Not just another 'average Joe'

If you've always wanted an "average Joe" to run for president, your wish has been granted. Cleveland resident Joe Schriner literally an "average Joe" is running to succeed President Bush.
Aaron Krause
Jul 25, 2010


If you've always wanted an "average Joe" to run for president, your wish has been granted.

Cleveland resident Joe Schriner literally an "average Joe" is running to succeed President Bush.

"We're concerned about having a world for our kids to grow up in," said the 52-year-old Schriner who, for the past several years, has traveled across the country with his family in a motor home, spreading his message, while homeschooling his children.

Schriner, his wife Liz and children Jonathon, 4, Joseph, 9 and Sarah, 11 have campaigned several times in every U.S. state except Hawaii and Alaska. In Ohio, they've campaigned in all 88 counties twice.

Liz Schriner said as she and her family campaigns, motorists frequently honk their horns in support of her husband just as they were doing Thursday afternoon on Main Street in Norwalk.

The motorists were responding to signs such as "Average Joe Schriner for President...Imagine that," and "Honk for My Dad," held by Joseph. Liz, the children and her husband also handed out "Vote 'average Joe'" flyers. Liz, a New Zealand native, waved an American flag as motorists passed by.

He said he thinks the current candidates are trying their best, "but I think we have the best platform."

He said he and his wife are average parents concerned about issues affecting Americans global warming, the curbing of nuclear proliferation, abortion, poverty and violence on streets and in schools.

Schriner lumps these issues into what he calls a "consistent life ethic across the board."

"One push of a button (and) there's a possibility there's not a world left for the kids," Schriner said.

As for abortion, he said "they never entered the world. They never got a shot at life."

Schriner said he would work "stridently" to make abortion illegal in all cases, by penalizing violators with jail time. The independent presidential candidate conceded people will still have abortions in private, but feels his enforcement would reduce the practice.

Schriner said to end global warming, he would subsidize on a major scale solar, wind and geothermal power. Now, he added, only a pittance of money subsidizes those alternatives.

Does Schriner and his immediate family think he can get elected president?

"Absolutely, the American people are so ready for an average citizen to be the next president of the U.S.," Liz said. "This is America, right? Anyone can win the White House."

The couple's kids have faith their father can win.

"I think they need an average Joe," Joseph said.

First things first, though: Schriner said he will work to get on the Ohio ballot, which he said will make his campaign a national story and help him gain momentum. To have his name listed on Ohio's ballot, he will need 5,000 signatures to do so. He said he's not concerned; he has plenty of contacts.



I am so tired of our nation dumbing itself into this "average" mentality. This guy is a joke. Our founding fathers were not "average" men, they were well educated and enlightened individuals who understood the implications of their actions.

The problems are country faces are much more complicated than this Average Joe makes them out to be. Simple solutions do not cure complex issues.

If you want an "average" person as President who thinks everything has a simple solution, just look at the last 6 years. I hope our country can get beyond this problem of having a smart, well educated individual in the Oval Office.

Mula Baranna (A...

George Bush must have more than an average intelligence, if education equates intelligence. You sure can't tell it from some of the dunder headed decisions he makes. Maybe an "average" guy with intelligence is what we need in this country. A person without special interests groups tagging at his heels, someone who has more than himself and his rich buddies to look out for. We certainly need a change !!

friedaj (Anonymous)

He sounds to good to be true. I am wondering though what his take would be on handling the situation in Iraq.