Linder: Residents need voice

Fair week is the unofficial start of another season campaigning for November elections. Steve Linder, first-time candidate for Norwalk school board, is taking advantage of the crowds at the fair by showing up as often as possible in his campaign shirt to earn name recognition.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


Fair week is the unofficial start of another season campaigning for November elections.

Steve Linder, first-time candidate for Norwalk school board, is taking advantage of the crowds at the fair by showing up as often as possible in his campaign shirt to earn name recognition.

"We've had a lot of people come up to us and wish us well," Linder said. "It's been a very positive experience."

Linder, who is a superintendent for the bridge division of Kokosing Companies, Inc., is a graduate of Norwalk schools. His two children Michael, 22, and Melissa, 20 are also NHS graduates.

As he campaigns, Linder has one main message he will be a voice for residents if elected to the school board. "In the past four years I've been to several school board meetings with issues of my own," he said. "In my opinion, the majority of the school board has a motto to ignore people and their problems until they go away."

Linder declined to rehash any old issues, but said he believes residents deserve the chance to have their views considered fully by board members.

"Rules in our education system are not applied to everyone equally and communication in our district is horrible," Linder said. "That's why some issues have come up horrible communication."

Linder said he would work to improve communication between administrators, teachers and residents and would give all residents' a chance to air their opinions. "I want to give the school board back to the community," he said.

The candidate also said he thinks district employees are reluctant to go to the board with concerns and problems because they are afraid their jobs will be in jeopardy. "Employees shouldn't be afraid to be heard," he said. "I want them to come to me. I want to look at what's behind the problems."

His wife, Sharon, works for the school district as a secretary at Main Street School.

Linder still is collecting signatures of registered voters on petitions so his name will be included on the November ballot. Incumbents John Lendrum and Michael Grose, along with newcomer Pat Saunders, also have taken out petitions for the two open seats on the school board.

Petitions are due in to the board of elections by Thursday. The top two vote-getters will earn seats on the board.

As for his campaign so far, Linder said he thinks it is going well. "I've had a lot of support," he said. "I'm really excited about doing this."

Steve and Sharon will show up with supporters for the rest of the fair in their campaign shirts. "It's just like a moving sign," he said.


Norwalk70 (Anon...

It's a three-way race for two seats. Patrick Saunders didn't file his petition.
I don't mind change, but electing Mr. Linder would be a VERY BAD mistake, given his very obvious personal agenda. His wife feels she's been wronged, and she's already viewed as an embarrassment to the school system. Most smart people realize it'd be her calling the shots when he votes.
It's no secret she blabbed students private, personal information to others. The schools' big mistake was not firing her a long time ago.
But hey, if you want Norwalk to turn into another Bellevue, go ahead and elect him.

Re: Keeping in ...

Thanks for getting it. Most of my sarcastic attempts to bring levity to forum absurdity go unnoticed.

re:re:Keeping i...

That's because you use words like sarcastic, levity and absurdity in a forum obviously frequented by people "educated" in the Norwalk schools.

chuckspizzafan ...

Its sad and pathetic how many of these comments are nothing more than a personal attack on the Linders...The comments themselves show what a sad state Norwalk is in and the need for change. You say that M/M Linder have their agendas or axe to grind, but listen to yourelves - what you accuse the Linders of, you seem just as guilty yourselves ! Why dont all of you people run for the Board yourselves ?! You seem to have all the answers and know "everything" about the Linders. Those who live in glass houses....
As to Sharon Linder disclosing confidential information - IF that is true dont you think she would have been fired ?
I'm not a Linder and I'm not related in any way to the Linders, but I've known them both to be people of integrity - just because you dont agree with someones motivation, how they dealt with their kids when they were students or that Mr. Linder's wife works for the system doesnt make him unworthy to RUN for the board.
Who has the axe to grind here?

Greetings from ...

You don't want to elect someone who's main purpose is to oust a certain invdividual or two. That's what's happened here (Bellevue), and now, this school district is an embarrassment. Plus, it's cost us over $7000 in legal fees.
Use common sense people. Ask Mr. Linder what his goals are if elected. Ask about his differences with your principal and basketball coach, and have him explain why he's angry, and what he wants to do. Ask about his plan to help improve the district.
Don't become another Bellevue!

by the way... (...

P.E.T.A. BLOWS! don't give them a dime of your hard earned money if you want to save animals...
P.S. Good Luck Steve! Got my vote, buddy!

re: chuckspizza...

Actually, with all due respect, "how they dealt with their kids when they were students" and the fact that "Mr. Linder's wife works for the system" are completely valid reasons why Steve Linder shouldn't be elected to the school board. I agree with you that he has the right to run but those who know the true motivation and character of these individuals have the same right to inform the rest of the public so they know what they're getting if they make the decision to vote for this guy. Hopefully, there are enough intelligent voters out there that it will become a moot point, although as someone else mentioned, the Reflector's front page piece sure gives the uninformed voter a name to remember, without knowing any of the facts. Bottom line is this-- if you've known them "both to be people of integrity" then you obviously don't know them very well. Try asking Sharon about her behind-the-scenes work on the petition and letter writing campaign to oust Steve Gray. Expect more of the same if she can get her husband a seat on the board. Is that really what's best for the kids in this community?

undertaker (Ano...

Just because you dont agree with someone, doesnt mean they need to have their charcater questioned. We have all disagreed with people in the past, but I dare say each time we havent questioned their character ?? Not wanting someone on the Board - then just dont vote for them.
I know M/M Linder as well as ANYONE, and have witnessed 1st hand how they have both conduxted themselves in numerous ways that many people could take a lesson from. When your're done grinding your axe because you dont agree with a petition drive or letter writing campaign, it doesnt make them bad people, unless of course you hold yourself out to be perfect....
Their son Michael, graduated from college a few days ago, are you going to suggest next that he did so because of special treatment or intervention from his parents ? Maybe the University was so scared of M/M Linder they just let him graduate - Not !

re: chuckspizza...

If they WERE people of integrity, this wouldn't have become a forum of "personal attacks" as you call them. Anytime you run for an elected position, you better make darn sure you can stand up and take all the scrutiny. They have brought this on themselves when they threw their name on the ballot. I know the Linders and they won't get my vote.