Man suffers broken collarbone, shoulder, leg in assault

Man and stepson taken to hospital after fight at the American Legion; felonious assault suspect out on bond.
Cary Ashby
Apr 2, 2013


One of the victims in an assault at the American Legion Club has declined to pursue charges against his suspected attacker.

"He had a black eye on the left side. That was the extent of his injuries," New London Police Sgt. Joe Hicks said. "The older person is pursuing charges while the younger one declined."

The suspected attacker, Ronald D. Ohm, 34, of 160B Williams St., New London, is charged with felonious assault in connection with an incident Friday night. If convicted, he faces two to eight years in prison.

Firelands Ambulance transported the younger victim and his stepfather, a 57-year-old New London Township resident, to Fisher-Titus Medical Center with various injuries after an assault at the American Legion Club in New London. Hicks said the older man was treated at the hospital and released just after 4 p.m. Saturday.

"He sustained a broken right collarbone, a broken right shoulder and a broken left lower leg," Hicks said. "The younger victim refused treatment (at the hospital)."

When asked how the older man sustained his injuries, Hicks said the police "report says he was just pushed."

Officer Ken Blackburn was dispatched to the American Legion at 9:42 p.m. Friday.

"We received a call of a bar fight," Hicks said.

Upon arrival, Blackburn found a group of people hanging around the back door of the building.

"One man was standing. The other man was sitting on the ground. Both were bleeding," Hicks said.

The two victims were arguing when Ohm "intervened for some reason," the officer said. It's unknown what started the domestic dispute. Hicks said Ohm only knows the victims as acquaintances.

Within about an hour of the incident Friday, Ohm turned himself into the police station. Jail records indicate corrections officers booked him into the Huron County Jail at 11:20 p.m.

Ohm was released from custody Monday, having posted a $20,000 bond.


Estrella Damm

Any bats used in this New London assault?


ding bats..


When is this guy gonna stop beating on people ?
It's time to take action before he kills someone.
Hi anger management classes aren't working !
Hope the guy that was brave enough to file charges follows threw with it and this guy gets some help for his problems.


Sounds scummy


You know what people.. You obviously don't know the real truth.Keep in mind the NR only print what they want. The fact that Ron was helping an older man who was getting beat on, he is the one who got charged so unless you know facts,keep your opinions to yourself. You get on here and spout off without knowing the truth. Do you realize he has a family that will read these comments?
As far as "justspoutingoff".. do you even know Ron?


I do know Ron and he helped jump a 70 yr old Vietnam veteran so I really don't think Ron was innocent in this so the person that is defending him here is his wife so watch out taking Grandpa around this tough guy


Just happens that yes I do know him. I know that he has a temper and will fight with anyone including his wife. It's sad when she goes into hiding because of his anger issues. And as far as NR only posting what they want I know for a fact this guy was into this fight and isnt innocent in any way neither was he innocent in the other fight at the legion so if you know him so well why don't you talk him into getting help instead of defending him online. Anyone that lives in NL knows hes bad news !! Don't look at him cross eyed or your gonna be beat down or you stuff trashed.


He is a bully to people over 55 or people that can't defend themselves


Ive talked to this guy at least three times.and every time he is telling me about how he beat up some old man or whooping on some youg kid.what a D-BAG


For the record.. I am NOT his wife but let me tell you this, if I call him and need anything, he is here before I hang up the phone.
Yes, Ron has a temper and is working to get that in check. Why don't you people give a little credit instead of crucifying someone on this damn page. Like it or not, I have his back as he has mine.
And to b.wolford, I am in the over 55 class too.


So I'm just Curious NEWLONDONMOM are you gonna have his back when he does kill someone ? He has been in anger classes for months yet hes still out beating people down like he is a badass ? He may do good for people but what good is he doing to these people he is beating ? He needs help . I hope he gets it but so far its done NO GOOD.