent people get the attention of government and law enforcement, instead of law abiding citizens being targeted as suspect just because they exercise the second ammendment, to buy a weapon to protect themselves. Something is wrong here. Be afraid of criminals. Guns are not dangerous. People who do violence are dangerous. Fear the people, not the guns made for your protection. And have more fear for government that can take away any Constitutional freedom.


If they dont have guns, They will find another weapon! Dont these poeple get it?? There will always be killing & violence. unfortunately we cant stop it by restricting guns!


By your reasoning then, we should have no laws because there will always be crime anyway.